Tuesday, January 23, 2024

 Hey all! Today I'm sharing the title reveal for Midnight Hour Book 5! 

If you haven't caught up on the series yet, check it out HERE.

This will be the final main installment of the series, which is incredibly bittersweet. HOWEVER, I have many many plans to add supplemental books--ones you don't have to read to grasp the rest of the series, but they're there for folks who want to read more--following some minor characters, the major cast, and maybe even a few new faces. I'm also toying with a new series set in the thousand years Christ reigns on Earth mentioned in Revelation. So this certainly won't be the last you'll see of the crew.

I'm too attached to them now to let them go just yet. xD

But without further ado...Until Kingdom Come will arrive this year. I'm hoping for a summer release, but I haven't ironed out the exact date yet. 

Oh, you're still here? I didn't suggest that you needed to stay any longer. But since you have...


War is coming. Persecution has arrived. The New Beginning is a breath away.

In the aftermath of the worst natural disaster the world has seen, the survivors must persevere. Safety is no longer a guarantee for Marked and Unmarked alike, creating a deadly scramble to simply survive. As Tarik Azrael prepares for the war to end all wars, anyone without a Mark is gunned down for a reward: simple provisions to live another day. Desperation breeds dangerous insanity. 

While the final violent birthing pangs of the Second Coming rock the world, Tikvah and her motley family makes one last radical attempt to follow the Sealed man's orders and serve Adonai. The cost will be steep. But the battle will be won. 

We all look up to the clouds. 
Take a breath that catches.
And fall to our knees in awe...

UNTIL KINGDOM COME is the final installment of the Midnight Hour series. 

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