Introducing a new WIP: CTLL

Sunday, June 16, 2024

 Hey folks! Today I wanted to drop in and chat a bit about a new fantasy project I'm working on, eyeing a September 12 release. I've been wanting to work on this one for a little bit, so now that I'm actually working on it, I'm beyond excited to share. A cover reveal will be coming in July, so keep your eyes peeled. BUT what exactly is WIP codename CTLL?

*A side-story from one of my other fantasy novels
*Features pirates
*A storyline that battles evil strongholds 
*A female main character that gives up her titles to help someone
*A male main character that has to turn his life around ala "Flynn Rider to Eugene Fitzherbert" style (and I am BEYOND. THRILLED. to write his character)
*Enemies to lovers trope

And an aesthetic collage for those interested...below! All images are from Pinterest.


Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Hey everyone! So I've been sitting on this one for W A Y Y Y Y too long, and I can't wait to share. This is a fun little contemporary novella, and I had a blast writing it. I hope you'll enjoy it too! Introducing...

Where The Last Verse Ends: A Christmas Novella. 


All Kylie White wants is a quiet Christmas in her hometown of Bethlehem. But when she returns home jobless to crash at her parents' place, she has to face the past she left behind. All chaos breaks loose: well-meaning friends setting her up on blind dates, a secret admirer, small-town rumors, and when things couldn't get worse, Kylie crosses paths with Dustin James: Bethlehem's favorite homegrown musician and the one person she never wanted to see again. 

Kylie is faced with a choice: she can unravel the past and step into the next chapter of her life, or she can keep running away. But when the truth splits open, can she choose to let go of her own hurt?

Where The Last Verse Ends is a hopeful, fun story celebrating friends, family, forgiveness, second-chance romance...and a Christmas miracle or two.

Releasing NOVEMBER 5, 2024!

You excited? The cover reveal and Kindle preorders will be July 25, 2024 (Christmas in July ;) ) So mark your calendars, folks! This is a super-cute little story that I've been holding onto for almost a year, and I can't wait to finally share.


Sunday, June 9, 2024

 Hey everyone! Today I'm excited to share the cover for Until Kingdom Come, which is also available for preorder now. Check it out below!


War is coming. Persecution has arrived. The New Beginning is a breath away.

In the aftermath of the worst natural disaster the world has seen, the survivors must persevere. Safety is no longer a guarantee for Marked and Unmarked alike, creating a deadly scramble to simply survive. As Tarik Azrael prepares for the war to end all wars, anyone without a Mark is gunned down for a reward: simple provisions to live another day. Desperation breeds dangerous insanity.

While the final violent birthing pangs of the Second Coming rock the world, Tikvah and her motley family makes one last radical attempt to follow the Sealed man's orders and serve Adonai. The cost will be steep. But the battle will be won.

We all look up to the clouds.
Take a breath that catches.
And fall to our knees in awe...

UNTIL KINGDOM COME is the final installment of the Midnight Hour series.

Arriving August 20, 2024. Preorder for $0.99 now HERE.

REVIEW: FROM DUST TO SKIES by Hannah Gaudette!

Friday, June 7, 2024

 Hey everyone! I had the exciting opportunity to read a short story collection by Hannah Gaudette, From Dust to Skies, which is available NOW! 

The collection features a group of stories spanning the pioneer spirit of the 1830s through the peril and tensions of World War II. 


From author Hannah Gaudette comes a collection of short stories spanning history from the US Westward Expansion to WW2 in the forests of France and the skies over England.

See these perilous times in history through the eyes of those who walked through them. From a child on a wagon train to a young soldier fighting in France, an array of perspectives fills the pages as each compelling story draws you on an emotional journey through history.

“I read this book in one sitting. From Dust to Skies is a stirring collection of stories, spanning over three time periods, where each family learns powerful lessons about forgiveness, sacrifice, and hope. A beautiful read not to be missed!”
-Caitlin Miller, author of The Memories We Painted and Our Yellow Tape Letters

From Dust to Skies is available now. Click HERE to order and HERE for Goodreads!


I expected I would like these short stories, but I didn't expect to be completely bowled over by some of the deeper themes interwoven so simply into these stories. How Gaudette presents the harshness of life through the eyes of a child, through the struggle and victory and triumph and fear over some of the most difficult times our ancestors saw, or through a very simple object that represents something much deeper--I absolutely loved this little collection. If you're looking for an impactful yet quick read that will leave you turning around to re-read, you'll want to check From Dust to Skies out soon!

