Wednesday, November 17, 2021

 Hey everyone! I had the great opportunity to review Iron Walls, a dystopian anthology which was recently published. Among several others, Joshua Reid is an author in this anthology, so I was excited to read his story as well as the rest -- and boy, they don't disappoint. Check out the blurb below to whet your palate and then read my review! 

History shows us the horrors of totalitarianism, but what would a future world under a totalitarian regime look like? These eight tales of dystopia take readers behind the iron walls to answer that question.

Illuminare by Atlas Rose
“Their utopia is his dystopia, but can he find the key to the regime’s cage?”

The Scapekite by Steven E. Scribner
“One old man with a kite and an imagination challenges the company that had bought the world.”

Unbound by Joshua Reid
“He’d been freed, but had he truly escaped?”

Games Reapers Play by Michaela Baker
“A man ripped away from his family years ago must protect a wrongly-accused girl in an arena of death.”

In Pursuit of Independence by Astrid V.J.
“An economist must pull the Haldrian Empire back from the brink of war; it might be the best or worst day of her life.”

The Ones Who Endured by Joanna White
“Is there more to strength than physical power?”

Defiant Flame by Amanda Wrights
“The resistance’s commander must protect a young child from a government that wishes to weaponize her.”

Becoming Captain Torriegh by James Quinlan Meservy
“Nesvik lives in a world where men can only dream of freedom, but he will do anything to make it his reality.”

If you like stories of dystopia with a variety of sub-genres and flavors, then you'll love this collection of eight dystopian tales. Buy Iron Walls now to find out what awaits behind the iron walls.

All proceeds are being donated to Voice of the Martyrs.



Okay, so first, I'm obsessed with the cover, guys. It's gorgeous. Secondly, when a dystopian anthology makes you physically put the book down, not because it's boring, but because it feels so realistic and you have to take it in small doses and steep the story in your brain, you know they've done something right.  And this anthology hits the ball out of the park on that one. This collection has a real 1984 vibe to some of the stories, plus some great original dystopian twists from these phenomenal authors.  It also has a variety of themes and topics that will really grab your attention, which was enjoyable for me. All of the stories flow well together, so it's a great read overall. If you enjoy reading stories that will stretch your brain, make you ask questions about government and societal rules, and if you like books that have a hard-hitting impact on you, this is definitely a great collection to pick up! 

AND make sure you *do* pick up a copy -- all proceeds are donated to VOM, which is super fantastic! 

Do you enjoy reading dystopians? Do you plan on picking up a copy of Iron Walls soon, or have you already? Sound off in the comments!! 

REVIEW: TABOR by Angela R. Watts!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

 Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing a review of Tabor by Angela R. Watts, book 2 of the Remnant Trilogy! This book is releasing tomorrow - Nov 16 - so make sure to snag a preorder copy and then stop by her Instagram to fill out a form for preorder goodies! You're welcome ;) 
Here's a little bit about the book --

Five ragtag friends must close the Rifts between the Realms before an ancient war snuffs out all innocent life for good.

King Finnigan’s kingdom is crumbling—traitors plot in his midst, a witch has fled execution, and enemies attack allied lands. When Rifts form between Golgotha and Mazzabah, the ragtag remnants must close them before the ancient warlock, Shafiq, takes control of the realms.

With darkness engulfing both realms, the group parts ways to seek answers about the histories and what can be done against Shafiq. But what they find changes everything. If they can’t fight the darkness, Mazzabah will be lost, and so will every innocent life left behind. But to survive the ancient war, they need help. And with more help comes more traitors.


Angela R. Watts is bestselling author of The Infidel Books and Golgotha. She lives at Step by Step Sanctuary, Tennessee, where she raises horses, dogs, cats, and snails. She’s been writing stories since she was little, and when she’s not writing, she’s probably drawing or working with her amazing editorial clients.



