On top of offering services through my company, Tangled Up In Writing, I am also a Service Provider through Kellyn Roth and Angela R. Watts' Reveries Co.!  Click HERE to learn more.  

If you would like to request any of my services whatsoever, please fill out this initial form (HERE) and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.  Please read all of the information below, or at least the section pertaining to the service that you would like to use.  Thank you!

**These services do not guarantee success in selling, positive reviews, etc.  I am available to help you create great characters, polish a great novel, or make cohesive graphics suited to your needs and style, but in no way does that guarantee an overnight bestseller.  

Michaela gave amazing tips for building my plot and came to the rescue with grammar issues.  I would recommend Michaela to anyone in need of a punctual editor!

- ANGELA R. WATTS, author of Emmanuel 

I offer consultations and research services!
Do you have questions about psychological conditions and how to write them?  Why does your character act a certain way?  Are you writing the next psychological thriller, or does your character have a disability?  I can help you write a realistic character through author consults!

When emailing, please explain your idea or your character's behaviors, and I will assist you in creating and writing the character.  I have done hours of research about psychology, human behaviors, abnormal psychology, social psychology, and forensic psychology (which is the psychology behind criminal activity and police procedures).  There are a handful of textbooks and scholarly sources from which I reference.  I also have extensive experience with disabilities and the challenges that arise from these challenges.  I offer one-week consultations, during which you can ask as many questions and send as many emails as necessary; after the week is over, the service will end.  We can cover questions about certain conditions, snippets of your manuscript to check for cohesiveness, etc. and questions you may have concerning behaviors or medicines, therapies, etc.
Flat rate of $20, payment expected up front.

Researching is also something that I deeply enjoy.  I know how to hunt down the best resources, factual information, and so forth: something that is increasingly difficult on the World Wide Web.  If you are writing about a certain time period, a certain crime, or anything in general, but don't have the time or desire to complete a lot of research, feel free to hire me!  I will dig for the information you need, then type up a document with as many details as needed, including citations that are MLA-formatted.  $30 per week; payment expected up front at the beginning of each week.

Line Editing: Focus at the sentence and paragraph level; it is concerned with how the story is communicated to the reader.
Copy Editing: Focus on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other errors, as well as proper style (AP, APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.)
Content Editing:  Focuses on all aspects - development, presentation, theme, plot, characters, audience, and so forth.

$4.00/1000 words for over 50,000 words.
$20 flat rate for short stories under 3,000 words; $40 flat rate for short stories between 3,000 and 10,000 words.

Proofreading: Essentially the final polish for your manuscript, a proofreader focuses on typos and punctuation errors.  $2.00/1,000 words.

Manuscript Critique: A manuscript critique won't edit your novel for you, but it will give you crucial feedback by a reader from the perspective of a writer.  You will receive a feedback sheet filling you in on the strengths and weaknesses in your novel and writing style, as well as some tips on how to improve your book. 
Flat rates: $60 for novels (word count over 40,000 words), $40 for novellas (word count above 17,500 and below 40,000), $30 for novelettes (word count above 7,500 and 17,500) and $15 for hort stories (word count below 7,500). 

When editing, I keep an eagle-eye out for the following:
Clarity, spelling, grammar, typographical errors, cohesiveness, awkward transitions, and plot.  On Word 2007, I use the "track changes" feature and add comments throughout for thoughts and suggestions.  This way, you can confirm or reject changes as you see fit.  Of course, you have the final say over your project!  I also use a similar process through Google Docs, and am comfortable with using either program.

When you contact me initially, please include the first three chapters of your book, or the first twenty pages - whichever comes first.  I will edit these for free and on a trial basis.  Next, I will send them back to you; this way, we can ensure that we're a good match for editing.  Once this is confirmed, I will send you a contract that you may sign digitally.  Payment is expected before the project is over, and I also require that 25% of the total is paid up-front after the contract is signed.  I will send an invoice for this.  Please keep this in mind!

I specialize in Christian fiction, but will accept screenwriting, speeches, website/blog content, articles, and clean fiction (no explicit sex or heavy language.  I'm okay with violence).

I value honesty, professionalism, and integrity.  Because of this, I will not edit school essays - that is illegal.  I reserve the right to reject a manuscript or project for any reason.  This may include content, time restraints, and so on.

Please ensure that your manuscript is formatted in 12pt Times New Roman, double-spaced, with chapters beginning on new pages.  Page numbers are not required but appreciated.

I know and, in the past, have closely followed style guides for MLA, Chicago, and AP formats.

I have experience editing my own books, working for the Clarion Call News for one semester, and projects from Reveries Co.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude (Latin honors) in May 2019 from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in English.  Throughout my college career, I always received very high grades in editing, writing, and literary analysis.

Need graphics for your blog, website, or social media?  Let me design some great graphics for you!  I use Photoshop, GIMP, and (coming soon) the paid Canva program to design graphics that are just your style and maintain your branding.  I offer the following:

Blog headers and dividers: $2/each
Profile picture set optimized for most social media websites: $30
Social media posts for announcements, sales, etc.: $10

I can create graphics for Blogger, Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Payment is required before the final products (i.e. without the watermark) are sent to you; I also require 25% of the final total after the contract is signed, and I'm happy to send a portfolio of my work to you for samples of what I do.  If you have any material that you have paid for, or want a font, photo, etc. that is paid, I request that you purchase these and then email them over so I can create your graphics; this way, you will hold the commercial license for the image(s).

Releasing a book soon?  I offer media packets to make your release go seamlessly!
What's included:

A set of compelling selling phrases (created based on your book blurb, which I ask that you send to me)

A set of five graphics optimized for most social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Blogger or Wordpress).  These may include quotes, Bible verses important to your book, reviews, or announcements - if you would like quotes placed on any of them, please send me the quotes you're thinking about!

A set of three graphics optimized for most social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Blogger or Wordpress).  These present the book cover, a Kindle with the book cover, and one with both, as well as the release date.

Links to your Goodreads and Amazon pages for your book

Ordering information

A selection of reviews that have been trimmed for sharing on social media (if your book has reviews from ARC readers)

A set of hashtags that you can use for social media exposure

A set of phrases to use for social media

All in one neat, tidy bundle!  $60.00 flat fee, expected before the packet is sent back to you.

I accept books for reviews!  They are completely free; when I review a book, I will post about it on my blog as well as social media and Goodreads.  Talk about exposure! 

If you would like to request a review from me, please fill out the form linked HERE, read it and fill it out carefully, and I'll be in touch with you as soon as possible!