Character Questionnaire by H.S. Kylian!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hey everyone!  I was tagged by H.S. Kylian of The Writerly Worm to answer this character questionnaire tag that she's started!  Make sure to check her post HERE if you'd like to join!  I'm going to use the characters from my Faith, Hope, and Love collection to answer, since I'm working on that one!  (Thanks so much for the tag!)

Q1: What's their favorite food?

Lucy's is the gooey chocolate cake at the local diner, and Spencer's is, well, basically anything that Lucy can cook up.  He's not a picky eater, but he also won't turn down a good burger, either.  Morgan's favorite food is ice cream and Martin is a bit of a pasta/Italian-foodie.

Q2: What was their best subject in school?
Lucy: definitely English and the arts!
Spencer: English.
Morgan: History.
Martin: Hated every single subject in school except workshop.

Q3: Favorite place to be?
Lucy: In her wonderful painting studio.
Spencer: At home, but only when Lucy's there too.
Morgan: The mall in town, most definitely, or perhaps the local coffee shop.
Martin: Has never lived anywhere long enough to find a favorite place.

Q4: A favorite childhood memory?
Lucy: When a teacher praised her for a painting she completed.
Spencer: The one foster family that sort-of made him forget about the nickname Bad Luck Clarkson.
Morgan: Too many to count!  Maybe it was the time when she went fishing with her cousin Levi, or shopping with her aunts, or when she got her first car, or....
Martin: When his parents got him a bike to replace the old banged-up one he'd been teased about relentlessly.

Q5: Favorite flavor or flavors?
Lucy: Strawberry or vanilla.  Maybe strawberry-vanilla!
Spencer: Blackberry or chocolate, and never the two shall meet.
Morgan: Cherry, orange, or lemon.
Martin: Well...if it has tomato sauce on it, he'll eat it.

Q6: If they could change anything about their appearance, would they?  If so, what would they change?
Lucy: The scars from her abusive foster mother, including the garish scar on her forearm.
Spencer: He probably wouldn't change a thing.
Morgan: To be a little less tall, more dainty; or perhaps to have curly hair like that one model in a magazine she saw once...
Martin: He'd want to be taller.

Q7: Do any of them enjoy musicals?
Morgan is a total nerd for musicals, but the rest...not so much.  Martin's ears might bleed, and Spencer would grit his teeth, but he'd go if it would bring joy to Lucy.

Q8: Favorite and least favorite ice cream?
Lucy: Chocolate/vanilla twist is her favorite; least favorite is peanut butter.
Spencer: Chocolate; least favorite is pistachio.
Morgan: Orange sherbet, neopolitan, or rocky road; least favorite is lime sherbet.
Martin: Ice cream's ice cream, he says.  Buuut...he's never been known to turn down a plain vanilla cone.

Q9: One thing they'll never let go of?  
Lucy didn't get to take anything from her childhood when she ran away.  However, she'll never let go of the necklace Spencer will be getting her for one of their upcoming anniversaries, a piano that will come into her ownership sometime soon (you'll have to read Guide Me Home to understand that one).  Spencer will probably never get rid of the original copy of a book cover that Lucy designed for his first publication.

Morgan will never get rid of the ring her Grandpa Barnes gave her for her 16th birthday.  Martin doesn't have anything that he cares about enough right now, after his house was snatched out from under him by a lowlife woman, but he'll never get rid of his first set of house keys once he finally has a home.

Tagging: Angela R. Watts of The Peculiar Messenger, Kellyn Roth of Reveries, and anyone else who would like to participate!

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