Friday, January 10, 2020

REVIEW: STILL by Jenny L. Donnelly!

Today's post might be of interest to folks who have decided to cut back on stress and anxiety in the new year -- which is an excellent resolution, by the way. 

I had the opportunity to review Still: 7 Ways to Find Calm In the Chaos by Jenny L. Donnelly, with a foreword by Lisa Bevere.


Discover the resting place God designed for you
Do you worry a lot? Do you dread upcoming events? Does pressure or stress trigger outbursts of anger, isolation, depression, or feelings of failure? Do you have a hard time finishing what you start? Do you find it impossible to work in the middle of chaos? Do you wonder if God is going to come through for you in difficult times?

In Still, Jenny Donnelly shows you how to experience true, life-giving rest even in the midst of chaos. Sharing her own personal story of struggling with life's pressures and emotional exhaustion, she introduces you to the source of peace and rest: Jesus. She shows you the steps to take to access rest any time, any place, under any conditions. And she reveals how operating from a place of stillness powers your identity, creativity, relationships, and so much more.

"I am thrilled that Jenny has written Still, because she encourages us--in the midst of chaos--to still our souls and to be present. It is there that we find God's presence and power."--from the foreword by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Bevere

"As the mother of three very active boys, the wife of a focused and driven husband, a successful business entrepreneur, and a church planter and pastor, I am so encouraged by this beautiful perspective."-- Diane McDaniel, cofounder and pastor of Bethel Dallas


Jenny L. Donnelly is an author, speaker, and business leader. She is the founder of Her Voice Movement, a national community gathered for the purpose of equipping and empowering women to live and lead biblical truth. She is a cofounder, with her husband, of The Collective Church in Portland, Oregon. They also founded Tetelestai Ministries, which develops and equips biblical leaders through online courses, conferences, and resources. She and her husband, Bob, are living this adventure with their five children in Oregon.

I think this book can serve as an excellent starting point for those struggling to gain the upper hand on anxiety, fear, and other debilitating problems.  This book focuses on finding the root cause of your anxieties, rather than simply trying to cover them up with quick fixes.  When it's a spiritual issue, it's not going to be an easy thing to work through - but that doesn't mean that you CAN'T.  This book gives you an essential toolbox for starting that journey.  

I do wish that this book had a little more "meat" to it, like most nonfiction books I read, but as I said, this book is a great starting point for your journey, and maybe that's exactly what you need.  It might take some time to work through all of the prompts Donnelly includes, and that's exactly what it's meant for.  This book includes spaces to write notes or answer prompted questions meant to hit at or discover the core problem you're facing, asking God to reveal it so it can be cleansed.  I also have to admit that some portions of the book seemed as though they were skimmed over, making it seem as though the journey to "calm" easier than it is, which I could see actually becoming a source of discouragement for some.  Her strategies are also a new perspective, at least for me, so if you're tired of the same-old-same-old self help books, this may very well be what you need.  It's an easy read and definitely worth a shot!

Click HERE to buy it on Amazon. 

4/5 stars on Goodreads and Amazon, rounded up from a 3.7/5.  

Do you follow Donnelly's Her Voice Movement, and do you plan on buying Still?


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