Thursday, July 4, 2024

Wanna help with some cover reveals?

 If you're on the newsletter list, you got an insider look at two cover reveals coming this month. If not, you can still get an early-bird sneak peek if you want to help with said cover reveals! Check out the info HERE

Annnnd thank you in advance!

Want more info before you click the link? The cover reveals are for Chasing the Lutetia Light (July 15) and Where the Last Verse Ends (July 25). They're both Christian fiction; CTLL is nonmagical historical fiction and WTLVE is a contemporary romance. 

Blurb for Chasing the Lutetia Light: 

Daughter of a nobleman. Renegade. Defender of innocents.

When a rash of disappearances strikes Elsbeth’s kingdom, she seeks to rescue the missing children at any cost. Even if that means striking out on her own and hiring a dangerous seafarer to help her.

Benjamin, a cocky young captain, will take most any job to run away from the past. But when his past and Elsbeth’s present collide, he struggles with the consequences.

When Elsbeth and Benjamin realize their battle is against a perilous stronghold, they realize success will take more than they’ve bargained. To conquer darkness takes sacrifice. Selflessness. A willingness to lay down one’s life.

Will the Lutetia Light make it to shore? 

Arriving SEPTEMBER 12, 2024. 

Blurb for Where the Last Verse Ends: 

All Kylie White wants is a quiet Christmas in her hometown of Bethlehem. But when she returns home jobless to crash at her parents' place, she has to face the past she left behind. All chaos breaks loose: well-meaning friends setting her up on blind dates, a secret admirer, small-town rumors, and when things couldn't get worse, Kylie crosses paths with Dustin James: Bethlehem's favorite homegrown musician and the one person she never wanted to see again. 

Kylie is faced with a choice: she can unravel the past and step into the next chapter of her life, or she can keep running away. But when the truth splits open, can she choose to let go of her own hurt?

Where The Last Verse Ends is a hopeful, fun story celebrating friends, family, forgiveness, second-chance romance...and a Christmas miracle or two.

Releasing NOVEMBER 5, 2024! 


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