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Week In Review: Muddling Through Midterms

Hey everyone, and happy weekend!  What are your plans?  I'm planning on...well, college work.  Midterms, to be exact, that didn't open up 'til Friday and close on Monday.  (Who came up with that idea?!)  And paperwork.  But such is life, and next week is spring break, so I'm anticipating a lot of writing that doesn't involve ancient literature or staggering through Spanish lessons to figure out. 

Currently reading: Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery.  The "Anne" books will always be my favorites, and I've actually never read this one, so I'm excited. 

Current projects: I wrote about 4,000 words for My Compass Home, which isn't much, but hey.  Midterms. I'm also working on some final tweaks for a 150th-anniverary play I'm writing for my church. Their 150th anniversary is this summer, and the play will be in June.  I'm both excited to see it transition from the writing stage to the practicing stage, where it comes to life, but I'm also petrified.  There's just something about your work being presented to dozens of people, onstage, live, that puts a deep sense of terror in the stomach...especially when you're backstage wondering why nobody laughed at a joke or something. (I wrote a Christmas play for the youth group, which we performed in 2016, which is why I am familiar with that clammy-palmed terror). 

Current Bible verse: "He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted" -- Job 5:9.  Remember that prayer moves mountains, but it's because of the One to whom we pray to.  So if you're facing something that seems insurmountable, give it up to God and follow the path He's nudging you towards.  It might not be easy, but that verse attests to the fact that God will help you get through it. 

This week, I also played around with some new blog designs.  I recently realized that while I loved the photograph background that I've had for the first ~2 years of running this blog, it's actually very hard to read with it.  So this is much simpler, but I love the clean-cut feeling template I'm using now.  What are your thoughts? 

And for a fangirl moment: yesterday on Marvel's TV show, "Agents of SHIELD", two characters that I've loved as a couple since the start of the series got married.  The episode was poetic, beautiful, and I'm as excited as a fan can healthily be.  If anyone wants a good reference for two characters that can be used as examples for character development, these guys are it.  They go from shy science nerds who sort of annoy each other to actually crossing galaxies to be near one another (yes, it's a sci-fi show) and the progression is flawless.  Maybe I'll write an analysis for the show's storytelling devices sometime...
Image result for FitzSimmons FZZT kiss
Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons.  Character development, anyone?
Credit: Pinterest/ABC's Marvel: Agents of SHIELD

 Anyway, how did your week go?  Sound off in the comments below! 

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