Spoiler Alert: Black Friday deals...

Sunday, November 20, 2022

 Hey everyone! I'm sharing my Black Friday deals a few days early on here because I know it's about to get busy with everyone's holiday weekend. 

I'll be having a slew of deals for both Michaela Bush and Makenzie Gray, so if you've been holding off on buying Kindle copies of my books...now's the time to grab em! If you DO, please make sure to leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon! Those are an author's bread and butter, and I promise we do a happy dance every time we see a nice review. (Yes, every. single. time.) 

SO without further ado, here's what you can expect. Click on the titles for the links! 

Between Us preorders!

FREE on Kindle:
Back To Me
The Lady of Lanaria
Faith, Hope, and Love Vol. 1 
The Mount Sterling series, books 1-3 
Everything I Never Said
Everything And Nothing
everything i became

Makenzie Gray: 
Those With Ears
Let Them Hear 

I don't usually put books on free if they've been published the same year, but all of my 2022 releases are ones that I felt the Holy Spirit working through in a mighty way. Especially Back To Me, where I literally typed entire scenes that flew into my head which I needed to hear and think about in that moment...so in lieu of offering giveaways like I normally do around new releases, I'm offering all my 2022 books to date for free. I hope you enjoy 'em, and I hope you snag some new books over the holiday weekend! 

I hope you'll also grab copies of Where Giants Fall and Tales From The Tower -- WGF is only $0.99 and Tales is $5.99! 

This is also the best time to get signed paperbacks if you're interested! Click HERE to submit your orders.  I have a variety of special bundles (and subsequent pricing) with most books between 5% and 65% off. So if you want to snag signed copies, including my dystopians, you'll want to check those out too! I'm offering these prices from November 1-30th to make sure orders arrive in time for Christmas. 

I hope you have a wonderful and family-filled Thanksgiving! What are you planning for the holiday week/weekend? Let's chat in the comments!


Tuesday, November 15, 2022

 Hey everyone! Today I have a cover reveal for Kellyn Roth's upcoming novella, The Knights of Pearlbelle Park! Keep reading for more info. 


Enjoy Christmas with the Knights of Pearlbelle Park …

Claire Knight‘s two youngest sons have come down with a mysterious illness just before Christmas, and she can’t focus on a thing but them, despite her many duties. Everything is so utterly overwhelming—yet relying on others, especially her husband, for comfort and aid seems impossible.

Lois Chattoway is finally married to the love of her life and expecting their first child. She should be perfectly content. If only her husband were as enthusiastic about their upcoming arrival as she is. When her niece, Posy, arrives at Pearlbelle Park with her neglectful father, Lois longs to convince her husband to adopt the child. Yet she knows he’ll never agree to it. Not likely.

Ned Knight is frightened. His mother is afraid, and there’s only one person he can tell—Mama. Oh, not his mother. He means Mama, who Ned never properly met but whose portrait hangs in a locked bedroom all by itself. Finding his place in the family is hard, but she makes it easier because she always listens—always. If only everyone else wanted to remember Mama as much as Ned does.

Add on Goodreads
The Knights of Pearlbelle Park will be arriving December 20, 2022 and is a novella situated between books 2 and 3 of The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy. Find out more about the book on https://kellynrothauthor.com  or on social media @kellynrothauthor! 

Now for the cover...

Isn't it pretty?!

November Paperback Sales & Holiday Specials!

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

 Hey everyone! 

Since shipping is still slower than a turtle wading through molasses in winter, I realized that I needed to put up my Christmas/Black Friday paperback rates, like, yesterday. SO without further ado, almost all of my popular paperbacks are for sale! Some of them are 5% off and some of the bundles are 65% off. So if you know someone who would like a signed paperback for Christmas, make sure to check out this form soon! I'll include the prices below too, in case you want to check it out before clicking HERE ;) If you're a fan of Makenzie Gray's work (aka my alter ego), I've also got those books on sale! This sale will run from November 1 through November 30, 2022. 
**Note: I have very limited stock of each book, so make sure to order soon if you plan on it!


