Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Hey everyone!  Happy Holy Week!

Today I have a review for an interesting new book from Harlequin's Love Inspired Suspense line, Shielding the Amish Witness by Mary Alford.  Today just happens to be the release day, too, so I'm excited to share with you!  Here's some info on the book and author: 


Seeking refuge in Amish country puts everyone she loves in danger.

On the run after discovering her brother-in-law was behind her husband’s murder, Faith Cooper can think of only one safe place—her Amish grandmother’s home. But when danger follows Faith to the quiet Amish community, her childhood friend Eli Shetler is her only protection. And their survival depends on outlasting a relentless killer…one who has nothing left to lose.

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mary Alford

From Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.



USA Today Bestselling Author, Mary Alford, loves giving her readers the unexpected. Combining unforgettable characters with unpredictable plots that result in novels the reader doesn't want to put down.

Her titles have appeared on the USA Today Bestselling List, Publisher's Weekly bestselling list, and have finaled in the Daphne Du Maurier award of excellence in mystery, The Beverly, The Maggie, and The Selah Awards.
As a writer, Mary is an avid reader. She loves to cook, can't face the day without coffee, and her three granddaughters are the apple of her eye. She and her husband live in the heart of Texas in the middle of 70 acres with two cats and one dog.

You can learn all about Mary's upcoming releases on BookBub:
Mary is very active online and would love to connect with readers on Facebook:
Or any of the social media platforms listed at


I was provided with the opportunity to honestly review this book, but the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own!  

Shielding the Amish Witness is one of those books that starts off with a bang and keeps going from there.  I was very pleasantly surprised by it!  While there were a few aspects that felt a little unrealistic, the story overall was very enjoyable.  I read the second half of it in just one sitting.  The plot pacing was pretty good, although with a little bit of repetition/information that was repeated often.  The characters are enjoyable to read and believable, and the moral struggle (protecting oneself versus following Amish peacekeeping values) was interesting and well-presented.  Reading this definitely made me want to check out Alford's other works!  I'm giving it a 4.5/5 rating.

Have you read any of Mary Alford's books?  Do you enjoy Amish fiction?  


Monday, March 29, 2021

Hey everyone!  Today I have a review of All the Things I Should've Told You: Poems on Love, Grief & Resilience by Shayla Raquel.  Usually, I post reviews for books that I've requested or that the publisher has requested from me, but today's is a review purely because I wanted to...and have a lot of feelings.  And if I could give this little book a zillion stars, I would.  


My soul bleeds.
Once punctured,
It trickles down the page
Until it spills, spills, spills.
There is no damming the stream
Of my soul.
The cut is too deep.
It is a surge now.
And I must bleed it all out to heal.

An expert editor, best-selling author, and book marketer, Shayla Raquel works one-on-one with writers every day. A lifelong lover of books, she has been in the publishing industry for ten years and specializes in self-publishing.

Her award-winning blog teaches new and established authors how to write, publish, and market their books.

She is the author of the Pre-Publishing Checklist, "The Rotting" (in Shivers in the Night), The Suicide Tree, and The 10 Commandments of Author Branding. In her not-so-free time, she acts as organizer for the Yukon Writers' Society, volunteers at the Oklahoma County Jail, and obsesses over squirrels. She lives in Oklahoma with her dogs, Chanel, Wednesday, and Baker.

Keep in touch:
Website URL:


If you're a fan of poetry, you'll enjoy this book.  It has a great balance of lighter poems about love and hard-hitting poems about loss.  Raquel's poetry is enjoyable to read, with a variety of forms and styles that work perfectly for each poem.  Some of these poems absolutely gutted me.  Reading this was like having all the messed-up parts of my own heart dismantled and stitched back together -- it's so weird.  The emotions presented in this collection are all completely laid out on the table; you get the sense that the author or narrator is sitting down at the table for a difficult heart-to-heart about brokenness and healing.  She presents her themes (love, grief, resilience) remarkably well; sometimes in metaphors, other times with a starkness that's stunning.  I loved it and read it entirely too quickly (in one sitting and in what felt like just a few minutes, but I also lost track of time while reading it so...).  This is definitely one book that I will cherish.  


Saturday, March 27, 2021

 Hey everyone!  Today I'm SUPER excited to share the cover reveal for Angela R. Watts' upcoming novel, Golgotha!  Set to be published by Blade of Truth Publishing on April 10th, it's a Christian YA fantasy, and it's absolutely fantastic.  I'm so excited for the release--and absolutely thrilled to be sharing the cover with you guys!  But first, check out some info about the book!  


