Sunday, March 24, 2024

 Hey everyone! Today's the daaaaay (if you've been following for the Legends of Lanaria books)! 

The Kingdom's True Queen is making an appearance earlier than expected: May 14, 2024 to be exact. 

So I have two things you'll need to know -- what the cover looks like, and when preorders open!

So let's get to the first order of business, the cover.

And preorders are open...NOW! Paperbacks will be available on May 14th. Click HERE for Kindle preorders! As usual, you can grab a Kindle edition for a limited-time price of $0.99, so if you want to read it, definitely snag a preorder before the price goes up ;) Shelf it on Goodreads HERE.

First time you're hearing of TKTQ? That's fine! Check out the blurb below!

Two kidnapped sisters and a secret to ruin a kingdom.

As the race to find the rest of the written prophecy continues, Asta, servant and sister to the Norvege queen, holds a grim secret.

When a Lanarian guard secretly arrives to infiltrate the castle, Asta must make a decision: betray her wounded sister, or betray the countries at risk of crumbling. Abused and broken by her sister’s rule, it should be an easy decision.

But yet another secret ruins the reality Asta once knew: the man commanding the Lanarian guard to capture and kill the Norvege queen…is their father. She is offered freedom and refuge—at the cost of her sister’s life. Will she accept the new world offered to her, or will her loyalty to her sister be her undoing?

Loosely inspired by the biblical story of Joseph, you won’t want to miss this touching story of humility, forgiveness, and healing from bitterness.
The Kingdom's True Queen is book four in the Legends of Lanaria series.

If you haven't checked out the series yet, click the titles below for more info. 

The Lady of Lanaria - Book 1
The Healer of the Brigade - Book 2
The Highlander's Victory - Book 3 


Sunday, March 10, 2024

 Hey everyone! 

So I've been working on an actually not-so-secret project (I've talked about the topic on my blog and my socia media posts so it's been right there the whole time, I just never fessed up to an upcoming release) and 'tis time to finally share. Sustain: A Thirty Day Devotional Dedicated to Remembering God's Sovereignty in Hardship is my next book baby coming at you JUNE 5, 2024. Not only is it a devotional, but it includes a five-week study guide in the back which can be completed individually or as a group. Read on for more info!


Sustain: to uphold, to nurture; patiently persevere. 

In this devotional, we'll find...

  • Ways God helps us through trials
  • The importance of using pain to grow closer to God
  • Case studies of biblical characters whose testimonies point toward a God who does incredible things through suffering
  • Why we must submit our will to God's daily
  • Ways we can find gratitude in the midst of trouble

With daily readings, Bible verses, starter prayers, and questions designed to deepen your relationship with God, this devotional shares numerous Scriptures that promise God's sustaining strength in our lives even when He feels far away, while challenging various lies the world has taught us about suffering. 

Releasing June 5, 2024.

Kindle preorders are live NOW (click HERE) and paperback and hardcovers are live NOW as well--click HERE to submit your preorders. 

Here’s why ordering this devotional is so important: 

First: All of the royalties will be given to Fire Now Ministries, a ministry local to me that is absolutely on-fire for God and dedicated to serving the community with counseling, Bible studies, evangelism, and more. The work that these folks tackle is amazing and even more, their dedication to discipleship and growing the Kingdom is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it in our little rural blink-and-you-miss-it hometown. But I’m so grateful for their ministry and the work that they do. 

SO whether you order hardback, paperback, Kindle, or read it on Kindle Unlimited, the royalties from this devotional will be donated to their Kingdom work. And if you’d like to partner with them further (be it a donation, sharing their content, or hey, if you happen to need a pretty good revival speaker…) check them out on Facebook HERE, Instagram HERE, and sign up for their newsletter HERE