Faith, Hope, and Love Vol. 1 $15.00 (25% off)
The Lady of Lanaria $8.00 (20% off)
*HARDCOVER The Lady of Lanaria $17.00 (17% off)
Everything I Never Said $6.00 (15% off) 
Everything And Nothing $6.00 (15% off) 
everything i became $6.00 (15% off)
Where Giants Fall Anthology $15.00 (5% off my normal) 
Tales from the Tower Anthology $15.00 (5% off my normal) 
Back To Me $15.00 
Between Us $7.00 (14% off)
Those With Ears $6.00 (65% off)
Let Them Hear $15.00  

POETRY BUNDLE (Everything I Never Said, Everything And Nothing, everything i became) $12.00 (50% off)
THE BRIDGE DUOLOGY BUNDLE (Back To Me, Between Us) $20.00 (10% off)
2022 FANTASY ANTHOLOGY BUNDLE (Where Giants Fall, Tales from the Tower) $20.00 (50% off my normal) 
MIDNIGHT HOUR SERIES BUNDLE (Those With Ears & Let Them Hear) $18.00 (20% off)

See anything you like? Make sure to fill out the form HERE if you plan on snagging some early deals for gifts!


Monday, October 31, 2022

 Hey everyone! 
In case you missed the announcement on Back To Me's release day, here's a big surprise! 

The sequel in The Bridge Duology, Between Us, is a Christmas novella releasing December 13, 2022. Yep, this year! Here's everything you need to know: 

There's a lot between us.

As Christmas bells ring, so do wedding bells for Nick and Bridget. Yet, something is off. Between frustration with the guest list, eerily familiar work with her recovery group, and whispers of Bridget's past threatening to break back to the forefront, it's time to put her ghosts to rest and celebrate her future. Can she stand firm, or will she stumble and fall?

A novella celebrating found family, selfless love, and the power of testimony.

The second book in THE BRIDGE DUOLOGY.


I'm excited to share this one -- it's the first Christmassy story I've written, and I must admit that I enjoyed it wholeheartedly. (It's not a Hallmarky kind of Christmas story, though.) When I finished BTM, I realized that there were a couple things I still wanted to address -- and they're in this book. Check out a quote below:

Do you plan on preordering? 


Monday, October 24, 2022

 Hey everyone! Today is Back To Me's book birthday! I've been a mix of excited, in awe, and absolutely scared sick since mid-September over this, lol. I'm pleased with it, and I'm so thankful that it's out in the world, not to mention the sweet feedback I've gotten from reviewers and the support I've had from friends and family through the entire writing process. But on the other hand, it's still weird. It's out there now. But I'm glad that it is, and it's all finished up and I can pursue other stories now.

Paperbacks and Kindle copies available HERE -- and the $0.99 Kindle price will be going up effective tomorrow, so grab a copy soon! If you ordered a signed paperback from me, they'll be coming soon! 
Shelf it on Goodreads HERE.
Now, for the surprise. 
I always wanted to do Bridget's story in a duology, but gave up on the idea a few months before publication (which was annoying. Covers had to be changed, people. Book descriptions altered. The powers that be had to vet changes to Goodreads logs. UGH.) ....And then within a week, I had an idea. Within a week and a half, I had the second draft of a novella clocking in at 28,000 words. 
It's the fastest I've ever written a book (which is good, because covers had to be changed again. Book descriptions altered AGAIN. The powers that be are probably wondering what kind of nutcase I am, but I'll join them in that question). And then I had to keep my mouth shut about the whole thing, which was terrible. So, on Back To Me's release date, I'm announcing the other little project that is close to my heart in a happier way. 

Between Us is the sequel novella, a Christmas story celebrating found family and the power of testimony. 


There's a lot between us.

As Christmas bells ring, so do wedding bells for Nick and Bridget. Yet, something is off. Between frustration with the guest list, eerily familiar work with her recovery group,  and whispers of Bridget's past threatening to break back to the forefront, it's time to put her ghosts to rest and celebrate her future. Can she persevere, or will she stumble and fall?

A novella celebrating found family, selfless love, and the power of testimony.

The second book in THE BRIDGE DUOLOGY.

Goodreads & Amazon preorder links coming soon. 

AND since we're already this deep into announcing things, how about a cover? And a snippet? 

Now, when is this releasing? Since it's a Christmas book, it's a December release. When I got pummeled with ideas and concepts and themes and ideas on how to write it, I prayed for guidance to write the thing in the next two years, and asked for guidance so that whenever December 13 would be on a Tuesday, I'd be able to release it then. And then I took a look at the calendar for this year, and...well, well, well. 

