SPOTLIGHT: More Than A Second Chance by Lisa Renée!

Monday, October 28, 2019

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Hey everyone!  Today's post is featuring the new Christian novel More Than A Second Chance by Lisa Renée!  It sounds absolutely fantastic, so you'll want to check it out -- and maybe even enter the giveaway below!  But first...the book itself!
Cassie Chambers, a dedicated youth worker, is determined to rescue the troubled youth in the city of Perth, Australia. Cassie has made mistakes but hasn't allowed tragedy or divorce to stop her. She devotes every working hour at Youth Connect. But her own needs ar e neglected. Chef Chris Evanson offers work experience to young men from Youth Connect. Cassie and Chris's encounters become more than sassy bantering with a hint of attraction. Chris is a sincere romantic. How will Chris respond when he finds out her se cret? She must tell him before he falls in love. Will he believe she deserves more than a second chance? To complicate matters, one of Youth Connect's troubled teens needs rescuing. She's pregnant and moves in with Cassie, bringing absolute chaos. Chris g ains insight into what life with Cassie involves. Does he still want the total package? Is he Cassie's true soul mate?

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Lisa Renée is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Omega Writers, Australia. With an Australian theme, she wrote the Single Again series featuring More Than a Second Chance and Acres of Promise, to encourage women to heal past wounds and to dare trust again. Lisa adores babies enough to have seven of her own. Recently, Lisa has taken up breeding Ragdoll cats instead of breeding humans. The tribe lives in Australia, where Lisa and her husband enjoy their writing projects, public speaking, and are on the pastoral team at their church
Copy of Once
near the basket, Cassie stepped to the side, pivoted, jumped, and threw the ball high.Chris
grabbed her waist as she came back down. He held
her in mid
air as she called out, “Itwent in!”

One person will win an eBook copy of More Than A Second Chance by Lisa Renée.

Copy of Copy
of Once near the basket, Cassie stepped to the side, pivoted, jumped, and threw the ball
high.Chris grabbed her waist as she came back down. He held her in mid
air as she called out,
“Itwent in!” (1)

Anyone else looking forward to reading More Than A Second Chance?  I know I am!

COVER REVEAL: Sarah Grace Grzy's Newest Novella!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

This is a post you won't want to miss. 

Sarah Grace Grzy's latest novella is coming out in Spring 2020 - and today, I'm thrilled to participate in the cover reveal - and not only do we get to see the cover, the title was just released along with the synopsis!! 

Brace yourself.  It's absolutely fantastic. 



They say time heals all wounds. But he was finding it a poor painkiller. 
Tyler Collens has seen grief and loss in his years of experience as a paramedic—but he never expected it to touch his life in such a personal way. The death of his wife eighteen months ago shook his steady world and changed him in more ways than he can count. Time and routine have steadied his feet, and he looks toward the future as he raises his infant daughter—but the past has a tighter grip on him than he knows. 

Alyvia Emmerson has never been certain of who she is or where she belongs. Her dad’s abandonment as a teen broke a fragile piece of her heart, but ten years later, she has moved on. Living on her own, she at last has a project to devote herself to: revitalizing a shabby bookstore. But she didn’t count on her dream job revealing the shattered pieces of herself she thought mended long ago.

 In this sophomore novella featuring beloved characters from Live Without You, Sarah Grace Grzy explores themes of grief and hope in a story that touches both the heart and spirit. 

Isn't.  That.  Stunning?! Spring 2020 can't come soon enough!!
While you're waiting, make sure to pick up a copy of Live Without You - available on Amazon - and make sure to add Never Say Goodbye on Goodreads HERE.

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Are you looking forward to the release of Never Say Goodbye?  What do you think of that cover?! 

GUIDE ME HOME Cover Reveal!!!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Hey everyone!  This week marked the start of Draft 3 for Guide Me Home, which entails the first time I'm actually reading my own book in order.  Is it weird that I'm nervous and excited?...Probably. 

Anyway, you'll be hearing more about it later, but I wanted to let you guys know that I'll be doing a cover reveal on November 8th!  I just finished the front cover yesterday and while I might need to do some more tweaks, I actually really like how it turned out.  On the first try, no less! 

If you'd like to help me spread the word about the upcoming novella *and* if you want to be among the first people to see the cover, would you consider joining my cover reveal?  Anyone is welcome to join as long as you have some form of social media or a blog -- and if you're reading this, you probably do!  Sign-ups are open now, and as a thank-you for celebrating the cover reveal with me, you'll be entered in a giveaway for an ebook copy of Guide Me Home!  

Sounds fun?  Click HERE to join!!

REVELL READS REVIEW: "Forged Through Fire" by Mark McDonough, MD

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hey everyone!  I had the opportunity to review the new memoir Forged Through Fire: A Reconstructive Surgeon's Story of Survival, Faith, and Healing through the Revell Reads program.  I'll give you a little bit of back-cover-matter about the book, and then I'll just dive right in with the review.


When Mark McDonough was a teen, a catastrophic fire claimed the lives of his mother and younger brother.  It also left Mark with burns on over 65 percent of his body.  During a long and painful recovery, his faltering faith in God was strengthened by a remarkable near-death experience.  Numerous reconstructive surgeries and postoperative rehabilitation motivated him to become a physical therapist.  His work with burn, disease, and trauma patients inspired him to become a reconstructive surgeon, working to help those who suffer as he has.  McDonough has overcome numerous other adversities on his journey, including addition and a stroke.  Now he shares his incredible true story of survival and perseverance to bring hope and healing to those dealing with great physical and emotional pain.  

If you or a loved one has suffered from personal trauma, disease, or loss that has tested or stolen your faith and exhausted your emotional resources, you'll find real hope in this redemptive story."  


4.5/5 stars

This book was fascinating, one that I couldn't put down.  I'd say that is a testament to this book in and of itself, because it's nonfiction and deals with a lot of heavy topics.  Dr. McDonough explains the trauma he experienced with a very vivid and succinct vocabulary.  While he describes a lot of medical procedures in the book, he also takes the time to explain them to readers who might not have an extensive medical background.  I found the book to be not only inspiring, but also very informational.  

As I read this book, I found myself aghast at the amount of trauma that Dr. McDonough faced.  As is mentioned in the synopsis, he loses his mother and young brother to a house fire that also burns most of his body.  That's just the beginning of the laundry list of setbacks and injuries that he faced on the road to recovery.  That he was able to maintain and grow in his faith is astounding and very inspirational.  I won't go into detail about everything that he mentions in the book - it's just something you have to read for yourself to believe - but as I said, it's an excellent read.  If you're looking for healing or facing health problems, it's a good book to pick up.  He also describes a near-death experience which is amazing to read: a moment where he's reassured that his lost family members are safe with God and that he has to keep fighting for recovery because his life isn't finished yet.  

I think the only thing that I found difficult in this book is the pacing.  Sometimes, especially earlier in the book, the author jumps back and forth between events, making it a little difficult to keep each event straight as far as how they happened chronologically.  (And there are a lot of events that take place.)  That issue seems to resolve itself later and with further explanation, however.  

As the story goes on, he talks about his family and other tragedies that befall them, as well as the strides he took to keep the faith through it all.  It's satisfying to watch him grow from a young, deeply wounded (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually) kid to the doctor that he became and is today.  As I mentioned before, I think it's a great book that is very much worth the read.  

Do you plan on picking up a copy of Forged Through Fire?  

If you'd like to connect with Dr. McDonough, you can follow him on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE.  

Many thanks, again, to Revell Reads for the opportunity to review this fantastic book!