THOSE WITH EARS: eARC & Launch Team Members Wanted!

Thursday, December 30, 2021

 Hey everyone! I'm dropping in super quick to let everyone know that I still have space available for launch and eARC team members if you want to read Those With Ears, which is being released under my new pen name Makenzie Gray. The teams have been open for a little while now, but I've updated dates and whatnot to reflect which dates I need filled the most, and I'm ALWAYS game for more reviewers!  I just sent out the first batch of eARC copies and will continue doing so as necessary for anyone who would like to sign up. HOWEVER, the signups for both reviewers and the tour will be closing very soon, January 15th, so as to give everyone time to read or prep posts Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 

Check out the link HERE.

And ICYMI, here's some info on the book itself!

What will Takvi do when the End begins?
In the blink of an eye, Takvi's guardians disappear into thin air, along with thousands more. When the government swiftly moves to cover up the Disappearing, she and her siblings grapple with the truth behind what happened. They've been government loyalists their whole lives, but a split in opinions threatens to upend their lives permanently.

And Takvi is trapped in a vacuum where no solution leaves her or her family unscathed, which is the one thing she can't bear.

The illegal book their guardians left them has answers that agree with her siblings, but Takvi struggles to accept it. When the newly-formed government tightens its grip in eerie prophetic fashion, will she stand up or will she fold? Will any of it matter in the end of the world?

A compelling apocalyptic story on redemption, sibling bonds, and seeking truth in a corrupt world, Those With Ears is the first novel in the Midnight Hour series.

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What I've Been Up To + 2022 Plans

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Hey everyone! I know it's been awhile since I've given any updates on my own writing,'s a big info-dump about some projects I'm hoping will be coming your way soon! 

1. Where Giants Fall anthology arriving March 2022.
I've been having a blast co-hosting this with Angela R. Watts, and will also have my own story in the collection as well. I'm excited to share more soon! 

2. "Away From You" short story arriving July 2022. 
This one is a Christmassy short that I was admittedly hoping to have finished and sent as a newsletter gift for this Christmas, but that just isn't going to happen this year. Instead, I'm determined to publish it as a precursor to the next project (below), in July 2022, as a whole "Christmas in July" thing. We'll see. 

3. Back To Me novel arriving October 2022.
This is a contemporary Christian novel that has been rattling around in my head since the beginning of this year, but it's a tough one. I'm hoping to have it released in late fall 2022, namely around October. Stay tuned for more details, but for now, here's a moodboard for it as well as "Away From You" -- 

AND don't forget that I'm also writing under a pen name, Makenzie Gray, so make sure to check out those projects too!

1. The Depths We'll Go To anthology just arrived December 7th. I have a short story titled "Salt and Light" in the anthology!
You can click HERE to order your own copies. There are a lot of fantastic authors featured in this anthology, and I'm still so excited that I was accepted! 

2.  Those With Ears is set to arrive February 1, 2022, and is available for preorder on Amazon.
The preorder link is HERE and you can also add it on Goodreads! If you want to read it before anyone else, I also have eARC copies available HERE!

3. Let Them Hear, the sequel to Those With Ears, is set to arrive in 2022. 

Blurb and cover reveal forthcoming for this one!

SO - which projects are you looking forward to? Any questions? Let me know in the comments below! 


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Hey everyone!  Today I'm super pumped to share the cover reveal for The Infidel Books #4, The Blood Republic by Angela R. Watts!!  Check out the blurb below and then scroll for that won't want to miss it. 



The Second Civil War ends and West Johnston is heir to the new nation—but the war in the shadows continues as they rebuild America. With team members missing, West must help save his family. But the team discovers a biological weapon, and if they fail to maintain power, it will fall into the enemy’s hands.

Meanwhile, the crew finds intelligence that will change the course of the nation, and must team up with unlikely friends to escape government labs. If Gideon, Spencer, and Rene’ can survive, then new hopes await—but not everyone will make it out alive.

Releasing January 11th, 2022

What do you think of that cover?! Sound off in the comments below and make sure to follow Angela R. Watts across her social media for updates as we approach January 11th!