December 13th is a Tuesday this year. 

*Maniacal laughing has entered the chat.* 
*Carpal tunnel has also entered the chat.* 
*Sanity has left the chat.* (Okay so that one left a long time ago.) 

Why December 13? I originally wanted to honor the day by releasing Back To Me then, but October felt like a better time. BTM is more of a summer-into-fall story. So when Between Us came up, it made sense to write a Christmassy story and release it in December, even though that's probably one of the dumbest strategies I've ever employed because paperbacks won't arrive in time for Christmas, people will be busy with other things, and December is generally considered the worst time ever to release a book. But December 13th marks two years since I embarked on this journey -- my own, not Bridget's. It marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. So...stay tuned!

So tell me -- are you surprised? Have you ordered Back To Me yet? Excited for Between Us? Let me know in the comments!


 Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share this cover reveal with you. Amanda Cox is rapidly becoming an "instant buy" author for me, so I can't wait to read He Should Have Told The Bees, which is coming out in August 2023. 

Here's some info on the book:


Beekeeper Beckett Walsh is living her dream, working alongside her father in their apiary, until his untimely death sends her world into a tailspin. She suddenly finds she must deal with a new part owner of the family business--one who is looking to sell the property. Beck cannot fathom why her father would put her into the position to lose everything they built together.

When Callie Peterson is named in the trust of a man she's never heard of, she's not sure what to do. Her fledgling business has just taken wing and her mother has reentered her life asking for help getting into rehab for her lifelong substance abuse issues, making Callie's financial situation rather . . . precarious. She's sure she has no right to someone else's farm, but the money from the sale could solve her problems and give her the stability she's always craved.

As these two women navigate their present conundrum, they will discover a complex and entangled past full of secrets--and the potential for a brighter future for both of them.

When you preorder, fill out the form below to enter Amanda's monthly preorder giveaways going on November through August. Open to everyone who preorders the book!


And now....for the cover!

Have you read Amanda Cox's other books? Are you looking forward to this one?! 


Friday, October 14, 2022

Hey everyone! Today I'm thrilled to share a review of After Our Castle by Kellyn Roth! This is the sixth book in The Chronicles of Alice & Ivy, and the third Ivy-centric book in the series -- and today just happens to be release day! Before I get into my review, here's some info on the book!  


And they lived … well, happily ever after.

A year into a blissfully happy marriage, Violet Angel admits to a dose of skepticism. She’s not married, granted—but as the closest friend of the bride and groom, she feels she has a perspective no one but the people directly involved could have. There’s no such thing as a happy ending, and it’s only a matter of time before the castle in the sky plummets to earth.

If only Violet were always wrong instead of just mostly wrong. Ivy McAllen doesn’t believe she and her new husband are out of the honeymoon period—if they are, she isn’t going to admit it to herself—but there are certainly areas of adjustment that she hadn’t expected.

Changes at the village of Keefmore and in Ivy’s life lead to complications, and Violet spirals further and further from reality. When a castle in the sky turns out to be more cloud than stronghold, finding a foothold proves more than a little difficult.



This book really takes a deep-dive into not only Ivy's growth as a character, but also Violet's spiral from reality. I loved the themes involving the importance of open and honest conversation, of handling difficult topics even if doing so is painful; and also the give-and-take struggle of friends drifting apart (when to hold on and when to let go). In some respects, this did struggle to keep my attention for the first 30% or so, but after that I really enjoyed it and the pace picked up. As always, the representation of mental struggles as well as Violet's descent into madness were interesting and accurate (and after this, I'd kind of like to see a Violet-centric story about her eventual redemption OR final decline, I mean...anyone read "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman...?) I did really enjoy the scene where God grants Ivy an answer to what she's looking for -- I can't go into detail, you'll just have to read it -- as well as the strength Ivy had to possess in the end of the story; I found those to be particularly moving and impactful. 
Overall, if you enjoy the Chronicles of Alice & Ivy, you'll have to pick this one up too. Them's the rules. 

Do you plan on picking up a copy of After Our Castle


Tuesday, October 11, 2022

 Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to share the cover for the upcoming Tell Me You Love Me anthology by Grace A. Johnson and edited by Issabelle Perry (and the cover design was done by Issabelle also!) This is a clean romance anthology and will be released next year. I've got a story titled "Always" in this one!

