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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Hey everyone!
Just a quick post today with some updates regarding the sales over the weekend!

My original goal for the free Kindle downloads: 50 for the whole weekend/Monday.  That was completely blown out of the water and doubled in the first day of the sale.  From there, I thought it would be cool to reach 150 downloads, just because.

352.  Three hundred and fifty two books were downloaded between Friday and Monday.  

I don't really know how to even grasp that.  The bestsellers were Welcome Home and Something New, with 97 and 94 downloads for them, respectively.  I was going to find about 352 "thank you" gifs on Google to post here, but...I'm pretty sure that would make any given viewer's Internet bandwidth explode trying to load them all.  So here's Chris Pratt saying thank you. 

Image result for gif of THANK YOU
Credit: Chris Pratt / Quotes Blog
Not to mention, there were some - I think around 45, to be exact - that went to international readers.  Germany, the UK, France, Australia, and Brazil if I remember correctly.  So thanks to you guys, too!  I never imagined crossing international borders with my books when I published my first one, and I just have to sit and laugh at the idea of it.  My books are visiting places I've never been - and may never see.  It's so cool.  

So this is basically just a huge "thank you x10000" post for you guys!  It's so exciting (and a little weird) knowing that at least 100 people are reading my books, or even want to to begin with!  

And a bit of an apology in case anyone got irritated with me promoting the sales on social media.  This was the first Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale event I've ever really marketed for, and while it was obviously successful on the Kindle front, I know I was starting to hate myself for how many posts I was making!  So if you were ready to unfollow me, please don't.  The insanity is over for the most part until next November. 
If anything, I'll just post a couple of times next month to remind you all about the paperback sales I decided to leave in place because of the huge success of the Kindle sales.  And I haven't quite decided whether I really want to post about them at all because I'm just tired thinking about it.

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Credit: The Princess & The Frog // Tenor 

Since KDP is pretty much kaput for offering free books until my next 3 months are up, and considering the magnitude of downloads, I decided to leave the paperbacks at their discounted prices on Amazon until around December 21st or so, and I just created a new promotion on Etsy.  You can now use both the 25% off coupon I mentioned before, as well as the free shipping coupon, until December 10th for signed paperbacks.  This time, though, you don't have to buy any minimum amount for the shipping.  Codes are GIVINGSEASON and FREESHIP if anyone's interested.  

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