What I've Been Up To + Launch, Anyone??

Monday, May 20, 2019

Hey everyone!  You might've noticed that I haven't written anything about my books or life lately (or maybe not; no grudges held).  I've been largely absent because of college.  I finally graduated with a B.A. in English earlier this month, which was cool.  This was the first graduation ceremony I've participated in, because even though I could have gone to my cyber school's graduation, I didn't want to -- so I didn't.  I think my exact words were "education made compulsory by the government isn't worth celebrating" so I did the college commencement ceremony instead.  It's kind of weird because all of the things I should've done for my high school graduation I skipped and saved for my college graduation -- walking in commencement, doing a grad party, etc - but hey.  I'm a pretty upside-down-and-backwards person. 

For now I'm in this buffer zone where I'm incredibly busy catching up on things I let slide while writing a 20 page seminar on sensibility in Sense And Sensibility versus The Corinthian.  Oof.  Now I want to write some Regency romance. 

I'm also hoping to get Guide Me Home published this summer.  I need to get crackin' on the draft, but I'm determined to get it out of my head and onto paper.  I'm really excited about this one; an ending imagined before the first book was even done.  That being said, I'll be on the lookout for beta readers to nitpick this baby once it's done, so keep your eyes peeled for a signup form! 

That isn't the launch I'm excited about right now, though. 

I've mentioned my own business a couple of times this year, but the time has finally come.  That little "SERVICES" link at the top of the page?  Click that.  Or HERE.  I am now open for business!!! I'm so pumped for this journey, and while I'm still ironing out the deets for some awesome giveaways/a bash for the official launch of my business, all I can say is...keep your eyes peeled!


I've almost reached 10,000 views on this blog!!  *flailing arms* Can you believe it?  I can't.  So to the folks crazy enough to come back to read my stuff not once, or twice, but enough to rack up 10k views: you are awesome and I love you 3000.  I'll be planning some sort of 10k celebration as well, which I'm hoping will coincide with my Memorial Day sales (which will be posted sometime this week).  So...can we get 169 views by next Monday?!

What are you up to?  Any fun plans for the summer?  Do you like Regency fiction?  I'm legitimately curious about writing Regency fic...


  1. Congratulations on your graduation! Yayy I can't wait for Guide Me Home, and I'm so pumped about your new author services :D Very exciting.