Oh, and you probably want a cover reveal, right? 


Wednesday, June 5, 2024

I can’t share an exhaustive list from every platform possible, nor do I have personal experience with every platform. But below are a few of the most popular publishing platforms, complete with basic pros and cons to help you choose or consider a new path! 


60% royalty rate across the board; with a 40% royalty rate for expanded distribution options. For ebook, you can choose between a 35% or 70% royalty rate depending on what price you’d like to set your ebook at. Uploads and changes are completely free for life. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is very user-friendly and straightforward from start to finish.  KDP offers platforms for paperback, hardcover, and Kindle.

CONS: No expanded distribution for hardcovers (yet); no option to create dust jackets or clothbound options (yet). You must select expanded distribution to allow your book to be discoverable by other markets including libraries. You cannot open up paperback or hardcover preorders.

HOWEVER: While your paperback book will not be made available for preorder, you can now order author copies and set your paperback to be published on release day automatically. It’s a step in the right direction. 


There is a 70% royalty rate across the board.
Although IngramSpark claims to have a wider distribution options, you may be surprised to find out that they use the exact same distribution system that KDP offers. The difference is that some businesses would rather buy directly from IngramSpark than to buy from Amazon. 

You can do ebook, paperback, and hardcover, including dust jackets.

QUALITY CONTROL: I will say that I have heard a lot of good things about product quality from IngramSpark, but when I tried IngramSpark for myself, I had more problems with three orders from Ingram (covers misaligned, printing errors, colors just didn’t look good) than I had printing upwards of 30 books through KDP. It may have been a one-off, but I do know a few other folks who have had similar problems.  


Recently, there have been a rash of problems with IngramSpark regarding unexplained charges, royalty rate changes, and more. Amazon and IngramSpark do not play well together, which can actually limit your availability. It costs significantly more to order author copies and print books through IngramSpark; they charge handling fees, higher shipping costs, and higher print costs as well. They have absolutely terrible customer service (very well-renowned at this point) and IngramSpark is one company where you will need technical support at one point or another. I personally had to contact them repeatedly regarding the setup of one book, until I delisted it from IngramSpark. The user interface is not very friendly for beginners. I will add that it took three months to receive royalties from an October 2023 release, and that was even dispersed over an additional three months. A stroll through Reddit confirmed that this is typical for new releases.

HOWEVER: Quite a few people skip IngramSpark for paperback/hardcover, but upload their ebooks to allow for broader distribution. This eliminates quite a few of the issues that folks typically experience with IngramSpark, and may be something for you to consider as well. 


80% royalty rate; free uploads for paperback and hardcover; global fulfillment is available, including through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others. They offer free ISBNs if you plan on only publishing through Lulu. Authors can publish black and white, full color, or even graphic novels, but these may be at an additional cost.

CONS: Some concerns about copyright infringement and other issues have plagued the company’s name in the past. Lulu has fluctuating fees so authors may not make as much as expected with their sale price.

Barnes & Noble:
70% royalties for ebooks and 65% for print books; free uploads; paperback, hardcover, and ebook options available, as well as many different options such as dust jackets, case laminate, etc. There is NO exclusivity for B&N, so you can publish anywhere you want.

CONS: Limited reach, as B&N does not offer distribution to Amazon or other websites, and limited formatting options which may be a concern.


What should you choose? I think that’s ultimately up to each individual. There are practical things to consider, such as royalty rates and your personal publishing goals, which you’ll need to evaluate and possibly re-evaluate as you continue on this professional journey. However, just because you choose one platform for a project does not mean you must stay exclusively with them forever. Don’t be afraid to expand! 

What should you NEVER choose? If a press requires you to pay for consideration, for “publishing packages,” or promise to get you mass exposure, run as fast as you can. Those are vanity presses, and no matter how good the deal seems, they are dangerous territory to tread into. 



Tuesday, June 4, 2024

 Today's the day--Sustain for Kindle is now live!


Sustain: to uphold, to nurture; patiently persevere.

In this devotional, we'll find...

  • Ways God helps us through trials
  • The importance of using pain to grow closer to God
  • Case studies of biblical characters whose testimonies point toward a God who does incredible things through suffering
  • Why we must submit our will to God's daily
  • Ways we can find gratitude in the midst of trouble

With daily readings, Bible verses, starter prayers, and questions designed to deepen your relationship with God, this devotional shares numerous Scriptures that promise God's sustaining strength in our lives even when He feels far away, while challenging various lies the world has taught us about suffering. Included is a five-week study guide for individual use or groups.