Here's a bit about the anthology: 

Tell Me You Love Me – a timeless collection of stories that truly understand the meaning of “I love you.”

Twelve young Christian authors have come together, alongside romance novelist Grace A. Johnson and editor Issabelle Perry to show our world of depravity and cheap imitations of romance what love really means: faith, hope, and sacrifice.

These stories range from contemporary YA to historical to fantasy, and tell diverse, unique love stories that compel, captivate, and warm readers’ hearts with their sweet and authentic nature.

Featuring work from Michaela Bush, Saraina Whitney, Karynn Heckler, Margaret Copeland, Lucia Molano, Sarah Lawton, Brooklyn O’Brennan, Mackenzie Hendricks, H.S. Kylian, Lydia M. Jupp, Katherine Perry, and Amelia Cabot, the Tell Me You Love Me anthology is the collaboration of talented and inspirational young writers you’ve been waiting for!

Learn more at graceajohnson.com/tell-me-you-love-me-anthology or on Goodreads!

Cover design by Issabelle Perry at intomywritingjourney.wordpress.com!

Make sure to shelf it on Goodreads, and follow Grace A. Johnson as well as these fantastic authors for updates on when the anthology is set to release!

And now for that cover!! 

Are you excited for this anthology? Stay tuned for preorders, coming later!


Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Hey everyone! Today I'm excited to share a review of Driving Force by Lynette Eason & Kate Angelo. This is part of the Elite Guardians collection. Thanks so much to JustRead Tours  & Sunrise Publishing! Click HERE for more information on the JustRead website.


Kate Angelo is an author, minister, and public speaker from Southwest Missouri who works alongside her husband strengthening and encouraging marriages and families through their ministry. As the mother of five mostly grown children, she is fluent in both sarcasm and eye rolls-subjects she never intentionally taught while homeschooling. With her chihuahua taking up half of her desk space, she writes suspenseful stories of imperfect people who encounter hope and healing through Jesus. Kate is a tech enthusiast, coffee lover, productivity guru, accomplished knitter, avid boater, prayer warrior, and known klutz. Visit her at https://kateangelo.com. 

Lynette Eason is the bestselling author of Life Flight and the Danger Never Sleeps, Blue Justice, Women of Justice, Deadly Reunions, Hidden Identity, and Elite Guardians series. She is the winner of three ACFW Carol Awards, the Selah Award, and the Inspirational Reader's Choice Award, among others. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and has a master's degree in education from Converse College. Eason lives in South Carolina with her husband and two children. Learn more at www.lynetteeason.com.

He’s the last client she wants to protect…

Elite Guardians bodyguard/former sniper CHRISTINA SHERMAN has protected uncooperative clients before—but this time, well her client is bossy, headstrong and occasionally eats off the floor. Yes, he’s a highly trained military working dog, but certainly her skills could be put to better use, right?

Not according to former Special Forces Air Commando GREY PARKER. He needs her help to protect his dog while he undergoes an experimental surgery that could restore his ability to walk. He just needs someone to keep his canine partner safe. Most of all, Grey wants back on his feet so he can track down a deranged scientist known as The Scavenger who unleashed a nerve agent that left Grey sidelined in a wheelchair.

When an attempt is made on Grey’s life, and dead bodies begin piling up—with evidence the same toxin is responsible—suddenly Christina is tasked with keeping both dog and soldier alive…and with them, the secrets that could stop a terrorist attack.

But this time, even Christina might be in over her head.

Dive into the exciting ignition to the Elite Guardians Collection.

Want more Elite Guardians?

Elite Guardians Collection
Book 1: Driving Force
Book 2: Impending Strike
Book 3: Defending Honor

Elite Guardians series by Lynette Eason
Book 1: Always Watching
Book 2: Without Warning
Book 3: Moving Target
Book 4: Chasing Secrets



This is an absolutely fantastic suspense read! The characters were enjoyable, the plot twist was very nicely executed, and the romance was very well-written and enjoyable. Angelo and Eason's story blends flawlessly together, and the storyline is fresh and compelling. Driving Force was a very quick (like, two sittings), couldn't-put-it-down book, and now I can't wait to check out the other coathored books in the series, plus the original series by Eason. All of the characters had such fantastic chemistry, not only Christina and Grey, but also the side characters and friends -- absolutely great! As a bonus, I loved the realistic representation of not only a main character using a wheelchair, but also the slick vehicular adaptations that are actually out on the market right now (plus a couple futuristic tweaks). 

