Monday, August 31, 2020

Hey everyone!  I've got a short and sweet review for The Half Glass Girl by Julie Mozart, which just so happens to be releasing today!  I already got my preorder in and I'm excited to re-read this book again.  I was on the ARC team and, if I remember correctly, the beta as well, and this book is so memorable and entertaining that I just...wanna keep reading it over and over again.  I think you will too.

 The Half Glass Girl by [Julie Mozart]
Mackenzie Quail is a pessimist. When she finds herself on a list of volunteers for an obscure charity, she, in all sarcasm, can't wait. A month of living in a creepy old house with happy homeschoolers more numerous than rats and life changing secrets around every corner. What could go wrong?
The Half Glass Girl is a debut Christian fantasy by teen author Julie Mozart.


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I was floored to realize that this novel was a debut.  With gorgeous illustrations scattered here and there, crisp prose, and an impeccable plot, it's got to be one of the best debuts in the whole universe.  It's a perfect blend of fantasy and reality, which makes you think you could really find what Mackenzie Quail finds in the typical basement.  The narrator, Mackenzie, has a sharp sense of humor, and the entire cast of characters is memorable and completely lovable.  Once you're drawn into this book, it's hard to put it down and, y'know, do normal life stuff (stupid real world...).  Get ready for a book hangover when you pick this one up.  

It has a touch of fantasy, a bit of mystery (of mythical proportions) and some very down-to-earth, heartfelt discussions and themes.  The world that Mozart describes in her novel is completely believable from start to finish, and it has quite a few plot twists, too.  You'll laugh.  You might just cry.  And then you'll go back and re-read it again because it's just that good.

Do you plan on reading The Half Glass Girl?