Introduction to Project B

Friday, September 30, 2022

 Hey everyone! So...if you follow me on Instagram, you may or may not have caught a few random Insta stories mentioning "Project B." I will be revealing more about this project very soon. But since I've said next to nothing about the book itself, I've decided to give a brief teaser for what you can expect. AND while we're at it...shall we play a game? 

(credit: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2014)

1. It's a sequel to something already written 
2. It's my first Christmassy story
3. The book title is two words long and the first letter is a B. The last word is two letters long
4. It's a novella
5. Briefly involves Victorian carolers

Okay. So, since that is probably clear as mud, you can also peruse this playlist HERE. There are a couple songs that should match up to another playlist of mine. That's a dead giveaway, my dears ;) 

So, what's the "shall we play a game?" portion of this? Well, if you keep reading, you'll find the link to a Google Form where you can submit your best guesses: What is "Project B" the sequel to (or in other words, what's the title of book 1)? And if you're feeling dangerous, what do you think the real title is? 

If you're correct for either guess, you'll receive an ebook copy of said sequel once it's polished. If you're correct for BOTH guesses, you'll receive ebooks of both books. 

That being said...Good luck and have fun!

Click HERE to submit your answers! 
Entries are due October 13th.

One last thing: a little aesthetic collage.

(credit to Pinterest artists, Clinton Sammy Jr., Seyda, et al)


Thursday, September 22, 2022

Hey everyone! I'm sharing a review for an impactful book I had the privilege of reviewing, Judgment Call by E.B. Roshan! This one deals with some pretty difficult topics surrounding forgiveness, and it just dives right into the hard stuff -- it doesn't toy with the "I forgave this horrific criminal in a single moment because it's easy" fluff we see so often in fiction. It doesn't make light of what we're called to do as Christians. It shows a very realistic struggle. And...oof, guys. I'm still mulling it over (and those are the kind of books that I adore). Anyway, onward for more info and the review!


Kiva is handsome, generous, and very much in love with recently-widowed Preen Enda. But the thought of becoming his wife fills her with dread—especially when men from her past—men who know too much—begin appearing in her peaceful town. It's only a matter of time before her secrets are revealed.

If Kiva learns the truth about what happened to Preen's first husband, will he still want to become her second?

An easy five star.

If you enjoy clean dystopians with a fresh setting and compelling arguments, this one will be a quick read. I started it intending to read a couple chapters, then ended up finishing it within a couple hours because I couldn't put it down. The characters are easy to  sympathize with, the settings well-written, and the theme and main struggle in the story is VERY compelling and thought-provoking. Without spoilers, it's something that makes you set the book down for a moment and ask yourself what you'd do in their shoes, because it's the type of impossible situation that worms its way into reality so often. I was impressed by the thought and planning that Roshan placed into this main theme, plus how the situation evolved throughout the story -- very, very well done. Finally, the story is fast-paced even when we're not in an actual action scene. 

Have you read any of the Shards of Sevia books yet? 

SIGNED PAPERBACKS: $5-and-$10 Sale!

Monday, September 19, 2022

 Hey everyone! 
Since I'm redoing the office space I have, and in order to make way for some new releases, I'm having a "five-and-ten" sale. Now would be a great time to get some early Christmas shopping done! (OR treat that TBR.) 
The sale runs from September 19 through October 1st. I'm only able to ship to the U.S., sorry!

SO -- if you would like to order anything below, please fill out the form HERE, or HERE for Makenzie Gray. Eligible books ordered will automatically be discounted from the rates listed on the form! Scroll to check out a list of titles and discounts available. The prices INCLUDE shipping, tax, etc. 

(Just take a sec to gaze upon that takes up almost the entire shelf height) 

Everything I Never Said
Everything And Nothing
everything i became
Beautiful Chaos (Mount Sterling 1)
Something New (Mount Sterling 2)
Keeping Cassie  (Mount Sterling 3)
Those With Ears (Midnight Hour Series 1) (Makenzie Gray)

Tales From The Tower Anthology
The Depths We'll Go To Anthology (Makenzie Gray)
Where Giants Fall Anthology 
Let Them Hear (Midnight Hour Series 2) (Makenzie Gray)
Poetry Collection (all three poetry books listed above)

AND, since I'll be making an order to KDP soon, there are a few more options I'd like to point out!

Ordered By Request
Back To Me (PREORDER, releasing Oct 25) $15.00 each
Faith, Hope, and Love Vol 1 (2021 release) $15.00 each (sale price)
The Lady of Lanaria hardcover $15.00 each (sale price)
The Lady of Lanaria paperbacks for $10 each

Questions? Feel free to let me know anytime!


Thursday, September 8, 2022


So, guys...*sigh* I did a thing. 
(Actually, I'm doing several things but I can only tell you about this one right now) 
(If you want a hint at one of the things I can't tell you yet, read the full description of Back To Me)

Since I've been having intermittent (and persistent) internet issues, and thanks to my amazing formatter who sent the files back before I expected them, I decided it would be best to schedule Back To Me for preorder now instead of in three weeks' time. 

October 25th is the official release date. The paperbacks will be available that week, but if you're a Kindle kinda person, now's your chance to grab a copy. I am also offering a preorder discount: until release day, the Kindle price will be $0.99. October 26th, the price will jump to $2.99 -- which is still a pretty great price. BUT if you like Christian contemporary novels and books that cost less than a dollar, you'll want to preorder. 

Click HERE to do just that!

If you do choose to preorder, you can click HERE to submit your info and receive a preorder goody package release week. I have very limited quantities of everything except signed bookplates, so you'll want to jump on this soon! Through this form, you can ALSO get your preorder reserved for signed paperbacks, if that's your preference and you want to jump on the preorder goodies.