Four unlikely companions must band together to escape the Realm of Bones and save their kingdom from a reign of darkness.

Prince Moray will lead his empire to glory, even if it means dabbling with forbidden black magic. But when their parents are murdered, Moray and his brother, Finnigan, are cast into Golgotha—a realm where hope is dead. Finnigan fiercely believes his god, Elohai, will rescue them, but Moray will never trust again.

Princess Ama, promised in marriage to Moray to ensure her clan’s safety from rival tribes, arrives just before a coup and becomes trapped in Golgotha with the smart-mouthed mercenary, Gunnar. Surrounded by strange monsters and ravenous demons, Ama must fight to hold on to her faith—or lose everything.

Despite Ama’s Gift of prophetic dreams, Finnigan’s Gift of energy, Moray’s magic, and Gunnar’s blades, nothing can rescue them from themselves. If they fail to escape, darkness will devour the entire kingdom.

Shadow and Bone meets Mark of the Raven in this epic for fans of faith-based young adult fantasy.

Arriving April 10, 2021. 

If you want to stay updated on the release, make sure to follow Angela R. Watts on Instagram HERE, and Blade of Truth Publishing HERE!

And now for the cover reveal....

Hold on to your hats, folks.  It's breathtaking.  

Doesn't that look awesome?  Are you looking forward to reading Golgotha?  


Monday, March 22, 2021

Hey everyone!  Today I have a post sharing about a wonderful Christian nonfiction novel by Grace Valentine, called Is It Just Me?    


Many women joke about having trust issues—laughing at their struggle because it feels common but secretly feeling there is no hope. Grace Valentine was one of them. In her twenties, she realized her trust issues were not humorous because, in reality, hers were trust issues with Jesus, her community, her family, and herself. And they were destroying her faith. Grace told herself she was simply being realistic, but the truth was, she was entangled with doubt and lies.

In Grace’s second book, Is It Just Me?, she offers readers a new perspective by helping them find answers to five deeply felt questions:

Am I the only one who is tired, overwhelmed, doubting, and fearful?
Am I the only one who feels hurt and lonely?
Am I the only one who still is struggling to find my purpose?
Am I the only one struggling to trust that God is there?
Am I the only one confused about how to be an adult?

Grace’s personal story and perceptive insights show other young women that they are not alone and they can trust God in the middle of their hurts, doubts, and fears.


Make sure to check out the JustReads Tour Instagram page for more information on the giveaway for this tour -- you have the chance to win a print copy of Is It Just Me? and Am I Enough? by Grace Valentine!  Click HERE.

I had the opportunity of reading this book as well, and it's definitely something that young adult ladies will want to check out.  It touches on some very hard questions that we face -- a lot of the norms we face as well -- and challenges them in light of God's Word.  Valentine has a very personal touch to her writing; it almost feels like you're just there having a chat with her.  It's very easy to read, enjoyable, thought-provoking, and keeps your attention the entire way through the book, which is impressive for a nonfiction/instructional book.  It's something that will encourage you to dig into the Bible to find answers for yourself, which is super important.  There are also some great discussion questions/journaling prompts included in each chapter.  Overall, it's a great book to check out; very open, honest, and down-to-earth.  


Hey everyone!  I had the privilege of reviewing Wrought of Silver and Ravens by E.J. Kitchens, so I'm sharing said review today!  It's part of a series, and is a fantasy retelling of the 12 Dancing Princesses.  But before I get into my review, here's some info about the book and its author!

With a malevolent prince stealing her kingdom and her magic one dance at a time, Princess Thea must win the loyalty of a mysterious guard to save her kingdom.

Athdar Owain is a hunted wanderer, one determined to keep his secrets and the treasure he carries safe at all costs. When he rescues the Kingdom of Giliosthay's prince from raiders, he's rewarded by being forced into the king's elite Silver Guard. While this gives Athdar a temporary home and some protection from those hunting him, it also makes him responsible for the young prince, who still bears curses from the raiders, and seven enchantress princesses with curses as mysterious and dangerous as their brother's.

Princess Thea of Giliosthay is a Realm Walker. Betrayed by a trusted guard, her rare gift of enchantment is used to curse her brother and trap herself and her six sisters into a nightly dance with dragons in a secret Realm. The Realm's prince has the ability to take and twist her magic for his own purposes, and Thea fears what those might be. For when one dances with a prince, a kingdom might be at stake.