Click HERE to order your copy today -- on Kindle, paperback, or hardcover! 

All royalties from this book will be donated to Fire Now Ministries, a local outreach and evangelism effort. You can follow them on Facebook HERE and even tune into their weekly Thursday Bible study livestreams, no matter where in the world you hail from! 

If you can share about the devotional with someone, I surely hope that you do--it's my prayer that this book reaches who needs it most! 

Thank you so much to everyone who's already snagged a copy, be it in person or via preorder, for spreading the word about it, and offering so much support through the writing and publication process. I definitely didn't plan on releasing another devotional so soon after my first one, Back To Him, but it's been a fun ride and I hope this little book helps someone draw closer to God too.


Thursday, May 30, 2024

 Hey folks! So as part of the "tidy up Midnight Hour" initiative, you can snag free Kindle copies of the new and improved Let Them Hear on May 31st and June 1st! 


Since the End began, Unmarked are hunted and imprisoned like animals while the Marked live in excess. Eighteen-year-old Takvi has been on the run since it all began. When she learns that her brother is in the One Order’s custody - alive - she leaves everything to search for him. But to succeed in her rescue mission, she’ll need aid.

Gathering a ragtag group of Unmarked is dangerous, but it’s Takvi’s only chance at saving her brother. As they travel across apocalypse-torn North America, they learn the Order is growing darker and more powerful than they ever imagined. The group wants to save as many tortured Unmarked as possible - but Takvi refuses to face the wickedness she’s running from. One person can’t stop the End and Takvi won’t die for a lost cause. But everything has a cost these days. Will the rescue come at a cost too high to pay?

A gripping novel about sacrifice and redemption, The Hunger Games meets Mad Max in this post-apocalyptic ride.

Let Them Hear is Book 2 in the Midnight Hour series.

Click HERE to snag your copy!

COVER REVEAL: AMONG THE CRIMSON SNOW by Angela R. Watts + Kickstarter Campaign!

Monday, May 20, 2024

 Hey everyone! I'm super excited to share the cover reveal and Kickstarter campaign for Angela R. Watts' upcoming fantasy novel, Among the Crimson Snow


Bjorn is a nomadic northern priest that often gets into dire trouble trying to erase his past mistakes. (But he doesn’t mind risks.)

Togo is a legendary mercenary that wants to be left alone. (It’s not asking for much.)

Maude is a chronically ill poet with a Gift of prophecies. (She wouldn’t say it’s a gift.)

After Bjorn and Maude are saved from certain death by Togo, they are determined to repay their debt. Unfortunately, Togo requests they aid him in killing the prince of a northern city. Bjorn and Maude set sail with Togo, hoping they can change his mind and save the prince’s life, instead.

But sinister things wait in the shadows.

Maude sees a vision of her homeland being destroyed. Merciless wizards hunt the trio. And when the trio reaches the prince, everything falls apart, once and for all. Can Bjorn save his friends from the darkness, or is he destined to return to the man he used to be?

For lovers of action, heartfelt themes, and adventurous fantasy, get your next binge-read with one click! This standalone novel is great for readers who want gritty fiction with themes of redemption and courage.

Click HERE to join the all-or-nothing campaign!


ANGELA R WATTS is the bestselling and award-nominated author of The Infidel Books and the Remnant Trilogy. She’s been writing stories since she was little, and has over 40 works in print, ranging from gritty adult novels to clean children's fiction. Angela is a Christian, freelance editor, article writer for magazines and publishers, founder of Speculative Fiction Society, and artist. She lives in Tennessee with her family and many pets.


Finally, that cover!

Don't forget to preorder your copy via Kickstarter today! The campaign runs for the next 30 days with a tier for just about anyone!


Monday, May 13, 2024

 Today is the day, folks: book 4 in the Legends of Lanaria series is officially here. Check it out on Amazon for paperback and Kindle. Today's the last day to snag the $0.99 Kindle price, though, so if you're on the fence I advise you make a choice! ;) 


Two kidnapped sisters and a secret to ruin a kingdom.

As the race to find the rest of the written prophecy continues, Asta, servant and sister to the Norvege queen, holds a grim secret.

When a Lanarian guard secretly arrives to infiltrate the castle, Asta must make a decision: betray her wounded sister, or betray the countries at risk of crumbling. Abused and broken by her sister's rule, it should be an easy decision.

