Thursday, December 1, 2022

Hey everyone! Today I have a review for Tyler Scott Hess' newest book, The Man Who Hated Christmas, just in time for the Christmas reading season! Check it out and order it soon -- it's available now!



He was the man who hated Christmas.

She was desperate for a fresh start.

Together they must do what it takes to save North Bethlehem from disaster.

Natalia Novak knew she needed to make a change. But when she takes a risk in leaving the big city of Anakim in search of a new life, she finds there is more for her to do than just survive in North Bethlehem—Natalia must help save their Christmas from falling apart.

Kasper Runo had everything a person could want in North Bethlehem. The shops were his, the buildings were his, and just about everyone was under his employ. But Christmas was coming, and everyone knew that was the time of year he hated most.

It was no secret that North Bethlehem’s Christmas market drove the town’s economy. When it appears it will all fall apart if someone doesn’t step in, Natalia must help Kasper take over the Christmas market to save the town, and themselves, from imminent calamity upon them all.

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I absolutely loved this story. It's a quick read, with deeply impactful themes of healing, faith, and just a little bit of mystery sprinkled in as well. By "quick read," I mean you won't want to put it down because, first of all, the Christmas vibes will suck you in and wrap you up in a fuzzy blanket with candy canes and cocoa, and second of all, you REALLY want to root for the characters. There's just enough humor sprinkled throughout, and it's easy to become attached to the main characters -- plus that butler!! If you've read any of Hess' other works, especially Christmas in Pineville (which has become one of my all-time favorite Christmas reads), you'll love this book. If you enjoy Hallmark, the Christmas season, and books tinted with mystery that have a happy ending, you'll want to read it.

This is a great, clean story for just about anyone, with everything you love about Christmas stories, but you'll also leave the story having learned something.

(Plus, that cover!!!! It's so pretty!!!) 

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