Guide Me Home: A Playlist

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Hey everyone!  Just a quick post today.  As always, I want to share my playlist for Guide Me Home, since the music itself often motivates me to recall what I want to write/what moods, themes, etc.  

Without further ado...some good tunes!  (And links to said tunes on YouTube)

1.  If It's Amazing Grace (Stars Go Dim)
2.  Love That Won't Let Go (Stars Go Dim)
3.  Times (Tenth Avenue North)
4.  Hearts Safe (A Better Way) (Tenth Avenue North)
5.  Deep (Chaylyn)
6.  God Only Knows (For King & Country)
7.  Burn the Ships (For King & Country)
8.  Hold Her (For King & Country)
9.  Live On Forever (The Afters)
10.  When You're With Me (The Afters)
11.  Well Done (The Afters) (I can't stand to listen to this one, but I'm keeping it in mind as a plot device.)  
12.  Broken Together (Casting Crowns)
13.  Waiting on the Night to Fall (Casting Crowns)
14.  Your Favorite Color is Green (City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
15.  Rue's Farewell (City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) (I couldn't find this one on YouTube)
16.  There are Worse Games to Play (City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
17.  Primrose (City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
18.  Reckless Love (Cory Asbury)
19.  The Proof of Your Love (For King & Country)
20.  Light It Up (For King & Country)
21.  Crave (For King & Country)
22.  To Build a Home (Cinematic Orchestra)
23.  Braver Still (JJ Heller)
24.  Never Been a Moment (Micah Tyler)
25.  Different (Micah Tyler)
26.  Even Then (Micah Tyler)
27.  If She Only Knew (Micah Tyler)
28.  Tired (Chaylyn)
29.  Gone Away (Five Finger Death Punch)
30.  Spirits (The Strumbellas) (This is seriously Martin's theme song)
31.  Seasons Change (Five Finger Death Punch) (Okay, maybe this is Martin's theme...)
32.  Welcome Home (Radical Face) 

See any songs you know?  Let me know what you think of the playlist and what you expect to see of Guide Me Home based on this!


  1. Great picks! I'll have to go through and listen to them all at some point. Thanks for the playlist!

    1. Awesome! A lot of my favorites are on this one haha. Let me know what you think of them once you get a chance to listen!!