But yet another secret ruins the reality Asta once knew: the man commanding the Lanarian guard to capture the Norvege their father. She is offered freedom and refuge-possibly at the cost of her sister's life. Will she accept the new world offered to her, or will loyalty to her sister be her undoing?

Loosely inspired by the biblical story of Joseph, you won’t want to miss this touching story of humility, forgiveness, and healing from bitterness.
The Kingdom's True Queen is book four in the Legends of Lanaria series.

Click HERE to view on Amazon.

Thank you so much to everyone who's supported me, read my books, and offered encouragement! It means the world to me and I appreciate ya!


Friday, May 10, 2024

 Hey everyone! 

Today I'm thrilled to share a review of Etania's Destiny by M.H. Elrich, the final book in the Daughters of Tamnarae series! Today also happens to be release day for this great book. Check the blurb out below and then keep reading for my review. 


As civil war looms on the horizon, Etania must embrace her destiny or fall to darkness...

Before the war begins, Etania determines to stop it by any means necessary—even if it requires her to train the man who betrayed her. Then an unnatural darkness sweeps the land, testing friend and foe alike. Etania knows only her powers as a Vexli can end Damien and Narak’s evil spell. Will Etania defeat the darkness or succumb to it herself?

Find out in Etania’s Destiny, the third and final installment of Etania’s stories.

Content Warnings: Kissing, kiss before honeymoon. One character wrestles with adulterous and lustful thoughts, and alcoholism. There is pregnancy and a relationship out of wedlock. The villain is demon possessed. There is violence related to warfare with minimal description of blood and dead bodies. There is no cussing.

Click HERE to order and HERE to shelf on Goodreads!


M.H. Elrich is a Christian Fantasy author, reader, and teacher who wears too many hats. In her spare time (if she has any), she watches anime with her husband, rides horses, and travels to places with lots of trees. Her short stories and devotionals have been featured in The Writer Word, Short Fiction Break, Orpheus, Kern County Fair, Where Giants Fall, and Finding God in Anime Volume 2.

Follow on Instagram @mhelrichbooks!


This one was easily read in just a couple sittings because it drew me in so quickly. Between the compelling character arcs, rich descriptions, and moments of fun intermingled with the more serious circumstances surrounding Etania, Keyel, and the secondary characters -- there's a lot to love. The fantasy elements are executed with excellence and ease of understanding. The story is real and raw, dealing with the fact that the healing and forgiveness process ebbs and flows (there's a quote about how one character can forgive in one moment and the next, struggles with it) and a good many other themes that I appreciated, especially the author's very realistic window into how those themes work in our world as well as Etania's. If you enjoy the fantastical, dragons, the struggle between darkness and light, and a whole lot more--do make sure to pick up this book as well as the rest of the series if you haven't yet!

I read and reviewed an advance copy to write my review; thoughts and opinions are my own! 



 Anyone like historical fantasies? 'Tis time to load up your Kindles/e-readers/apps! It's almost release day for TKTQ, so how about a Kindle freebie sale? Click the titles for the respective Amazon link, and check out some quotes below!

May 10th, snag a free copy of THE LADY OF LANARIA (book 1) (formatting problems have been resolved! Once and for all!!)
May 11th, pick up a freebie of THE HEALER OF THE BRIGADE (book 2)
May 12th, snag a freebie of THE HIGHLANDER'S VICTORY (book 3), the first time this one's been on sale since release day.
Enjoy binge-reading those for free, then check out THE KINGDOM'S TRUE QUEEN (book 4), releasing May 14th! Preorders are still open for $0.99.
What are these books about? Light overcoming darkness. Good triumphing over evil. Hard decisions to follow God's will for your life. Seeing yourself as God sees you, not what people have labeled you. Laying aside your pride and humbling yourself before God. And choosing to do what's right even if it costs you everything.


Wednesday, May 8, 2024

 Hey everyone! Freelance Friday's coming a day early because of the sheer amount of posts I've got going this week. Oof. But without further ado...


Indie Author Toolkit

So you decided you want to do your own thing, be a freelancer, go independent. 

Good for you! Believe it or not, indie authors can hit bestseller status on Amazon just as well as traditional publishing. BUT it does take a  l o t  of work. You’re essentially your own team, either that or you have to develop good discernment in choosing who you partner with for things like cover design, editing, and so forth. And marketing is wholly up to you. 

BUT there are a lot of tools you can utilize depending on your goals as an indie author, and I’d like to address them right now. 

MARKETING (For more than indie authors! No matter what your business is, you can benefit from these programs.) 

