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 Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing about an incredibly important nonfiction book by Jessica Lewis, Don't Bypass Red Flags: Identifying the Signs of Drug Abuse in a Loved One's Life and Knowing When to Walk Away. It's a new release from January, and it's so, so important. I had the opportunity to not only work with Jessica Lewis on editing, but I also had the opportunity to read a review copy! Read on to learn more about the book.


"This book will be so impactful for those dealing with similar situations." ARC Reader.

When I married the love of my life, thought my happily ever after began once my husband lifted my veil at the altar. Yet, a few months into our marriage, a startling revelation uncovered his double life—filled with deceit, drugs, and unimaginable betrayal. The merging of his secret world with our shared life unveiled the stark truth about his priorities and lifestyle.

In Don’t Bypass Red Flags, I share my journey, intertwining memoir and self-help elements. This book delves into the red flags I overlooked during my relationship with a drug addict, incorporating biblical scripture to offer glimpses of hope amid the chaos.

Structured into three pivotal sections—identifying red flags, prioritizing safety, and finding hope in the unknown—this book goes beyond merely recognizing drug addiction. It guides readers through the aftermath, providing essential tools for those in relationships with addicts or seeking healing from toxic connections. These tools empower individuals to reclaim control over lives that were once overwhelmed by the madness of this lifestyle.

In a time when drug use and addiction are soaring in America, Don’t Bypass Red Flags emerges as a timely guide. It stands as an encouragement for those who resonate with my story, offering solace, understanding, and practical insights.



From the book -- "Jessica Lewis's story is a powerful testament to resilience and the transformative power of faith. By sharing her journey of being married to a drug addict, Jessica not only sheds light on the struggles she faced but also aims to empower others who may be dealing with similar challenges. As a licensed athletic trainer with experience in various settings, Jessica brings a unique perspective to her ministry work. Her background in health and sports, coupled with her newfound focus on ministry, allows her to approach empoewrment from a holistic standpoint. The debut of her book, Don't Bypass Red Flags, suggests a candid and insightful exploration of recognizing warning signs and navigating the complexities of relationships with individuals struggling with addiction. Through her writing, Jessica aims to guide individuals in recognizing their self-worth, establishing healthy boundaries, and finding strength in moments of despair by relying on the promises of God. Jessica lives in Central Florida with her two sons. Her life is a blend of her parrion for ministry, love for literature, and commitment to family. Her interests include reading self-help and poetry books, writing, visiting the beach, and spending quality time with loved ones." 

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This book is so, so important. With practical insights on how to identify red flags common to drug abuse--and more subliminal flags that might be otherwise missed--this is critically important as drug abuse rises worldwide. Paired with Lewis's personal story of escaping an abusive relationship, this book will be a necessary eye-opener, comfort, and guide for those who are impacted by drug abuse. Lewis clearly has a heart for helping others through her testimony, making this a quick but thought-provoking read complete with action steps and healing, biblical perspectives to help readers with what may be some of the most difficult choices in their lives.


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