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Faith, Hope, and Love collection: 
Welcome Home  (Book 1)
My Compass Home (Book 2)

Mount Sterling collection:
Beautiful Chaos (Book 1)
Something New (Book 2)

Standalone works:
Everything I Never Said: A Short Story & Poetry Collection

A Town Nativity: A Christmas Play
*If you are interested in producing this at your church or school and would like a sample before ordering copies, please send me a message via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, or email and I can share a PDF of the first scene with you.  It is perfect for small churches on a tight budget.  My church is the one that I wrote it for and we produced it without a hitch! 

And once upon a time, in 2017 I worked as a columnist for Zachary Levi's Nerd HQ for eight brilliant months.  They were the best and I miss them very much.
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Guide Me Home (Faith, Hope, and Love)

 (Rough) Summary: Cortland may as well have been turned upside-down.

Morgan Barnes is watching her cousins grow up and get married - left and right, it seems!  Feeling like she's losing time fast, she signs up for Internet dating that quickly turns sour.  When she meets Martin, she's struck by the opportunity to help him.  New to Christianity and Cortland, Martin is glad for a friend--but a girlfriend?  Maybe not so much.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Spencer's comfortable little world gets upended--and then flipped sideways to boot.  Where there was once only part of a story, now the other half appears.  Where there were once childish dreams now resides knowledge unimaginable.  And now resides faith, hope, and love -- but will the Barnes and Clarkson families see God's plan for the latter-most of all?
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Untitled short stories (Faith, Hope, and Love)

Titles coming soon!  

Keeping Cassie (Mount Sterling)  
Untitled short stories (Mount Sterling)
Plots coming soon!

Everything and Nothing (a short stories collection)
Coming soon!

Project Remember Me 
Plot coming soon!