Monday, October 24, 2022

 Hey everyone! Today is Back To Me's book birthday! I've been a mix of excited, in awe, and absolutely scared sick since mid-September over this, lol. I'm pleased with it, and I'm so thankful that it's out in the world, not to mention the sweet feedback I've gotten from reviewers and the support I've had from friends and family through the entire writing process. But on the other hand, it's still weird. It's out there now. But I'm glad that it is, and it's all finished up and I can pursue other stories now.

Paperbacks and Kindle copies available HERE -- and the $0.99 Kindle price will be going up effective tomorrow, so grab a copy soon! If you ordered a signed paperback from me, they'll be coming soon! 
Shelf it on Goodreads HERE.
Now, for the surprise. 
I always wanted to do Bridget's story in a duology, but gave up on the idea a few months before publication (which was annoying. Covers had to be changed, people. Book descriptions altered. The powers that be had to vet changes to Goodreads logs. UGH.) ....And then within a week, I had an idea. Within a week and a half, I had the second draft of a novella clocking in at 28,000 words. 
It's the fastest I've ever written a book (which is good, because covers had to be changed again. Book descriptions altered AGAIN. The powers that be are probably wondering what kind of nutcase I am, but I'll join them in that question). And then I had to keep my mouth shut about the whole thing, which was terrible. So, on Back To Me's release date, I'm announcing the other little project that is close to my heart in a happier way. 

Between Us is the sequel novella, a Christmas story celebrating found family and the power of testimony. 


There's a lot between us.

As Christmas bells ring, so do wedding bells for Nick and Bridget. Yet, something is off. Between frustration with the guest list, eerily familiar work with her recovery group,  and whispers of Bridget's past threatening to break back to the forefront, it's time to put her ghosts to rest and celebrate her future. Can she persevere, or will she stumble and fall?

A novella celebrating found family, selfless love, and the power of testimony.

The second book in THE BRIDGE DUOLOGY.

Goodreads & Amazon preorder links coming soon. 

AND since we're already this deep into announcing things, how about a cover? And a snippet? 

Now, when is this releasing? Since it's a Christmas book, it's a December release. When I got pummeled with ideas and concepts and themes and ideas on how to write it, I prayed for guidance to write the thing in the next two years, and asked for guidance so that whenever December 13 would be on a Tuesday, I'd be able to release it then. And then I took a look at the calendar for this year, and...well, well, well. 

December 13th is a Tuesday this year. 

*Maniacal laughing has entered the chat.* 
*Carpal tunnel has also entered the chat.* 
*Sanity has left the chat.* (Okay so that one left a long time ago.) 

Why December 13? I originally wanted to honor the day by releasing Back To Me then, but October felt like a better time. BTM is more of a summer-into-fall story. So when Between Us came up, it made sense to write a Christmassy story and release it in December, even though that's probably one of the dumbest strategies I've ever employed because paperbacks won't arrive in time for Christmas, people will be busy with other things, and December is generally considered the worst time ever to release a book. But December 13th marks two years since I embarked on this journey -- my own, not Bridget's. It marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. So...stay tuned!

So tell me -- are you surprised? Have you ordered Back To Me yet? Excited for Between Us? Let me know in the comments!

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