PLUS, enter the giveaway hosted by JustRead Tours below! 


Introduction to Project B

Friday, September 30, 2022

 Hey everyone! So...if you follow me on Instagram, you may or may not have caught a few random Insta stories mentioning "Project B." I will be revealing more about this project very soon. But since I've said next to nothing about the book itself, I've decided to give a brief teaser for what you can expect. AND while we're at it...shall we play a game? 

(credit: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2014)

1. It's a sequel to something already written 
2. It's my first Christmassy story
3. The book title is two words long and the first letter is a B. The last word is two letters long
4. It's a novella
5. Briefly involves Victorian carolers

Okay. So, since that is probably clear as mud, you can also peruse this playlist HERE. There are a couple songs that should match up to another playlist of mine. That's a dead giveaway, my dears ;) 

So, what's the "shall we play a game?" portion of this? Well, if you keep reading, you'll find the link to a Google Form where you can submit your best guesses: What is "Project B" the sequel to (or in other words, what's the title of book 1)? And if you're feeling dangerous, what do you think the real title is? 

If you're correct for either guess, you'll receive an ebook copy of said sequel once it's polished. If you're correct for BOTH guesses, you'll receive ebooks of both books. 

That being said...Good luck and have fun!

Click HERE to submit your answers! 
Entries are due October 13th.

One last thing: a little aesthetic collage.

(credit to Pinterest artists, Clinton Sammy Jr., Seyda, et al)


Thursday, September 22, 2022

Hey everyone! I'm sharing a review for an impactful book I had the privilege of reviewing, Judgment Call by E.B. Roshan! This one deals with some pretty difficult topics surrounding forgiveness, and it just dives right into the hard stuff -- it doesn't toy with the "I forgave this horrific criminal in a single moment because it's easy" fluff we see so often in fiction. It doesn't make light of what we're called to do as Christians. It shows a very realistic struggle. And...oof, guys. I'm still mulling it over (and those are the kind of books that I adore). Anyway, onward for more info and the review!


Kiva is handsome, generous, and very much in love with recently-widowed Preen Enda. But the thought of becoming his wife fills her with dread—especially when men from her past—men who know too much—begin appearing in her peaceful town. It's only a matter of time before her secrets are revealed.

If Kiva learns the truth about what happened to Preen's first husband, will he still want to become her second?

An easy five star.

If you enjoy clean dystopians with a fresh setting and compelling arguments, this one will be a quick read. I started it intending to read a couple chapters, then ended up finishing it within a couple hours because I couldn't put it down. The characters are easy to  sympathize with, the settings well-written, and the theme and main struggle in the story is VERY compelling and thought-provoking. Without spoilers, it's something that makes you set the book down for a moment and ask yourself what you'd do in their shoes, because it's the type of impossible situation that worms its way into reality so often. I was impressed by the thought and planning that Roshan placed into this main theme, plus how the situation evolved throughout the story -- very, very well done. Finally, the story is fast-paced even when we're not in an actual action scene. 

Have you read any of the Shards of Sevia books yet? 

SIGNED PAPERBACKS: $5-and-$10 Sale!

Monday, September 19, 2022

 Hey everyone! 
Since I'm redoing the office space I have, and in order to make way for some new releases, I'm having a "five-and-ten" sale. Now would be a great time to get some early Christmas shopping done! (OR treat that TBR.) 
The sale runs from September 19 through October 1st. I'm only able to ship to the U.S., sorry!

SO -- if you would like to order anything below, please fill out the form HERE, or HERE for Makenzie Gray. Eligible books ordered will automatically be discounted from the rates listed on the form! Scroll to check out a list of titles and discounts available. The prices INCLUDE shipping, tax, etc. 

(Just take a sec to gaze upon that bookstack...it takes up almost the entire shelf height) 

Everything I Never Said
Everything And Nothing
everything i became
Beautiful Chaos (Mount Sterling 1)
Something New (Mount Sterling 2)
Keeping Cassie  (Mount Sterling 3)
Those With Ears (Midnight Hour Series 1) (Makenzie Gray)

Tales From The Tower Anthology
The Depths We'll Go To Anthology (Makenzie Gray)
Where Giants Fall Anthology 
Let Them Hear (Midnight Hour Series 2) (Makenzie Gray)
Poetry Collection (all three poetry books listed above)

AND, since I'll be making an order to KDP soon, there are a few more options I'd like to point out!