  • Easily, Canva is one of the best for free designs and ready-made templates. Some aren’t free, but you’ll be able to see those easily enough to avoid them if you’d rather. 

  • Sponsored ads on Facebook are virtually a toss-up; I’ve known some folks that have good success with them and others that don’t. Feel free to try it, but don’t lean too heavily on it.

  • You can very easily use free photo manipulation programs like GIMP to make gorgeous shots using a book cover you don’t actually have in your possession just yet, i.e. for cover reveals. There are a lot of help articles and YouTube videos to help, and I’ve actually found GIMP to be more user-friendly than Photoshop Elements for this side of marketing.

  • Use free schedulers to get a head-start on marketing. Meta Business Suite is great for Facebook and Instagram, and it’s free to use if you’ve got a page on either site. That way, you can work ahead and schedule posts in advance to stay on top of the algorithm.

  • Get a newsletter started before you even have a book published! There are a host of different brands that offer free tiers, like MailChimp, MailerLite, and Substack. This can be indispensable in case there are glitches on social media, a social media site goes down, etc.

  • Get a .com website started ASAP! Google (now partnered with Squarespace) offers domains for as low as $15 per year, and WordPress is another valid option. A .com website offers much more visibility and searchability online than free options (that may end with or 


Formatting can be one of the most tedious parts of publishing a book, but it’s absolutely necessary. It can be done on Word, with the help of YouTube videos. However, Kindle/ebooks require different formatting and optimization. 

  • Kindle Create is a free program offered from KDP/Amazon which allows you to upload a Word document and optimize it for ebooks.

  • Atticus is not free, but it is a pretty great and ever-growing platform, a word processor and formatter that makes formatting pretty seamless for a professional print book layout and ebook, too. If you plan on writing multiple books, it would be worth the purchase and the learning curve.

  • There are also a lot of freelancers who offer formatting! It isn’t free, again, but check out your options. Make sure to hire someone you’re comfortable with, can show samples of their work, and fits your goals!


Self-editing is possible from start to finish, if you’re strong with grammar rules and style such as Chicago Manual, AP, etc. If you do this, I strongly recommend using the spellcheck option (with prejudice) on your word processor like Word or Google Docs. However, it can’t hurt to hire someone! There are several types of editing stages: 

  • Content or developmental, which assesses the “bones” of your story’s plot and helps you strengthen an earlier, completed draft.

  • Line edits, which assess each sentence for readability, understanding, and style. 

  • Copy edits, which focus on grammatical errors.

  • Proofreading, which is the final pass after formatting to ensure there aren’t any last-minute ‘oops’ hiding. 

Is it common to still have a couple typos hanging around after? Sure. I’ve read a lot of mainstream/traditionally-published books that have loads of errors left after going through an entire team of editors. What does that prove? We’re all human. So while we should strive to do our best to present a professional, polished novel, don’t beat yourself up if small slip-ups still make it into the final product. A lot of folks bash indies for this, but again, it happens to traditional publishers too.

If you’re on a budget, learn and strengthen yourself in areas you’re most confident in and then seek editing for the area you feel least confident in. 

Unless you’re talented in graphic design too, it’s imperative to hire a cover designer or purchase a well made premade design for your book. Despite the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” people do that literally all the time. Take your time checking out and searching for cover designers who offer portfolios that fit your book’s genre, and again, make sure you fit well with the designer! 

If you’re on a budget, Getcovers is a fantastic resource for quality work. If you can afford a little more wiggle room and want more customization, Miblart is another great, affordable company (and they’re the parent company of Getcovers.) Check them both out if you’re on the hunt!

I also can’t recommend enough the sheer importance of networking and community. Get plugged into groups with similar goals, similar books, and similar genres. Study what they do and don’t copy them, but learn from them. Ask for help. Offer support to others (because that’s what community should do!) and glean for advice or recommendations. You never know what you might learn!


Monday, May 6, 2024

 Hey there! Been waiting for paperbacks or hardcovers of Sustain? You, my friend, are in luck. Because they're arriving roughly a month before Kindle! 

May 7th (today, to be exact), you can order paperbacks for $14.99 or hardcovers for $19.99! As a reminder, Sustain is a thirty day devotional AND a five-week study guide is included in the back for independent or group study.

Click HERE to order your copy today. If Kindle is more your speed, you can snag a preorder for $4.99! 

I'm also thrilled to be donating all royalties from this book to Fire Now Ministries, a local outreach and evangelism effort. You can follow them on Facebook HERE and even tune into their weekly Thursday Bible study livestreams, no matter where in the world you hail from! 