Next, the nitty-gritty: In this devotional, I’ll also be sharing some of my testimony with how God healed me of anxiety and chronic migraines, which happened at a revival service held at my church. I know some folks get worked up when I mention it…I’ve been told a lot of things by a lot of upset folks when I testify about God's grace in healing me, but my God did the impossible for me. Those chains were broken and redeemed by the power of Christ and the sacrifice He made which we will celebrate later this month. I know He can do the same for you, because I’ve woken up every morning for the last year and a half thanking God for another migraine-free day. I’ve seen Him move in friends’ lives in even more incredible ways. I know He can do the same for you too. And even if the solution isn’t coming until Heaven, there’s a whole lot we can learn about God’s character and faithfulness toward us through the tough times. How He tenderly cares for us when we’re weak. How He fights battles we don’t even see on our behalf. And how He loves us enough to turn all our struggles and that which was meant to harm us instead to good for the furtherment of His kingdom (that’s Genesis 50:20). We've just gotta allow Him control over our lives. Not only will I talk about my testimony of healing, but also of what He did through the rough patches that brought on the anxiety and migraines too. Because there’s a whole lot to learn on this road, and I hope you’re along for the ride.  

That’s why I want to share this devotional with you. I can’t sit on what God did for me and keep it to myself. It’s my prayer that someone, even just one person, would read this and be touched in such a way that their faith in God would be ignited, strengthened, and grown.

Just like Between Us was published on December 13th in honor of the day I chose to seek counseling instead of continuing my own struggle, Sustain will be released on the second anniversary of my healing. (Which is why release day is on a Wednesday, not an industry-typical Tuesday.) 

Oh, and since I have the cover on hand too and you'll see it if you check out Amazon, I guess we can share that too...


Thursday, March 7, 2024




It’s one of the most critical things we can learn as business owners, authors, editors, etc. (And if we’re being honest, networking is important for the typical 9-to-5 job, too.) But it can be daunting if you’re not sure how to go about it. Two of the biggest questions I’ve come across lately are…what IS networking, and how do you DO networking?

So let’s dig in. 

  1. What is networking? (It’s different from marketing, and branding, and all the other terms we’ve thrown around.) Essentially, networking is the process of building a community and healthy, strong relationships with others in similar fields, or in fields you may interact with during your separate work. You’ll find that networking will eventually shape up in three ways:
      1. Into close friendships: People you can trust to bounce ideas off of, people you help and can trust to help you in return, the “shirt-off-their back” type that you grow close with. These are your “ride-or-dies” that you meet thanks to the fact that you were in the industry to begin with.
      2. Into business partnerships: These are others either within the industry or related industries that you can trust to get the job done right, that you love to refer other folks to, and ones you will gladly associate your own name with. You might partner with another author to co-host or co-write a book, or you might partner with a formatter or editor, for example.
      3. Into acquaintances within the industry: You may not know this person very well, as with a close friendship, and they may not be a business partnership, but you know you can depend on them and vice versa, and they’re often within the same industry. For example, I might be acquainted with a lot of authors, and I can root for them and share their new releases and they might share mine in return, but I’m not close friends with them. 

When you’re networking, the biggest thing to remember is reciprocity. You’re not only seeking out business connections for yourself, you should also be asking yourself what you can do for the people you’re networking with. Networking cannot and should not be a “what’s in it for me?” situation or mindset, because that’s not how community works, and it shouldn’t be how relationships work. If you have work done for your book with a cover designer, you want to give them a shout-out on social media for the great work they did—and maybe they’ll share your cover reveal not only because it’s part of their portfolio, but because they’re wanting to help share your work too. Which leads to…

  1. How do you network? A completely legitimate question. I know a lot of folks struggle to work on networking (like me) but it’s extremely important, and a handy skill to have. In today’s world of social media, it makes networking a lot easier—but does word of mouth still have its place? We’ll see. 

Whether you’re completely new to the networking game or someone who’s had a business for awhile, you can benefit from simply seeking out connections with people who are likeminded. The people who have similar values, the ones with similar mindsets/morals, etc. — and especially the people who do the same thing you do. Write the most original fantasy you’ve ever seen? Well, someone else out there writes fantasy with similar tropes and themes. Crochet your own mythological creatures? Someone out there is selling crochet chickens, but they love sharing rad new projects like yours. Indie music artist? There are others out there who have similar values who have also walked the path you’re on now. 