Ordered By Request
Back To Me (PREORDER, releasing Oct 25) $15.00 each
Faith, Hope, and Love Vol 1 (2021 release) $15.00 each (sale price)
The Lady of Lanaria hardcover $15.00 each (sale price)
The Lady of Lanaria paperbacks for $10 each

Questions? Feel free to let me know anytime!


Thursday, September 8, 2022


So, guys...*sigh* I did a thing. 
(Actually, I'm doing several things but I can only tell you about this one right now) 
(If you want a hint at one of the things I can't tell you yet, read the full description of Back To Me)

Since I've been having intermittent (and persistent) internet issues, and thanks to my amazing formatter who sent the files back before I expected them, I decided it would be best to schedule Back To Me for preorder now instead of in three weeks' time. 

October 25th is the official release date. The paperbacks will be available that week, but if you're a Kindle kinda person, now's your chance to grab a copy. I am also offering a preorder discount: until release day, the Kindle price will be $0.99. October 26th, the price will jump to $2.99 -- which is still a pretty great price. BUT if you like Christian contemporary novels and books that cost less than a dollar, you'll want to preorder. 

Click HERE to do just that!

If you do choose to preorder, you can click HERE to submit your info and receive a preorder goody package release week. I have very limited quantities of everything except signed bookplates, so you'll want to jump on this soon! Through this form, you can ALSO get your preorder reserved for signed paperbacks, if that's your preference and you want to jump on the preorder goodies. 


Wednesday, August 31, 2022

 Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to be sharing the cover reveal for After Our Castle by Kellyn Roth, the next installment in the Chronicles of Alice & Ivy series. Check out more info on the book below and scroll for the cover!


And they lived … well, happily ever after.

A year into a blissfully happy marriage, Violet Angel admits to a dose of skepticism. She’s not married, granted—but as the closest friend of the bride and groom, she feels she has a perspective no one but the people directly involved could have. There’s no such thing as a happy ending, and it’s only a matter of time before the castle in the sky plummets to earth.

If only Violet were always wrong instead of just mostly wrong. Ivy McAllen doesn’t believe she and her new husband are out of the honeymoon period—if they are, she isn’t going to admit it to herself—but there are certainly areas of adjustment that she hadn’t expected.

Changes at the village of Keefmore and in Ivy’s life lead to complications, and Violet spirals further and further from reality. When a castle in the sky turns out to be more cloud than stronghold, finding a foothold proves more than a little difficult.

Book 6 of The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, After Our Castle, releases October 15, 2022. Preorder HERE and shelf it on Goodreads HERE!

And now for the cover...

Isn't that pretty? Do you plan on picking up the next installment in this series?


Tuesday, August 16, 2022

 Hey everyone! Today I'm pumped to share the cover reveal for a FANTASTIC upcoming fantasy novel by Angela R. Watts. It's thought-provoking, impactful, and a few gut-punches are definitely in store for readers. Check out more about A Solstice of Fire and Light below, and then scroll for the cover! 


Dionne, a Gifted nomad princess, hunts the warlocks that kidnapped her brother. 

Nnamdi, a popular caravan fighter, wishes to be freed from his sins. 

After they break out of prison together and spare each other in a death match, there’s no turning back… So they board a pirate ship and hunt the Order.

When Dionne learns that the wizards that took her brother have also taken child slaves and hides them all away in her kingdom, she creates a plan with the pirates to infiltrate the Order… But when Dionne reaches the kingdom, she will be sacrificed to the gods on winter solstice.

Swept in a world of deadly magic, Nnamdi swears his protection to Dionne… But then he learns she is a princess and that her fate is sealed at the hands of a jealous wizard. Nnamdi must break his chains and unleash his Gift like never before… Or lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

For lovers of slow-burn romance and fast-paced fantasy, get your next binge-read with one click! This standalone novel is perfect for readers who want a clean, swoon-worthy fantasy romance with high stakes and faith-elements.

Author’s note: this novel is suitable for ages 16+ due to dark themes and violence.

