Thursday, April 9, 2020

Hey everyone!  I'm super excited to share this post today.  This is another book that I'm gladly adding to my "insta-buy TBR" list, and I can't wait for its release.  The synopsis is fantastic, the cover is breathtaking, and...all I can say is that it's going to be awesome.  Without further ado, I'm excited to share the cover of Kara Linaburg's upcoming novel, The Crownless King!


She won't meet her worst enemy on the battlefield...
War is brewing and the kingdom of Sindaleer is torn as the Knights of Norcir draw the folk to their side. When Sabriel, a specially Gifted, pledges her blood to their cause, she is ready to give all to bring the peace her leader promises. She understands Tirich's deep hatred toward the king, and has prepared for this moment nearly all her life.
But when her identity as a Knight is discovered by the childhood friend who betrayed her years ago, Sabriel's plans for justice come toppling down. Now distracted by what once was, Sabriel fights to hold onto what she's believed to be true for so long. 

Nick never forgot the red-headed lass of years past, but she's not the friend he remembers. As enemies connected by their past take opposing sides on the battlefield, Nick refuses to believe what she's become. 
Voices in Sabriel's head warning her she'll never succeed and loyalties torn, she begins to realize that all is not as it seems. Tirich's power is growing stronger, and she fears she was wrong about the good she once saw in him. The concluding book following The Broken Prince, reminds us of the inner wars we all face, and what it means to rise from the ashes when all hope feels lost. 

The Crownless King, coming September 2020.

Purchase Kara Linaburg's debut story, The Broken Prince, on Amazon HERE.

(Can I just take a moment here to say how awesome this cover is?!  It's absolutely gorgeous, and goes along so well with the cover for The Broken Prince, too.)


If you combined Lucy Ricardo, Jo March, and would have Kara. Queen of awkward, writer before she could properly spell, and maker of imaginary humans, she is passionate about creating characters that display beauty in brokenness.

Kara took to blogging as a teenager, words soon becoming one of her greatest passions. When she’s not being a mad scientist in the kitchen or daydreaming about her next adventure, she loves to connect with readers. She lives in West Virginia where country roads always take her home.
You can feel free to stalk her blog where she rambles weekly.


Are you planning on reading The Crownless Prince when it comes out later this year?  What did you think of The Broken Prince?  

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