REVIEW: SUMMONED by Megan Brown!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Hey everyone!  Since today is the national day of prayer here in the U.S., I thought it would be a good time to share my review of a new study book from Moody Publishers, Summoned, which covers the story of Esther.  It definitely rejects the status quo for what we're used to hearing from this story, and it most certainly sheds light on some of the things we refuse to see in Esther's story (as well as what goes on societally today), including how God can and will use even the most horrific, ungodly situations - whether that's human trafficking and sex slavery or genocide.  It's definitely an impactful study.    


Encounter the fullness of God’s grace, the power of His promises, and the beauty of His faithfulness—all through the life of one woman: Esther.

In a time when the world around her seemed to crumble, a young Hebrew girl found herself in a unique position to help save her people—and to encounter the greatness of our ever-faithful God. In Summoned, you’ll enter the story of Esther—her calling, pain, and role in God’s ultimate plan for salvation—and see how God is always working in the lives of His people, even when He seems distant. Through this 8-week, interactive study, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation for God’s Word and begin to see that stepping out in faith for His glory is often the first step to encountering His redeeming love.



Megan B. Brown is a new and upcoming author, a Christian speaker, and a military missionary. She is passionate about equipping the United States military community to carry the redemptive story of Jesus to the four corners through radical hospitality, sound biblical teaching, and community discipleship.


Megan is the author of Summoned: Answering a Call to the Impossible, releasing in May 2021 by Moody Publishers and the Managing Editor for Brave Women, Strong Faith- an anthology collection of stories written by military women and wives.


While Megan loves writing- books, blogs, and articles- Megan also enjoys traveling around the country speaking at ministry events, retreats, conferences, and churches.

Megan is scheduled to graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Ministry Leadership, with a focus in Women's Ministry and Preaching Concentrations, from Moody Bible Institute in May 2021. 



This is a very interesting study and is excellent either for personal or group use.  Brown goes through the entire book of Esther, drawing cultural and contextual information to bring a much clearer picture of the story most Christians have known since childhood.  She also presents some great suggestions for building Bible study skills.  While there were a couple aspects I wish had been clarified a bit more in the book, the study overall is very interesting and compelling.  It's definitely not the "Esther" we're used to -- and that's a fresh breath of air.  In this study, Brown calls for the rejection of clean, softened "cultural Christianity" for the sake of growing closer to God with a more concise knowledge of the Bible and how God works through all things -- how His hand is in everything.  Definitely good for a women's study!

Do you plan on picking up a copy of Summoned?  What are some of your favorite Bible study methods?