One way to get started without feeling overwhelmed is simply following other creators you appreciate. You can share their work, knowing that it might not get noticed by that person themselves (and that’s okay!) BUT if you utilize hashtags or tag them in your appreciation post, someone else who might love their work can see your posts too and give you a follow too. If you’ve got a way with words, you can share how their work inspires your own projects — and then folks who love their work will have a reason to follow you, too. You’ll also want to find and engage in groups on Instagram or Facebook dedicated to what it is you do—similar genres, similar crafts, similar services: whatever you may offer, you want to join groups dedicated to them. You’ll also want to scope the group out a little bit before joining, because you might not align with their overall governance, rules, or even morals and preferences. (Writers, you know the struggle.) Once you’ve found some groups to be part of, you want to be active, not only in promoting your own thing but in celebrating with others, offering advice, helping others out, and asking questions if you have any. 

Is it okay to outgrow those groups, or realize you don’t really “belong” there? Absolutely. It’s not a failure, it’s a learning experience. 

As time goes on, you might even consider creating one such group yourself!

If you’re looking for business partnerships, you’ll want to familiarize yourself very well with that person’s values and branding before approaching them. 

Another great way to network is getting out there to attend conferences related to your craft. It’s a wonderful way to interact with professionals in your field, get “out there” and meet others who are in different stages of business life.  

One warning, though: I definitely don’t recommend the social media equivalent of “cold calling” which is when someone messages you throwing their business opportunities at you and begging for follows or even offering to follow you if you follow them. Please don’t do that. It comes off as desperate or even scammy, and oftentimes it’s a surefire way to be blocked (NOT good for networking or building connections). At the heart of doing this, I think, is a focus sheerly on the numbers rather than seeking out connections and relationships, which is what networking is all about. 

SO with the increasing popularity of social media, how important is it to utilize word of mouth?

I would personally say that it’s still absolutely imperative. Here’s why: I can be in all the groups I want, I can market the heck out of my projects, and I can do everything on social media flawlessly. But when it comes down to it? 

“So-and-so recommended that I reach out to you about your editing services.” 

“So-and-so told me you’re a writer. What’s your new book about?”

“So-and-so sent me a post of yours and I loved it.” 

I’ve heard all those things. And while it can certainly be disheartening from a marketing standpoint (I spent nine months marketing this and nobody saw it ‘til someone told them about it?) it’s proof-positive of how critically important it is to network and build a rapport with people. Even in your negative responses, i.e. when you might have to reject a potential client, a sale, or something, or if you’ve got someone lowkey stalking your page or being obnoxious (it happens), it’s important to keep it professional and compassionate. Likewise, it’s important to be supportive and community-minded in your own networking and marketing. People are always watching, and you’ll lead by example whether you know it or not. 

When it comes down to it, your own openness will affect your networking abilities. If you’re not portraying yourself as open and caring—and living that by example—people will know. They’ll know if you’re unapproachable before you do. They’ll know you’re the real deal before you know it yourself. When you’re networking, keep that in mind right alongside the real purpose of networking: not to make a sale, not to get “out there,” but to build community.

RELEASE DAY (surprise) : wading through fog on a sunny day

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

 Hey everyone!

Coming out of left field with a new release coming TODAY, March 6th: my next poetry collection! I was planning on releasing it in September, but ultimately decided to save that date for a bigger launch. SOOOO....

wading through the fog on a sunny day is now available for Kindle at $0.99 (click HERE.)  The paperbacks are also now available at $4.99. Featured are forty-three new poems on nature, God, and the push-and-pull of relationships that both grow and fall apart. (Oh, and a couple cars too.) 

This one was fun to work on because I took a lot of candid moments and just put them through the poetry blender. Some were fun, some were random moments, some downright angsty, all from the past few years since my last poetry relase (everything i became). You'll see echoes from my first few poetry collections, whether Easter eggs within a poem or titles themselves. Shout at me on social media if you find any, I'm interested to see if anyone picks up on 'em. There are also a few poems from prior anthologies or local journals that I've included. 


Oftentimes the deepest betrayals and softest beginnings arrive intertwined. 

wading through the fog on a sunny day grapples with fleeting moments of loss, fresh starts, and the moment dreams become reality...unless we destroy them ourselves.

I've got a pretty big announcement coming March 11, so keep your eyes peeled.