Saturday, July 28, 2018

Week In Review: "Mamma Mia, here we go again!"

I heard Mamma Mia on the radio today and the lyrics in the title seemed fitting for this week, even though I wanted to scream when I heard the song because I abhor the movie... (the first one, I haven't seen the sequel.)
Why the whole "here we go again" thing?  Well, it's practically a repeat of last week's insanity!

This week, we unfortunately lost two of our juvenile chickens to illness.  In the same breath, we ended up taking in an Australian Shepherd--my family's second--that is a nervous wreck right now because he misses his former family.  Desperately.

And apparently my car has had a twisted-up throttle cable that has been making its engine race and, more recently (as in yesterday) the brakes to not respond well because of said issue.  That is a fun thing to learn as you're whipping into a parking spot and end up screeching into the next one down instead (and by screeching, I mean I was screeching.  Not my car).
Credit: Princess Diaries // Pinterest 

Currently Reading: 
Leia by Claudia Gray, Young & Beardless by John Luke Robertson and Mockingjay  by Suzanne Collins.  I may have too many books to read...

Current Projects: Same old, same old --although I keep getting new ideas that I haven't collected into logical plots yet, so that's definitely not helping my motivation to finish Something New by the end of July. I'm still trying though!

Current Bible Verse: Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1. Be careful of who you believe. Guard your heart and what you believe above everything else, and ensure that what you believe is biblically sound. In this present time, a lot of churches are giving into societal pressures rather than God's Word. It's saddening, but it truly happens. It did to me four years ago at a youth conference. A lot of kids went on that trip seeking God, needing Him, but were fed more of the same old broken society instead. And the situation has only deteriorated since then.

 ...Now I need to think of an upbeat way to end this thing, because that was surprisingly dark. Oops.

 Sometime soon (I hope) I will be posting reviews for Called To Protect and Offbeat which are two books I read this week. I'll probably just post the reviews on Goodreads and link them here, so stay tuned!

How many of you guys won Camp NaNo? Have you read any good books lately?


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