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Week In Review: Head Above Water

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Week In Review: Where's the Pause Button?

Hey everyone!

This week's been...a bundle of craziness, but that isn't even unusual at this rate.   
The good part is that I'm in the homestretch of Everything And Nothing, which means that...I have a ton of stuff to finish.  Book cover, formatting, and so forth. 

Friday, I  took a look at the Spring 2019 course catalog for my school and, as my advisor said, it looks like there's a May 2019 college graduation in store for me.  Boy, if that isn't a 'yippee' and a panic attack rolled up into one!  On top of that, I completed the final assignments for induction to the online chapter of the National Society of Leadership & Success, or Sigma Alpha Pi. 

Thursday night, I was surprised by another one of my horses, Remy,  having a case of colic, which is both one of the milder conditions a horse can get and also the most severe, life-threatening condition a horse can get.  That's the thing about horses -- stomachaches can literally kill them if it's ba…

Everything And Nothing: Flash Fic

I have a fun cold right now and hardly slept last night as a result, so this blog post is going to be as short as its topic.

Flash fiction is a fun and growing trend--the act of writing stories that are less than 1,000 words in length.  They might even be considered the haiku of prose because of the form that some of the shortest stories take.  Typically, you have instances of flash fiction and then you have "x-word (or sentence) stories" where you try to tell a compelling story in a certain amount of words or sentences.  For example, the 6-word horror:

"Heard bedroom door slam.  Live alone."

A popular example you may be familiar with is "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." (author unknown, despite being commonly attributed to Ernest Hemingway.) 

While there are specific guidelines, which I'll provide a link for later on, flash fiction is a great way to explore your writing abilities while also easily producing some work that you can send to journals o…

Week In Review: Just A Quick Update

Hey everyone!  Just a quick post tonight -- busy weekend.

Current Projects: I got several pieces written for Everything And Nothing so that's a plus!

Currently Reading: Overcomer by David Jeremiah. Great read so far!

Current Bible Verse: "Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart" (Psalm 37:4 NIV)

How was everyone's week?

Everything And Nothing: Small But Mighty

Hey everyone!  I've dubbed October the month for short stories and poetry, since I'm on the last leg of getting Everything And Nothing out there for you all.  Today, we're touching on short stories and why you might want to try your hand at writing them.

I was introduced to short stories through, admittedly, writing fanfiction years ago.  Early on in my college career, I took a short stories and poetry class.  Most of the work from that one was published in Everything I Never Said, with a few remnants being published in Everything And Nothing. Short stories are certainly fun to work on, but it takes a little practice to get started.

One thing that stuck with me from my college class: our professor always wanted us to be ambiguous.  He said that, if we're ambiguous or open-ended with our work, we'll appeal to a lot of people.  The intrigue is what makes a story stay with a reader once they've closed the book.  While this isn't always the case - sometimes rea…

Week In Review: Life -- It Goes On

All in all, I guess that's all I can say.  Life goes on. 

(Credit to a Robert Frost quote for the title)

Well, I'm hoping to get back on track with the Wednesday blog posts on October 3rd.  The week before last was insane with studying for exams, and this week was when all 5 of those exams hit (not to mention the...5 or 6 sub-exams and normal assignments).  I actually would have been able to write this Wednesday, but it just turned out otherwise.  As I mentioned on the Facebook page (if you follow me on there), Wednesday I was waiting for the farm vet to come out for an emergency visit.  Unfortunately, the outcome was not favorable.  This is an older picture of the horse, but one I always liked.  
I concur, Hawkeye.  (It's been a long week, more like).  
Anyway, hopefully next week isn't quite as catastrophic.  Before I get hung up on more college stuff (one class just posted a sizable exam for next week)--I was wondering what kind of content you'd like to see on W…

Week In Review: Snapped

Hey everyone!  How was your week?
Mine, well....
The things I learned this week:
1.  Stop popping pimples.  One day you're innocently poppin' those pimples and the next you wake up with your eyesight partly blocked off because blind zits are the worst and will take revenge, guys.  They'll swell up to the size of Texas and if your face is only the size of a human face, there's a problem.

2. Don't order shoes online to evade going to the store, especially if you have weird feet.  You may also have to explain to a poor clerk why you've spent the past hour in the same aisle, systematically trying on every shoe because none of them fit right.  (I'm getting a head start on graduation stuff and I had to buy some dress shoes for it...and my feet defy all logical measurements.)

3.  Make sure your computer / typing device doesn't have autocorrect features.  Mine does.  I don't want to talk about it. 

4.  Professors...

Because of professors, this…