If you can share about the devotional with someone, I surely hope that you do--it's my prayer that this book reaches who needs it most! 


Wednesday, May 1, 2024

 Hey everyone, and happy May! I just wanted to drop in and let you know about the second edition of Where Giants Fall! There's an exclusive author roundtable interview in this edition, and most of the great stories everyone loved in the first edition. So if you haven't picked up a copy yet, you can do so now in ebook or paperback format! Check it out HERE and make sure to leave a review if you've already read it!


Sunday, April 28, 2024

 Hey folks! So with the upcoming release of Until Kingdom Come later this summer, I decided it was literally better to reformat the past four books than sit on the struggle bus formatting UKC like the others were (especially because I had decided this year to reformat and rerelease them anyway). SO with that said, I'm excited to present the newly reformatted MIDNIGHT HOUR SERIES #1, Those With Ears! Same cover, same story, just a bit more polished. I also took the privilege of tweaking some lines that should have been clarified from the start. 

If you're new to the blog or the series, hi. I'm also Makenzie Gray, and if you follow along, you'll find some gritty fic under my pen name. 


What will Takvi do when the End begins?
In the blink of an eye, Takvi's guardians disappear into thin air, along with thousands more. When the government swiftly moves to cover up the Disappearing, she and her siblings grapple with the truth behind what happened. They've been government loyalists their whole lives, but a split in opinions threatens to upend their lives permanently.

And Takvi is trapped in a vacuum where no solution leaves her or her family unscathed, which is the one thing she can't bear.

The illegal book their guardians left them has answers that agree with her siblings, but Takvi struggles to accept it. When the newly-formed government tightens its grip in eerie prophetic fashion, will she stand up or will she fold? Will any of it matter in the end of the world?

A compelling apocalyptic story on redemption, sibling bonds, and seeking truth in a corrupt world, Those With Ears is the first novel in the Midnight Hour series.

You can ALSO purchase the paperback and Kindle for a discount April 29th and 30th, so I'd highly recommend snagging a copy if you haven't yet! Click HERE!

Keep your eyes peeled in May for Book 2, Let Them Hear. 


Monday, April 22, 2024

 Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to share about Etania's Destiny, the finale to the Daughters of Tamnarae series by M.H. Elrich! 

If you haven't followed the series, what's it about? 

Welcome to the enthralling world of Etania, in The Daughters of Tamnarae series!

Read the adventures of Etania, Jakin, and Keyel as they seek to defeat an evil king, queen, and demon. As they travel, relationships will be broken and reforged, loyalties will be tested, friendships will be made, and all will learn the meaning of faith in Melchizedek. Join them in the high fantasy series that readers have called "compelling," "exciting," and "powerful."

Etania’s Worth (book 1) available now

Etania’s Calling (book 2) available now

Etania’s Destiny (book 3) available for preorder HERE

And check out the full series HERE!

I had the privilege of reading an eARC of Etania's Destiny recently, and while I'll be sharing the review soon, there are some pretty epic themes I wanted to share about--like redemption arcs, a kick-butt female warrior (and not the annoying kind either!!), spiritual warfare, dragons, mind control, and a whoooole lot more. This was a fantastic story that I couldn't put down. 

If you're on the fence about preordering, check out the blurb here:

As civil war looms on the horizon, Etania must embrace her destiny or fall to darkness...

Before the war begins, Etania determines to stop it by any means necessary—even if it requires her to train the man who betrayed her. Then an unnatural darkness sweeps the land, testing friend and foe alike. Etania knows only her powers as a Vexli can end Damien and Narak’s evil spell. Will Etania defeat the darkness or succumb to it herself?

Find out in Etania’s Destiny, the third and final installment of Etania’s stories.

Why preorder? M.H. Elrich has generously offered to do two preorder incentives for the upcoming release of Etania’s Destiny (book three in The Daughters of Tamnarae series)

  • Preorder the ebook and submit your receipt to the author to receive a digital bookmark download.

  • Preorder the signed paperback and submit your receipt to receive character art and a bookmark! Signed paperbacks are only available for preorder until this Friday, April 26th, so HURRY!

M.H. enriches young minds as a high school English teacher by day and creates fabulous worlds as a fantasy author by night. She writes the most amazing stories that you need to read.

Give her a follow if you enjoy stories with real-world issues, redemption, and fantasy elements.

Follow on Instagram @mhelrichbooks!