Click HERE to back the Kickstarter for A Solstice of Fire and Light!


ANGELA R. WATTS is the bestselling and award-nominated author of The Infidel Books and the Remnant Trilogy. She has over 22 works in print. When she’s not writing, Angela enjoys freelance editing, homesteading, and art. She lives in Tennessee with her family and many pets.


And now for the cover...

Isn't that epic?! Make sure to follow Watts online for more updates AND don't forget to check out the Kickstarter tiers! 


Wednesday, August 10, 2022

 Hey everyone! Just a quick update to let you know that eARC signup for Back To Me is now live! 
Click the link HERE for more information and to sign up. eARCs will be sent out no later than September 1st! For more information and to check out the blurb and whatnot, check it out on Goodreads and shelf it HERE.


Saturday, August 6, 2022

 Hey everyone! Today I'm SO stoked to share the cover reveal for Extension Squad Vol 1 by R.M. Scheller! First, some info!


Austin calls it honor. The others call it sulking. Either way, they’re all on death row.

The law is simple: a life for a life, no matter the circumstances. When aspiring hero Austin takes a life in defense of another person, he’s thrown in with the cutthroats on death row. Even though they’re doomed to die, they’re given an extension—by doing the grunt work for the heroes, they can prolong the time until they’re killed. But Austin refuses to play that game. If he’s going to die sooner or later anyway, he’ll do so with his pride intact. The only question is whether he has the resolve to see it through. Extension Squad Vol. 1, the first in a new original-English light novel series written by R.M. Scheller and illustrated by Heather Rose, is releasing September 1.

Preorders are open NOW, and if you check out R.M. Scheller's Instagram page HERE, there are preorder goodies involved... 

And now for the cover!

Okay, so now for my fangirl moment: I had the honors of editing this book, and let me tell you, it's SO. GOOD. Marvel fans, DC fans, graphic novel fans, anti-hero nerds...you'll love this. I'm dead serious. I adore how easily Scheller combined lovable and realistic characters with the fantastic, the thought-provoking and the stunning...and superhero-worthy abilities. 

Do you plan on picking up a copy? Click HERE!


Monday, July 25, 2022

 Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing the cover reveal for my contemporary Christian novel, Back To Me, which is arriving October 2022. Below, find some info about the book itself, and then scroll for the cover!


I'm not me anymore. 

Bridget Owens spends her days working and her nights trying to escape the nightmare she was born into. One year after leaving her old life, she still sees ghosts, hears threats, feels nails digging into her flesh, and can't sleep unless she wants to wake up sobbing. Her memories become a graveyard of who she once was, and she nurtures it daily until she reaches her breaking point. 

When Nick, a childhood friend, suggests help at the last moment, she finds it hard to sit across from a counselor who says he cares. She finds it impossible to trust anything, even herself. She's broken, and she isn't sure how to put the pieces back together. What if they never fit right anymore?

A story of redemption, calling, healing, and recovery. 

Back To Me: A Contemporary Christian Novel, releasing October 25, 2022. 

And now...the cover!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments! And stay tuned; ARC signups will open in August!


Monday, July 18, 2022

 Hey everyone! Today I'm excited to announce the release of Let Them Hear by Makenzie Gray (my evil alter-ego)! In case you haven't checked out the series yet, here's some praise from some amazing Goodreads reviewers: 

By Stephanie, for Let Them Hear: "[...]it honestly took a couple chapters to get into it [Those With Ears](Takvi is intentionally hard to like, but I loved her brother, Noam, fairly early on) but within a few chapters, and it became one of my favorite reads of 2022, as well as one of my all time favorites as far as 'first books' in a Dystopian series! I absolutely could not WAIT to read this one, and boy! What a ride!

So much happens and I LOVED it! I can't (and won't) say much because, wow!, it's chock full of twists, surprises, and unpredictable challenges, but it was such a wonderful second installment, and I can't wait to see what happens next for this ragtag band of ragamuffins!" (Full review HERE)

By Vanessa, for Let Them Hear: "[...] Moral/Theme: Wow, this kind of book makes you think, and that's the beautiful part about dystopian books. I loved the characters' courage to do what was right and to proclaim the Gospel in the face of nearly-promised death. We ought to be that brave right now, when the majority of us won't be faced with death if we share the Gospel with someone. I also appreciated how the author approached the Will of God in protecting His people - if it's His Will for us to be protected, nothing can touch us!" (Full review HERE)

By Nathaniel, for Those With Ears: "Wow…I’m really looking forward to book two in this haunting series. This is a fictional (obviously) account of the end of the world. It’s told by a Christian and it’s SO good. Do I share the same beliefs in everything? Not necessarily…but that doesn’t take away from the POWER of this book. 
Wow. That’s literally all I can say.
But like the plot, the characters, the scariness…it’s all done so well. This is a really good book." (Full review HERE)

In case you haven't checked out Let Them Hear yet, here's the blurb!

