COVER REVEAL: OH, THE FALLEN by Abigail Kay Harris!

Friday, April 30, 2021

Hey everyone!  Today I'm super excited to share the cover reveal for Oh, The Fallen by Abigail Kay Harris!  The book is coming soon -- so check out the blurb below! 


In the cause of freedom, some will give their all.

When Matt Renicker joins the Army, he's determined to give his best for his country and his Lord, even if it means risking everything he loves most. But when tragedy strikes on a routine patrol, more than one heart is left shattered and lamenting.

In the wake of a terrible loss, will those left behind find the strength to go on? Or will the faith, family, and freedom Matt fought to preserve be broken beyond repair?


Release Date: Memorial Day, May 31st, 2021.


Abigail Kay Harris is a daughter of the King with a personal degree in book-nerdiness. A sister to seven, her passionate love of the written word and deeper meanings hidden in normal things leads her to spend her time reading, writing, using sarcasm, and defining obscure words. When she’s not chasing words, she enjoys watching shows, classic romance movies, tea, sunrises, and the outdoors, especially mountains, beaches, and forests.


Now for the cover....

Are you excited to read this?  What do you think about the cover? 


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

 Hey everyone!  Today I have the opportunity of sharing my review of For Better and Worse by E. B. Roshan!  It's the fourth book in the Shards of Sevia series which was just released earlier this month, but it can be read as a standalone as well, which is what I did.  It's a clean dystopian romantic suspense novel.   Before I get into the review, here's some info on the book and its author!


Boris and Anna's first baby is due any day, but the thought of raising a child in the war-torn city of Dor fills Anna with dread. Because Boris is so focused on keeping his struggling business afloat, he brushes her fears aside.

When White Horse gangsters attack his illegal employee, Boris's attempt to protect him puts his own family in danger. Will doing the right thing cost him more than he's willing to pay? Will Boris and Anna live to see their second anniversary?


 FOR BETTER AND WORSE is the fourth book in Shards of Sevia, a Dystopian Romantic Suspense series. It continues the story that began in WRONG PLACE, RIGHT TIME.



E.B. Roshan has enjoyed a nomadic lifestyle for several years, living in the Middle East and Asia, but is now temporarily settled in Missouri with her husband and two sons. When she's not chasing the boys or cleaning the house, she's writing the latest installment in the Shards of Sevia series.

To learn more about E.B. Roshan and her books, visit



First off -- if you're a fan of dystopian novels that present thought-provoking moral and ethical dilemmas, you'll really like this one.  It grabbed my attention within the first chapter, but I did end up taking a bit more time to get really invested into it -- just a few chapters, though.  It keeps a quick pace, and while it took me a little bit to really "get" the depths of the dystopian society Roshan presented, the worldbuilding really impressed me.  It was very compelling and, to a certain extent, pretty realistic too.  She starts the book right off with a fair amount of tension, and keeps building that pressure (whether through society's pressures, neighbors who are pressuring the characters, or knee-jerk choices made by the main couple) through the very end of the book.  And to top it all off, the female main character is heavily pregnant -- you don't see that in a dystopian novel everyday!  Through that, and the cascade of events that occur through the book, the author wonderfully presented some pretty deep themes for the reader to mull over.  Exactly how far would you go to protect your family?  Your employees?  Strangers?  Yourself?  And why?  Overall, it's an easy 5 stars from me, and I read it very quickly because I couldn't stand to put it down.  You'll probably feel the same way. 

What are some of your favorite dystopian novels? Do you plan on reading the Shards of Sevia series?  

GUEST POST: ERUDESSA GENTIAN -- How to Worldbuild with Superpowers and Time Travel!

Friday, April 23, 2021


Hey everyone!  Today I have an awesome guest post by author Erudessa Gentian, who just so happens to have a fantastic book titled Power in Time that just released earlier this year!  She was gracious enough to write a post about her thoughts regarding worldbuilding with superpowers and time travel, two things that are featured in her book.  Definitely make sure to stick around for her tips, especially if you enjoy sci-fi (or writing sci fi!!) and I hear there's a treasure hunt going on too, so make sure you check the end of this post.  Moving forward -- check out some info about the book and its author below!


Twenty-year-old Larkspur is trapped 2,000 years in the future, but that’s not her biggest problem. Bestowed with strange superpowers, she’s adopted by one of the most powerful families known to the four inhabited planets. As heir, she’s responsible for an entire kingdom she didn’t know existed a few days ago. But when tragic surprises emerge from her past, Lark must decide where her loyalties will lie—past, or future?



Erudessa Gentian is a firm believer that clean entertainment can be powerful. Inspired by her love of cultures and learning, she produces dynamic art to spark imagination and touch souls.

Erudessa writes in multiple genres, but specializes in fantasy and historical fiction. She posts about lifestyle, travel and so much more on her blog at 



Thank you so much for having me here, Michaela!

Whenever you write any type of science fiction, you have to decide if it’s going to be “hard” or “soft” sci-fi. Hard sci-fi fans expect long, technical explanations of all the science. Give them all the nitty gritty. Soft sci-fi isn’t an absence of descriptions, but you don’t have to dwell on it.

There are a lot of little details you have to nail down. For time travel, you’ve got to know how time travel is instigated. Can they go to the past, future, or both? Are there time limits to the trips? Is there a limited amount of trips a person can take? Can they cross their own timeline?

As for superpowers, who has them? How did they get them (born or acquired)? What are they?