Athdar alone can save them, but to trust enchanters is to risk exposure. And Athdar isn't sure where his loyalties lie.

Wrought of Silver and Ravens is a clean adventure-romance retelling of "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" set in The Magic Collectors story world.



E.J. Kitchens loves tales of romance, adventure, and happily-ever-afters and strives to write such tales herself. When she's not thinking about dashing heroes or how awesome bacteria are--she is a microbiologist after all--she's probably photographing flowers, walking in the woods, or talking about classic books and black-and-white movies. Elizabeth is a member of Realm Makers and blogs at Lands Uncharted. She lives in Alabama.

If you'd like up-to-date news on her writing, visit her website and sign up for her newsletter.


This book is definitely for folks who enjoy high fantasy/magic and retellings.  The characters were believable; Athdar has to be my favorite out of the group. (Aside from the lion cubs...oh yeah, did I mention LION CUBS?!)   It's apparent that a lot of thought went into the worldbuilding for this book; the vivid settings caught my attention and I truly enjoyed reading about them.  This book is based on the "Twelve Dancing Princesses" fairytale, but at first glance, you wouldn't notice the influence; it's not a 'run of the mill' retelling that just regurgitates the same characters in a different format, so that was interesting!  I did find the beginning a little slow (I'm not sure why; the plot itself wasn't slow, but it didn't immediately catch my attention like most fantasies do) and it's a bit easy to get lost with the large "cast" of characters -- but if you enjoy retellings, high fantasy, and some impactful themes that center around Biblical truth without being too "preachy," this is one you'll want to check out!   


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

 Hey everyone!  Today I have an exciting post -- a cover reveal for This Fairy Tale Love by romance author Naomi Hall!  This is a super-sweet novella and it will officially be released May 4th, 2021.  


Love isn’t always a fairy tale...

Lucy Levitt is too busy with her family’s ranch and her job to partake in romance. She believes God will give her the right man when the time is right and she won’t risk any mistakes. But when the new bachelor in town asks her to the mayor’s dinner party, can Lucy take a chance on what appears to be a match made in heaven? How can she be sure she’s found “the one”?

Edward Prosner will restore his father’s honor among his peers, but he’ll have to dishonor himself in the process. Ed will only be happy if he can prove the mayor’s a cheat. But he can’t even find a date for the mayor’s party--until he meets Lucy, a woman who still believes in fairy tales. If Ed can’t fix his mistakes, then he’ll miss the only happily ever after he’s ever wanted.

Make sure to follow Naomi Hall on Instagram and sign up for her newsletter for updates!

And now -- for the cover reveal!  It's super gorgeous.  

Isn't it pretty?!  

Are you looking forward to the release of this book?  What are some of your favorite romance novels?


Friday, March 12, 2021

Hey everyone!  Today I have a cover reveal for sci-fi author C.D. Hulen!  This book sounds absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to read it.  Frankly, I'm super pumped to share the cover too because even it's fantastic!  Keep reading and you'll see!


C. D. Hulen is a writer, actor, and the author of the new science fiction novel Abort. A lifelong storyteller, C. D. spent nearly a decade honing his skills in creative writing and now focuses on stories and characters which convey challenging themes relevant to the state of our society. When he is not writing, C. D. Hulen enjoys his family, musical theatre and understanding the beauty and transformative power of the gospel.



It’s easy to tell when someone is dead, but what makes them alive? Is it the memories they keep, or the pain they feel, or the love they share? For Cecilio, the first colony of Proxima B, the answer could bring prosperity or crack the very foundations of society.


After a five-year leave of absence, Commander Mason Wyatt is sent to an antique starship with the chance to earn back his rank and bury his past. All he must do is uphold the answer: life is what Cecilio says it is. But as the starship nears Proxima B, Mason’s past boils to the surface and Cecilio’s answer begins to unravel.

You can already PREORDER the novel by clicking HEREAbort releases May 25, 2021.  

Now for the cover reveal...and it's pretty awesome.

You ready?

Doesn't that look SO GOOD?  Do you plan on buying a copy of it?  What kind of sci-fi books do you enjoy?


REVIEW: VERSE MAPPING Bible Study Tools by Kristy Cambron!

