Week In Review: Winners (Literal) and Losers (Metaphorical...?)

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Hey everyone!  I want to start on a good note, so I'm announcing the winners of the giveaway!  Last week I announced the start of a giveaway for PDF copies of Beautiful Chaos and Something New.

The grand winner of our giveaway is the lovely Angela R. Watts of The Peculiar Messenger!  While I head off to email her prizes, why don't you give her a follow on Facebook?

No second-place winners to announce, according to Rafflecopter.

Now for the week in review:

This week was...a week.
My thoughts on this week are below, artfully captured in gif format.
Related image
The Office //Glee Wikia (why was this on a Glee Wikia?) 
(On a side note, I was thrilled to find this gem while I was looking for reaction gifs.  Never have I seen something that was so perfect for describing this week.  Or my reaction to it; either way.)  

 I was ready for time travel to be invented by Wednesday or so.  That was when I spent the better part of the day, from 9:00AM -2:00PM (when I just gave up and started on schoolwork), emailing and messaging back and forth with various folks from college because legitimately everything was going wrong.  Some other things started to work themselves out by midweek, I have to admit. But we're on Saturday now, so maybe the worst of the weird, the communication failures, the college class mishaps, and the unexpected are done with?  Like, for the year, please?
Image result for please gif
The Voice//PicGifs.com
That being said, before I have to run off and do an exam that was, wonderfully, scheduled for over the weekend, some updates:

Currently Reading: Uh...nothing this week, but I just ordered  several books and I'm waiting impatiently for them to arrive.  Even though I just ordered them yesterday afternoon and they haven't shipped yet.  I'm still watching...and waiting.

Current Projects: Again, nothing this week.  Too much "putting out fires" and not enough "hey I have free time!  Yay!"  

Image result for everything is on fire gif
But let it be said that I had several things I wanted to work on.  Just couldn't this week.

Current Bible Verse: To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1, NKJV)

Oh, and make sure you check out these "ICYMI" announcements from Wednesday, HERE and HERE, about something I'm collaborating with H.S. Killian for!  I recommend just checking out the first link there, which is to her post.  Hers is about a hundred times more logical, and I haven't been able to elaborate further on mine because...well, see above dissertation.  

And make sure you sign up for my newsletter HERE.  The first of the monthly newsletters will be arriving to your inbox September 17th and I promise to be more upbeat, albeit still snarky (c'mon, that's who I am).  You'll also be put on a list to receive a free copy of Everything And Nothing once I get it published, which will be...sometime soon.  

How was your week?  Any exciting book mail that you're waiting for?  Sound off in the comments below!  I'll be checking in on the comments after I'm done writing my eulogy.  

(That caught your attention, right?  Eulogy?  It's for a college course, don't worry.  Somehow if we can write our own eulogies for communications class, we're golden for this week.) 

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