Spoiler Alert: Black Friday deals...

Sunday, November 20, 2022

 Hey everyone! I'm sharing my Black Friday deals a few days early on here because I know it's about to get busy with everyone's holiday weekend. 

I'll be having a slew of deals for both Michaela Bush and Makenzie Gray, so if you've been holding off on buying Kindle copies of my books...now's the time to grab em! If you DO, please make sure to leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon! Those are an author's bread and butter, and I promise we do a happy dance every time we see a nice review. (Yes, every. single. time.) 

SO without further ado, here's what you can expect. Click on the titles for the links! 

Between Us preorders!

FREE on Kindle:
Back To Me
The Lady of Lanaria
Faith, Hope, and Love Vol. 1 
The Mount Sterling series, books 1-3 
Everything I Never Said
Everything And Nothing
everything i became

Makenzie Gray: 
Those With Ears
Let Them Hear 

I don't usually put books on free if they've been published the same year, but all of my 2022 releases are ones that I felt the Holy Spirit working through in a mighty way. Especially Back To Me, where I literally typed entire scenes that flew into my head which I needed to hear and think about in that moment...so in lieu of offering giveaways like I normally do around new releases, I'm offering all my 2022 books to date for free. I hope you enjoy 'em, and I hope you snag some new books over the holiday weekend! 

I hope you'll also grab copies of Where Giants Fall and Tales From The Tower -- WGF is only $0.99 and Tales is $5.99! 

This is also the best time to get signed paperbacks if you're interested! Click HERE to submit your orders.  I have a variety of special bundles (and subsequent pricing) with most books between 5% and 65% off. So if you want to snag signed copies, including my dystopians, you'll want to check those out too! I'm offering these prices from November 1-30th to make sure orders arrive in time for Christmas. 

I hope you have a wonderful and family-filled Thanksgiving! What are you planning for the holiday week/weekend? Let's chat in the comments!


Tuesday, November 15, 2022

 Hey everyone! Today I have a cover reveal for Kellyn Roth's upcoming novella, The Knights of Pearlbelle Park! Keep reading for more info. 


Enjoy Christmas with the Knights of Pearlbelle Park …

Claire Knight‘s two youngest sons have come down with a mysterious illness just before Christmas, and she can’t focus on a thing but them, despite her many duties. Everything is so utterly overwhelming—yet relying on others, especially her husband, for comfort and aid seems impossible.

Lois Chattoway is finally married to the love of her life and expecting their first child. She should be perfectly content. If only her husband were as enthusiastic about their upcoming arrival as she is. When her niece, Posy, arrives at Pearlbelle Park with her neglectful father, Lois longs to convince her husband to adopt the child. Yet she knows he’ll never agree to it. Not likely.

Ned Knight is frightened. His mother is afraid, and there’s only one person he can tell—Mama. Oh, not his mother. He means Mama, who Ned never properly met but whose portrait hangs in a locked bedroom all by itself. Finding his place in the family is hard, but she makes it easier because she always listens—always. If only everyone else wanted to remember Mama as much as Ned does.

Add on Goodreads
The Knights of Pearlbelle Park will be arriving December 20, 2022 and is a novella situated between books 2 and 3 of The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy. Find out more about the book on https://kellynrothauthor.com  or on social media @kellynrothauthor! 

Now for the cover...

Isn't it pretty?!

November Paperback Sales & Holiday Specials!

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

 Hey everyone! 

Since shipping is still slower than a turtle wading through molasses in winter, I realized that I needed to put up my Christmas/Black Friday paperback rates, like, yesterday. SO without further ado, almost all of my popular paperbacks are for sale! Some of them are 5% off and some of the bundles are 65% off. So if you know someone who would like a signed paperback for Christmas, make sure to check out this form soon! I'll include the prices below too, in case you want to check it out before clicking HERE ;) If you're a fan of Makenzie Gray's work (aka my alter ego), I've also got those books on sale! This sale will run from November 1 through November 30, 2022. 
**Note: I have very limited stock of each book, so make sure to order soon if you plan on it!


Faith, Hope, and Love Vol. 1 $15.00 (25% off)
The Lady of Lanaria $8.00 (20% off)
*HARDCOVER The Lady of Lanaria $17.00 (17% off)
Everything I Never Said $6.00 (15% off) 
Everything And Nothing $6.00 (15% off) 
everything i became $6.00 (15% off)
Where Giants Fall Anthology $15.00 (5% off my normal) 
Tales from the Tower Anthology $15.00 (5% off my normal) 
Back To Me $15.00 
Between Us $7.00 (14% off)
Those With Ears $6.00 (65% off)
Let Them Hear $15.00  

POETRY BUNDLE (Everything I Never Said, Everything And Nothing, everything i became) $12.00 (50% off)
THE BRIDGE DUOLOGY BUNDLE (Back To Me, Between Us) $20.00 (10% off)
2022 FANTASY ANTHOLOGY BUNDLE (Where Giants Fall, Tales from the Tower) $20.00 (50% off my normal) 
MIDNIGHT HOUR SERIES BUNDLE (Those With Ears & Let Them Hear) $18.00 (20% off)

See anything you like? Make sure to fill out the form HERE if you plan on snagging some early deals for gifts!