Well. I was anxious to see what happened next after the first book in the series, Golgotha, and now I'm sitting here waiting with bated breath to figure out what's gonna happen in the next book.  Tabor definitely doesn't disappoint, with high action and heart-stopping scenarios. Not to mention, it takes a deeper dive into the spiritual warfare that is introduced in the first book. It takes a very deep dive, in fact, and that theme of overcoming your demons is even stronger in this one than the last. Harsher circumstances, new characters to get attached to (at your own peril...) and solid themes revolving around fighting for what's right even when it's hard as well as overcoming darkness -- this book has it all and you definitely don't want to miss it. If you're a fan of dark/gritty fantasy, and if you've read the first book already, you'll definitely want to pick this one up. ASAP. 

NEW EP - LONDON EYES by Livy Lynn!

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

 Hey everyone! 
Today I'm mixing it up a bit to share about a new EP that just released today! 

"London Eyes" by Livy Lynn is a sweet, airy song perfect for indie fans, and you can buy a copy of it or stream it across Amazon, Apple, name it! Click HERE to give it a listen!  If you're like me and love to have playlists for your books, this would be perfect for London settings, lighthearted romances, or scenes in which you need a whimsical mood. 

From what I understand, "London Eyes" is just the beginning for this talented gal, so make sure to give her a follow on Instagram HERE to stay up to date on news! (Plus, she has some great books as well, so it's a win-win. Snag some books and then listen to some of her music!) AND if you buy a copy of her song, as always, make sure to leave a review. 

REVIEW: LIGHTS OUT by Natalie Walters!

Friday, November 5, 2021

 Hey everyone! Today I've got a review for Lights Out, Natalie Walters' latest suspense novel. I was like *this* close to not requesting an ARC for this one because I've been so busy lately, but I'm SO glad I did get a copy. This one will take the crown for the best suspense I've read this year. Before I get into the review, though, check out some info about the book and Walters. 


CIA analyst Brynn Taylor developed a new program to combat terrorism, and she invited members of foreign intelligence agencies to America to foster cooperation between countries. Now one of them, Egyptian spy Remon Riad, is missing.

Jack Hudson has been working for the Strategic Neutralization and Protection Agency (SNAP) for almost nine years and takes the lead in hunting down the missing spy. But he isn't at all pleased to find out Brynn is involved. It's hard to trust a woman who's already betrayed you.

Every lead they follow draws them dangerously deeper into an international plot. Kidnapping, murder, explosions, poisoning--the terrorists will do anything to accomplish their goal of causing a digital blackout that will blind a strategic US military communications center and throw the world into chaos.

Can Brynn surrender control to a man who doesn't trust her? And can Jack ever get over what she did to him? The fate of the world--and their hearts--hangs in the balance.



Natalie Walters is the author of Lights Out, as well as the Harbored Secrets series. A military wife, she currently resides in Texas with her soldier husband and is the proud mom of three. She loves traveling, spending time with her family, and connecting with readers on Instagram and Facebook. Learn more at


W o w. That's all I can say.  This is a new and refreshing story idea, and I'm all-in. Walters very artfully weaves together high-stakes suspense with relatable characters and thought-provoking themes on the lengths we'll go for our jobs...or the people we love.  Lights Out has a memorable cast of characters, and I really can't wait to read more about characters like Kekoa and the rest of the SNAP team.  (Trust me, you'll love Kekoa.)  Brynn's easy to relate to and you really end up rooting for her -- and you'll probably love Jack, too. Their relational dynamic is just perfectly done, and it was fun to read as well. Not to mention, Walters weaves great Christian themes into the story with a good amount of care and thoughtfulness, which is refreshing to see. And as a side-note, the pop culture references are absolutely perfect. My goodness. 

Basically, if you've read any of Walters' other books, you'll absolutely adore this book. If you're a fan of Christian suspense, you need to pick this one up. Now if you don't mind, I'll be waiting impatiently in the corner for book 2 of the SNAP series...

Have you read any of Natalie Walters' books before? Do you plan on picking up Lights Out? Let me know in the comments!