Sunday, March 6, 2022


Today I'm excited to share the blurb for Abigayle Claire's Behind The Act! This is a book that I've been so so excited to read, and it's coming June 17, 2022! SOON! 
*stops to add it to my growing wish-list of 2022 releases* 

You can already shelf it on Goodreads HERE, and you can also consider signing up to be a reviewer -- HERE!

But for right now, check out the blurb:

The predictable lull of Tiffany Burch’s small-town existence is making her stir-crazy. At the news that her town is going to be a filming location—and local acting talent is needed—she takes a leap to follow in her dead mother’s footsteps as an actress.

Tragedies from Tiffany’s past and present seem to indicate the timing is right, and so she leaves everything from her boyfriend to her shelter dog all for the dream of stardom. Yet as her success grows, so do her anxiety and disillusionment.

As her rise to fame is jeopardized by yet another tragedy, Tiffany returns home. There she must unravel who she really is: the girl her town remembers, the face on the posters, or the still-distraught woman behind the act. Doesn't that sound good?! Are you excited to read Behind The Act? Let me know in the comments!

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