Thursday, September 8, 2022


So, guys...*sigh* I did a thing. 
(Actually, I'm doing several things but I can only tell you about this one right now) 
(If you want a hint at one of the things I can't tell you yet, read the full description of Back To Me)

Since I've been having intermittent (and persistent) internet issues, and thanks to my amazing formatter who sent the files back before I expected them, I decided it would be best to schedule Back To Me for preorder now instead of in three weeks' time. 

October 25th is the official release date. The paperbacks will be available that week, but if you're a Kindle kinda person, now's your chance to grab a copy. I am also offering a preorder discount: until release day, the Kindle price will be $0.99. October 26th, the price will jump to $2.99 -- which is still a pretty great price. BUT if you like Christian contemporary novels and books that cost less than a dollar, you'll want to preorder. 

Click HERE to do just that!

If you do choose to preorder, you can click HERE to submit your info and receive a preorder goody package release week. I have very limited quantities of everything except signed bookplates, so you'll want to jump on this soon! Through this form, you can ALSO get your preorder reserved for signed paperbacks, if that's your preference and you want to jump on the preorder goodies. 

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