SPOTLIGHT: Diamonds 2020 Conference!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Hey everyone! Today's post is about Diamonds 2020, a free online conference for chronically ill Christians. It's an awesome concept started by S. G. Willoughby, author of He's Making Diamonds (which I reviewed HERE). If you're interested in attending this conference, register quickly -- it starts TOMORROW! (Thursday the 23rd). While I've never attended personally, I do know that Willoughby's book was deeply encouraging, and I know that the conference is probably even better. I really have to commend her for everything that she does to serve those who struggle with health problems. So make sure to read on for more info and make sure to check out the giveaway...starting now! If you don't know anything about the conference, check out the trailer HERE (and then come back ASAP because we're only getting started!)

Diamonds 2020 Webpage/Registration link:

What is Diamonds 2020?
Diamonds is an annual online conference for chronically ill Christians. Millions of chronically ill people battle impossible trials every single day. But so many of them feel so alone. The speakers of Diamonds 2020 want them to know they aren’t — not by a long shot. The theme for Diamonds 2020 is Fighting Together — all about relationships in the midst of chronic illness, from caregiver-patient relationships to spouse relationships to your relationship with God.

When is Diamonds 2020?
Diamonds 2020 occurs the last weekend in January — from Thursday the 23rd through Saturday the 25th. You can join live for as much as you are able, and if you miss anything you will still be able to view the recorded version.

Who is speaking at Diamonds 2020?
This year, we have even more speakers than last year, and each of these amazing people has a special message of hope and compassion to share with you out of their own experiences with long-term illness.

  • Bella Morganthal
  • Scott Degroff
  • Lynn Degroff
  • Bethany Beal
  • K. J. Ramsey
  • Hailey Rose
  • Tessa Emily Hall
  • Pamela Piquette
  • Becca Doss
  • Kristy Johnston
  • Hailey Hudson
  • Esther Smith
  • Stephanie Kehr
  • Anna Pustai
  • Kara Swanson
  • S. G. Willoughby
  • Bethany Rose
  • Joni Eareckson Tada

What does Diamonds 2020 cost?
Because we know that many chronically ill warriors face burdensome medical bills, and because our goal is to uplift instead of adding just one more thing, Diamonds 2020 is 100% free. 

Where is Diamonds 2020?
Diamonds 2020 is completely online. We know that traveling with an illness is difficult, so we want to bring this right to you — even if you’re in a hospital bed or are housebound. You can register for Diamonds 2020 for free here.

Enter to win a cheerleading/mentor session with Sara Willoughby or a paperback copy of He’s Making Diamonds by Sara Willoughby.

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