BIG Announcement: Services!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Drumroll, please?
I am pleased to announce that on the last week of May 2019, I will be launching my own business.  What you see above is my shiny new logo!  What will I be offering, you ask?

* Free and paid "how-to" videos for writing, including topics such as self-editing, character creation, the ins-and-outs of self-publishing, marketing, formatting, and a lot more.  Seriously, I have an entire page filled with ideas.  Some videos will be free, while others will be available for a small fee.  

* Affordable editing packages for line, developmental, copy, and content.  I'll also take on blog/websites, theatrical scripts, and articles for editing.  

* Information sessions in which I can help you develop your characters from a psychological level (i.e. if you're writing a character with a mental disability, illness, etc. or even a character that has been severely abused; even some forensic psychology involving the police and criminal procedures).  

* I may also offer graphic packages or "media packets" for individuals who need them for book launches, etc. 

* Book reviews (these will be free, though).

I am starting this business because I know how hard it can be to "go it on your own" in the self-publishing process, especially when you aren't very experienced - or even brand-new to the trade.  Since I love sharing my knowledge and passion with others, I originally began my college career with the plan of becoming a secondary-education teacher.  However, when I learned more about teaching, I decided that the traditional path of teaching was not necessarily the best fit for me.  I enjoy providing a more "one-on-one," individualized approach to learning, which is what I was accustomed to during my years in school.  Something that challenges the status quo and allows people to break out of the gross cookie-cutter mold we're held to in society and become more than 'average.' (What is average, anyway?  Haven't figured that out yet.)

Self-publishing has also exploded in popularity with the increasing pickiness of traditional publishing.  People who have a great book can now get that to the public within a few months instead of begging agents to take a chance on their book for years.  A lot of Christian self-publishers can get their book to the masses without having to deviate or strip their book down (or be refused) simply because their beliefs don't mesh with publishing companies that seek secular views - and these are the people that I want to help the most.  

That's why I decided to deviate off-course from my life plan and begin this business.

I want to help fellow writers succeed, whether they're teens or in their sixties.  I want to help you, reader, learn all that you can about the business so that you can translate the dreams in your head to something tangible.  The feeling of holding your book for the first time is awe-inspiring.  My services will be affordable whether it's your first publication or your hundredth.  I'm hoping to use my (future, as of May 4, 2019) Bachelor of Arts in English / Minor in Psychology to serve you and help you achieve your dreams.

This is my manifesto - I believe....

* That we learn from mistakes.  If your first draft is horrible and messy, it's the best place to start for learning and improvement.  

* Being unique is the beauty in being an artist - you needn't fit a mold to succeed. 

* A good, sweet, pure story is good for the head and the heart.

* Today is a blessing.  If you weren't here tomorrow, what would you regret not having done?

* That we shouldn't let our dreams die.  We've been given them for a reason.

* That if we have an idea, we should foster it.  Even if it touches just one person, it's worth it.

* Nothing feels quite as nice than a job well done. 

In the coming weeks, you'll be hearing quite a bit about the business.  I'm also thinking about a blog tour.  I don't have any specific details up on here yet due to busyness-  but I'll let you know when more info is available!  If you have a book that you think will be ready for editing after NaNo April, though, feel free to contact me (there's a little envelope button above my profile picture, which you can click to send an email) and I'll iron out the details for you!  

If you're interested in keeping abreast with updates from this blog as well as the new biz, make sure to follow my business account on Instagram (it's different than my personal one and is public for all to see -- Tangled Up In Writing).

Does this sound interesting to you?  Are there any services you'd like to see offered later on?