Since the End began, Unmarked are hunted and imprisoned like animals while the Marked live in excess. Eighteen-year-old Takvi has been on the run since it all began. When she learns that her brother is in the One Order’s custody - alive - she leaves everything to search for him. But to succeed in her rescue mission, she’ll need aid.

Gathering a ragtag group of Unmarked is dangerous, but it’s Takvi’s only chance at saving her brother. As they travel across apocalypse-torn North America, they learn the Order is growing darker and more powerful than they ever imagined. The group wants to save as many tortured Unmarked as possible - but Takvi refuses to face the wickedness she’s running from. One person can’t stop the End and Takvi won’t die for a lost cause. But everything has a cost these days. Will the rescue come at a cost too high to pay?

A gripping novel about sacrifice and redemption, The Hunger Games meets Mad Max in this post-apocalyptic ride.

Let Them Hear is Book 2 in the Midnight Hour series.

Want to check out the books? 
Book one in the Midnight Hour series, Those With Ears, can be purchased HERE, and Let Them Here is now live HERE! Paperbacks and Kindle editions are available now. Those With Ears is currently FREE on Kindle, so now's a great time to jump into the series! (AND Amazon is having a bit of a sale on paperbacks for Those With Ears right now if that's your jam -- great timing on their part!) 

And if you've already devoured both books, stay tuned. #3 is on the horizon. 


Saturday, July 16, 2022


Hey everyone! I was given the opportunity to read the next Chronicles of Alice & Ivy book, A Prayer Unanswered, and today's the day I get to share my review! But first, some info about the book:


When her world is set adrift, she grasps for the strength to hold on ...

As Alice Strauss enters her first year of marriage, she finds herself wholly unprepared for her new life. In a new country, with a new family, she struggles to find her footing. Difficult relationships and new situations batter her, but she is determined to establish a perfect life with the man she loves.

Unfortunately, perfection seems out of reach. An unexpected tragedy flings Alice out of control, and she struggles to rise from the ruins. Her world seems to be gradually worsening, full of spinning variables and agony beyond anything she has ever experienced.

However, there is hope—in a God who loves her and a future established for her since before time began. Yet the devastation of Alice’s life seems beyond even the touch of grace.

A Prayer Unanswered is the fifth book in the historical family saga, The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy.



Kellyn Roth is a historical romance & women’s fiction author who writes about the empty places where hope has the most room to grow. Her novels include the inspirational Victorian family saga, The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, and the Kees & Colliers series, which follows a broken family in the tumultuous years of the first half of the 20th century.

Kellyn is a student of the Author Conservatory, a virtual assistant, and a writing coach. When not building her author career, she is likely getting lost somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with her friends, watching period dramas and facetious comedies, or spending time with her husband.

Check out her website for more information: https://kellynrothauthor.com/

This is definitely one of the deeper Alice & Ivy stories, with generations of struggle culminating. I think it speaks volumes to humbling oneself to speak truthfully in all things, loving someone who is spiraling mentally, and the fierce love that God provides in every situation. I stayed up late to finish and more than once was brought to tears by the sharp prose. Fans of the series will get to see most of their beloved cast again, but make no mistake, the characters are growing up and the series itself is maturing, taking risks in deeper waters than what Christian historical fiction typically wades into -- and it pulls it off splendidly. I will say that if you struggle with depression and suicidal tendencies, you will want to take it slowly with this book; that being said, Roth wholeheartedly presents hope in the midst of desperation, and it's a story that must be told. 

Do you plan on picking up a copy? Have you read any of the other books in the series yet? Let me know in the comments and check out the giveaway below!

Kellyn will be offering a paperback copy of A Prayer Unanswered, a bracelet, and a locket to a lucky winner. To enter, check it out below!

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