Thursday, March 11, 2021


Hey everyone!  
I recently had the opportunity to be on the launch team for the Verse Mapping Bible study tools recently launched by Kristy Cambron.  I'd never heard of verse mapping before, even though her specific Bibles and study methods have been around since 2018, but after I looked into it, I became super fascinated by it.  

Here's some basic information about the Verse Mapping study method and the products that I received for participating in the launch.  


You can find the official explanation of Cambron's Verse Mapping study suggestions HERE on Cambron's website.  

You can follow Cambron on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and BookBub.

Likewise, you can follow the Verse Mapping social media on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and the Facebook group.  You can check out their website HERE.


(Okay, I was and still am floored that I received all of this for a launch.  I tore through the studies, albeit a bit too quickly, because they were just that interesting...and I'm hoping to share them with some small group leaders that I know!)  

Verse Mapping Journal 
I love the Verse Mapping journal!  It includes a handy intro/how-to for beginners, which explains the setup and method.  This is not a guided journal, so that means you can use the entries for any verses you'd like.  There's lots of room to write notes, and the paper is nice and heavy.  The whole journal itself is very high quality -- it's hardback and spiral bound, which surprised me!  (I was expecting paperback).  The journal lays completely flat, which is helpful for writing.


Verse Mapping Bible Studies - Luke and Acts

Don't ask me which one of these was my favorite, okay?  Cambron's studies bring up some very interesting perspectives, historical and cultural context, and really brings these two books to life in her studies.  Both books include group and individual studies for each chapter, which is fantastic if you want to read the studies on your own.  The books also include plenty of space to respond to the prompted questions.  There's a list of useful study resources in the back of each book, which I absolutely pored over because I had been looking for some of those same resources recently.  In both studies, Cambron picked thoughtful Scripture selections that allow thought-provoking study, and she includes study prompts to help you get started in independent study time.  There are good discussion prompts as well, so I think these would be awesome studies for small group or even Sunday school!  You can also buy the accompanying DVDs for each study, which can be used with the studies and helps enrich the lessons -- but the studies themselves can be used independently of the DVDs, which is so helpful for churches on tight budgets.  In case you're new to the Verse Mapping method, both studies also include intros that explain how the method works.  


Verse Mapping Bible 

The publisher was so kind to give the launch team an opportunity to win a copy of a Verse Mapping Bible -- and I was surprised that I won one!  (I never win giveaways.  Had to re-read the email a couple of times.)
I was given an NIV Bible. It's very sturdy, with thick pages and plenty of space for taking notes.  It also has some pages set apart for verse mapping, with some blank maps and some that are guided/already partially pre-filled, which are helpful to study.  I particularly enjoy the introductions to each book in the Bible; each includes pertinent information and a summary of the general themes in each book. 


I think that's about it -- although you can probably message me and I'll talk about this stuff and the method for the next forever if you're patient enough!  Have you ever heard of this method before, and do you plan on looking into it some more?  What are some of your favorite Bible study tips?

If you're interested in using this study method (or at least trying it out), I really recommend joining the Facebook group HERE.  They have weekly Bible studies, folks who share their ideas and various entries for the week, as well as study materials that you can download and use for free.  Definitely check it out if that's something you're interested in!  

REP POST: Across Fields Studio!

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Hey everyone!  I'm so pumped to announce that I'm now a brand rep for Across Fields Studio, a small business owned by a very talented Christian artist.  I adore her designs, so I was ecstatic for the opportunity to be a brand rep!    

Grace, the shop owner, offers a variety of creations from t-shirts, mugs, art prints, notebooks, postcards, and stickers that incorporate Bible verses with her original watercolor artwork. (As a general rule, if anyone mentions 'watercolor,' I'll be there ASAP with all the heart eyes.)  She also runs a blog HERE!

And just because you're reading this, you have access to a coupon!  If you use my rep code through the end of May, you can get 10% off any order to Across Fields Studio.  Make sure to use the code "tangledup10" when you're checking out.  Click HERE to shop!

You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Her posts are absolutely beautiful, so make sure to check them out!  

Some of my absolute favorite designs (although it's hard to choose) -- the "Stay the Course" sticker,  the "Psalm & Waves" design, and THESE awesome downloads!  

I'll be sharing some pics here and on my Instagram/Facebook soon.  For now, sound off in the comments below!  What's your favorite product or design by Across Fields Studio?  Again, don't forget to keep my rep code so you can get a discount anytime you order!