Want to join me on a virtual convention?!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Hey everyone!  

Lately I've noticed a lot of posts with small businesses scrambling to find ways to make income as all of the summer and fall conventions are being cancelled due to COVID19.  For a lot of the people who attend conventions as vendors, a good bit of their yearly income is gained through those cons and events, so it's sad to see so many cancelling.  Add that to so many small businesses who have been closed for upward of two months because of the U.S. (well, worldwide) shutdown, and there's a serious issue going on -- and a struggle to stay afloat and keep paying bills.  

So I had an idea....
There's an 'Avengers: Endgame' Easter Egg None of Us Caught | The ...
(credit: The Avengers, 2012)

...for a virtual convention of sorts -- a glorified blog tour, really - that features vendors of all types.  I include a bit more information on the signup form linked below, but here's  a quick rundown that I hope makes sense: 

Essentially, we're going to run from May 26 through May 30th, featuring one "category" of vendor per day. 

May 26th:  Authors and author service providers

May 27th: Candles and home decor/artwork

May 28th: Sewn goods

May 29th: General crafts, subscription boxes

May 30th: Blogs and reviewer services 

If you're a vendor, sign up to promote your products -- and if you're a blogger, sign up for the days that you'd like to help promote!

If you're a blogger, you'll receive a premade post featuring a list of each vendor and their promo info for that particular day, but feel free to have fun with your posts as well!  

If you're a vendor, all you have to do is send any relevant information over, sit back, and enjoy some virtual promotion!  (Of course, you're encouraged to share about your products too, but hey.)  

Click HERE to sign up as a vendor or a blogger -- or both! And spread the word!!

Sign-ups close May 22nd. 

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