When God says Wait…

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

 So today’s post is a bit out of left field, but it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot on. And I know a lot of people who are in the same boat right now with various struggles or matters of waiting, so I thought I’d share. 

I was wrestling a bit the other day with the knowledge that God was telling me to be patient. It’s a pretty normal conversation at this point. I don’t enjoy the topic to begin with, and it feels like this year has been stacked with big things I just have to hurry up and wait on. Instability, things out of my control but I know they’re coming around the bend.

There are books I want to release YESTERDAY. 

Ideas I can’t get to yet.

A horse I want to be done training before I barely started. (That’s a self-induced problem.) 

Business ideas I want to try but can’t just yet. 

And many, many other things personally. There’s a holding pattern right now, one that tells me that a whole lot of things will change soon, but when exactly is soon?

God reminded me of the verse that says He will go before you (Deut. 31:8).

But I’m a very impatient person, and I know a lot of people who are waiting like me. Which is why I’m sharing this. 

So naturally, I was complaining to Him a little bit. “I know I asked for answers and guidance and I got that, but now I’ve gotta WAIT?”

 And He immediately brought to mind several things I need to be cultivating in the meantime. Habits I could improve or lose. Projects He wants me to work on first. Discipline when I’m used to jumping headlong into something once I’ve finished waffling in indecision (which is…often).  And yes. Patience. 

And once I had that mental list down…I just heard in the back of my mind, “Don’t you think I was working on all these things long before you even knew to pray about it?”

That was a bit of a reality check for sure. Because He has. He had it all figured out before we even existed. Sure, we have free will—but He knows what will happen, what we’ll choose. It’s a matter of discernment and obedience now. What He has planned will come to fruition if we follow Him…even if we have to wait. 

Sarah had to wait.

Joseph had to wait. 

Jacob had to wait.

Moses had to wait (and never got to enter the Promised Land).

All of Israel had to wait, over and over again, due to their disobedience — but God was there each time, ready to fulfill His covenant with His people. 

Jesus Himself only began His ministry in the appointed time: which meant about thirty years before the few wild, impactful, dangerous and wonderful years He ministered, healed, discipled the Twelve, and fulfilled His purpose on earth. 

All this to say: Maybe our seasons of “waiting” aren’t just us sitting on our hands. 

Maybe it isn’t scraping by on another lesson on patience that’s quickly discarded next time.

Maybe it’s reflection to become closer to God. Letting go of shackles of fear, depression, insecurity, pride, and a good many other things that keep us back or cause us to be prone to ignoring God’s calling on our life. 

Maybe it’s asking Him what we can improve on in the meantime. Because we all have a laundry list. 

Maybe waiting involves thankfulness…er, it should. Because if God caved and gave us what we begged for before we were ready, or when what we wanted didn’t line up with what He knew we needed…it could have disastrous consequences. Not only for our lives, but for the lives of others we might be witnessing to. Maybe waiting protects us too.

Maybe it’s having the faith to trust that God will bring to fruition His perfect will, and the holding pattern is equal parts “Peace, be still” and getting ourselves right so we’re ready to say “Here I am,” when God says it’s time.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Book Sale Bash!

Sunday, November 19, 2023

 An epic list of indie author sales! If you're looking to load up that Kindle, now's the time to grab some epic reads. There are also a few paperback sales listed here! Click the book title to go straight to the sale page, and don't forget to click the author's name to check out their social media.


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(Christian Fantasy; negative portrayals of alcoholism, drug use, off-page sexual immorality, demon possession/rituals and PG-13 level violence. Follow M.H. Elrich on Goodreads, plus Instagram and Facebook under @mhelrichbooks.)

The Lady of Lanaria - Michaela Bush - Free 
The Healer of the Brigade - Michaela Bush - Free
The Highlander's Victory - Michaela Bush - $0.99 
(Series depicts violence and portrays witchcraft in a negative light.) 


Guynatomy - Camille Caliman - $1.99 on Black Friday & Cyber Monday
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PAPERBACK: The Strength in Rubble - S. F. Brooke - $12.99 

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Between Us - Michaela Bush - Free
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Nonmagical Fantasy

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A Dance of Rebels - Michaela Bush - $0.99 until November 30th
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Starganauts: Retribution (Starganauts Book Two) - C. E. Stone - $0.99
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Starganauts: Defector (Starganauts Book Three) - C. E. Stone - $0.99 
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Love's New Beginnings  - Penny Zeller - $0.99
Over the Horizon - Penny Zeller - $0.99
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Love from Afar - Penny Zeller - $0.99
Love Unforeseen - Penny Zeller - $0.99
Love Most Certain  - Penny Zeller - $0.99
Freedom's Flight - Penny Zeller - $0.99


Popsicles - Camille Caliman - $1.99 on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

House Blend - Camille Caliman - $1.99 on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Everything I Never Said - Michaela Bush - Free

Everything And Nothing - Michaela Bush - Free

everything i became - Michaela Bush - Free


Monday, November 6, 2023

 Hey everyone!
The laaaaast release of the year. (For me, anyway.) It's been four weeks straight of release days, and I'm beyond blessed to be on that wild ride, but I'm also very thankful to be done, haha. The Highlander's Victory is live on Amazon (paperback and Kindle!) today! Thank you so much for your continued support of the Legends of Lanaria series; I barely marketed this one at all (really dropped the ball, honestly) and still got just about as many preorders as I have for the other books in the series, which was pretty cool. So I appreciate you all!


So what's next?

I have a few fun ideas planned for next year that I'm hard at work on, including once monthly Freelance Fridays which will offer advice on a variety of topics, from building a business to editing and honing your writing craft. I hope to be able to serve folks with encouragement and constructive information to jump-start their own entrepreneurial streak! I also have about 8 (million) WIPs planned out, plotted, and ready to go, which I'll be sharing about very, very soon. Once I catch my breath. But if you enjoy contemporaries, I've got you. If you enjoy historical fantasy, I've got you. If you enjoy grittier fantasy, I've got you too. Dystopian? Mak Gray's got ya. If you enjoy poetry...got'cha. Plus a few more that I have to keep my mouth shut on for now...

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for sales, some pretty exciting stuff coming up Thanksgiving week, and newsletters coming soon! 

COVER REVEAL: Between the Sound and Sea by Amanda Cox!

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

 Hey everyone! Today I'm thrilled to share the cover reveal for Amanda Cox's upcoming novel, Between the Sound and Sea which is coming out August 6, 2024! Check out the blurb and preorder below!


Every family has its secrets. Josephina Harris wouldn't mind if her family still had a few of their own after a lawsuit tarnishes their name. When an opportunity opens to become a temporary keeper of a decommissioned lighthouse on a North Carolina island, she jumps at the chance to escape her small town to oversee its restoration.  


As the work begins, "Joey" discovers strange notes tucked deep in the crevices of the old stone walls--pages torn from a lighthouse keeper's log signed by someone named Mae who recounts harrowing rescues at sea. Fascinated by a woman lighthouse keeper, Joey digs into the past only to discover there's never been a record of a lighthouse keeper by that name.


When things start to go amiss on the island, locals are convinced that it is the ghost of the lighthouse keeper and his daughter who were lost at sea during World War II. As Joey sifts through decades of rumors and legends and puts together the pieces of the past, what emerges is a love story--one that's not over yet.


Multiple Christy Award winner Amanda Cox is your guide upon the raging seas of young love, heartbreaking loss, and learning to risk it all for a chance at happiness in this timeless novel.


And now for the cover!

Isn't that cool?! Let me know what you think in the comments! Have you read any Amanda Cox novels?