Saturday, September 9, 2023

 Hey everyone! Today I have a cover reveal for The Unanswered Questions hardcover by Lauren D. Fulter! If you haven't read the series yet, you HAVE to, especially if you love sci-fi, clean and wholesome fiction, and YA books to beat all YA books. But if you want to wait for the hardcover to release, I don't blame you... ;) 


It’s 340 years in the future. Humanity’s darkest secret is reawakening, and the only thing that can stop it is to find the Members of the legendary Council. The problem? They’re all teenagers.

With no memories of how she got there, Nikki stumbles into the small rural region of North Cordell, with nothing by her name and only a glowing green Stone. She intends to listen to the Stone’s instructions to stay safe and out of sight, but a light blinking in the mountain calls to her. 

Winding up trapped in the woods during a storm with five other teens, they’re attacked by people in capes and supernatural abilities. 

Saved by the mysterious Defending Sergeant, and accused of a ridiculous crime, they have on chance to prove their innocence. With everyone against them, the six reluctant friends must put their differences aside and embrace the truth of their destiny against the very nature of which they know. 

Now check out that cover!

AND even more exciting, the hardcover will be an illustrated edition! Check out this sneak peek!

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