But don’t forget to give them limitations. If your hero (or villain) is too overpowering, it can make for a really boring story. What are their weaknesses? Even Superman had kryptonite.

Now, once you’ve worked out the rules needed for your universe, you have to stick to them! You want your readers to stay lost in the story, right? One of the quickest ways to yank them out of your writing is to confuse them by contradicting yourself. The confusion is often followed by annoyance, and even anger. And they will be much more wary of delving into the world.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, and try way-out theories. After all, you can rewrite something. Just make sure you’ve given a solid foundation to anything you do keep in.

Good luck!

-Erudessa Gentian

Treasure Hunt Letter 5: Y

Thanks so very much for taking the time to stop by with your guest post, Erudessa! Lots of great things to consider if you're thinking about writing sci-fi. Do you plan on checking out Erudessa Gentian's new book? What are some of your favorite sci-fi authors or books?


Thursday, April 15, 2021


Hey everyone!  It's been awhile since I've chatted up my own books, and have some leftover inventory that I'd really like to get into the hands of readers rather than the shelf drawer, so...what better way to do that than a SALE?  All of these books will be signed, too, so it's a pretty cool opportunity if you ask me.  Please fill out THIS form if you'd like to order anything, and feel free to comment below if you have any questions!

Here's what I have available.  Price includes media-rate shipping via USPS!  Sadly, I can only ship within the U.S. right now.  I can accept payment via PayPal.    

3 copies of The Lady of Lanaria for $8.00 each

1 copy of Welcome Home for $7.00 
2 copies of Guide Me Home for $9.00 each

2 copies of Everything I Never Said for $6.00 each
4 copies of Everything And Nothing for $6.00 each

2 copies of Something New for $9.00 each
2 copies of Keeping Cassie for $9.00 each

PLUS, you might just get a bookish treat or two in your package...just saying.  This sale will end Monday, April 19th, so make sure to get your orders in soon!  


Saturday, April 10, 2021

Hey everyone!  Today I'm super excited...and do you know why?  
It's release day for Golgotha by Angela R. Watts!    
I've been waiting SO LONG to hold a copy of this in my hands, and TODAY'S THE DAY!   

I had the privilege of interviewing Watts about her book, which you can check out below!  AND you'll want to stick around to enter the giveaway...


Four unlikely companions must band together to escape the Realm of Bones and save their kingdom from a reign of darkness.

Prince Moray will lead his empire to glory, even if it means dabbling with forbidden black magic. But when their parents are murdered, Moray and his brother, Finnigan, are cast into Golgotha—a realm where hope is dead. Finnigan fiercely believes his god, Elohai, will rescue them, but Moray will never trust again.

Princess Ama, promised in marriage to Moray to ensure her clan’s safety from rival tribes, arrives just before a coup and becomes trapped in Golgotha with the smart-mouthed mercenary, Gunnar. Surrounded by strange monsters and ravenous demons, Ama must fight to hold on to her faith—or lose everything.

Despite Ama’s Gift of prophetic dreams, Finnigan’s Gift of energy, Moray’s magic, and Gunnar’s blades, nothing can rescue them from themselves. If they fail to escape, darkness will devour the entire kingdom.

Shadow and Bone meets Mark of the Raven in this epic for fans of faith-based young adult fantasy.

Amazon | Goodreads


Angela is the bestselling author of The Infidel Books. She lives at Step By Step Sanctuary, Tennessee, where she raises horses, dogs, cats, and snails. She’s been writing stories since she was little, and when she's not writing, she's probably drawing or working with her amazing clients.







1) What is your favorite theme in Golgotha and why?
The theme of good vs. evil. We see it a lot in fiction... and real life. But sometimes, it is glossed over or even made into some cheesy theme. It isn't. Good is real. Evil is real. And it is up to us to fight the good fight. So Golgotha follows this theme and asks a ton of questions about it.

2) Which character was your favorite to write? 
Gunnar. Violent. Sarcastic. Annoying. He's my favorite!

3) Which theme (or character, you pick lol) presented the most challenges in writing? 
Moray's arc was difficult but the theme of good vs. evil was also difficult. As I mentioned, it is vital, and I didn't want to ruin it, ha! I didn't want to make it preachy or boring. I think I succeeded, ha, but that was after a lot of prayer, studying in God's Word, studying research books, and my epic family and publisher helping me get the finer details down.

4) What's your favorite thing about writing gritty clean fantasies like Golgotha
I have the ability to be creative and honor God while reaching readers. I pray over every book I publish that God allows it to touch each person that picks it up. Golgotha is full of tough topics and deep questions, with underlying themes that a reader has to focus on to notice. It was fun to write this sort of story! I love books with deeper meanings or with themes that can apply to your life, even if you don't live in a fantasy world, haha.

5) If you could pick only one song to showcase Golgotha's vibe, what would it be? 
I have two playlists with over 230 songs total for this trilogy. I can't do this question, haha!

But instrumentals are safe, so here's a song I see as a soundtrack score! "Hrafnaguð" by Adrian Von Ziegler is great.

Thanks so very much for taking the time to do this interview, Angela!  It was an honor! 
Anyone else SUPER PUMPED to read this book now?!  (And if you aren't yet, click the song title above and give it a listen.  You'll be heading to Amazon ASAP after that!) 


One winner will receive a signed paperback copy of Golgotha, along with character art prints, a bookmark, and a Golgotha map.  Enter below!