Monday, July 27, 2020

Hey everyone, and happy release day for A Strand of Hope by Amanda Tero!  Stay tuned for my review, as well as a release day special involving signed book plates AND an awesome contest!! 

A Strand of Hope: A Great Depression Young Adult Christian Fiction Novella (Librarians of Willow Hollow Book 1) by [Amanda Tero]

Lena Davis is the daughter her mom never wanted.

But she survived. Through stories. Because books didn’t judge. Books weren’t angry she was alive. Books never expected her to be anything but who she was.

As she grows up, her beloved library becomes her true home. So when the library is designated part of President Roosevelt’s Packhorse Library Project, Lena is determined to get the job of bringing books to highlanders, believing she’ll finally be free of her mom forever.

But earning the trust of highlanders is harder than she imagined, and her passion for books might not be enough to free her from her chains.

The Packhorse Library Project was part of President Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration to encourage education in the remote parts of the mountains. “A Strand of Hope” is a historical fiction novella based on real events but set in the fictional town of Willow Hollow in the Appalachian mountains.

This is the first book in the Librarians of Willow Hollow series.  Order it on Amazon HERE, and preorder the other books in the series below!

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If you're interested in owning a limited edition hardcover copy, click HERE to get your order in!  The cover is gorgeous. 


Amanda Tero went straight from phonetics to scribbling before she understood spelling. Though none of her one-inch letters will ever be published, she has since grown up and introduced the world to her faith-filled novellas: A Strand of Hope, Journey to Love, and the Tales of Faith series. She’s a picky bibliophile on a quest to fill bookshelves with pages of clean, accurate, and edifying stories, specifically for the YA Christian reader.

Her childhood as one of twelve kids in a preacher’s home gave her many lessons on Biblical forgiveness, endurance, friendship, and love. She weaves this knowledge into the lives of characters who take the daring, difficult, and daunting paths, leaving readers with a glimpse of how to apply Scriptural teachings in realistic ways. When she’s not surrounded by words, Amanda educates students in understanding a different alphabet on piano and violin.

As soon as I heard about the Packhorse Librarian novel series, I was super excited to read them -- so naturally, I was even more excited to have the opportunity to beta and be an ARC reader for A Strand of Hope!  Lena's story starts off with a bang, and it's easy to empathize with her character.  She's written so well that she seems to practically pop out of the pages, and you'll find yourself rooting for her from the beginning.  This story not only works with the issues that Lena faces at home, but also with the problem that she has as a packhorse librarian -- which many real packhorse librarians dealt with "back in the day": not many people along her mountain route trusted her easily.  She's also judged by a few townsfolk, who assume her to be just as terrible as her mother.  The book follows her as she learns to open up to one or two folks about her problems at home, and also earns her way into the hearts of those she serves in the mountain region near her home.  Lena's story really focuses on looking for that one bit of hope, that one thing that proves you'll get through the situation you're in now; and also the importance of trusting God.  Sometimes when that first step toward freedom is taken (whether literally/physically or spiritually), things get ten times harder instead of better -- and Lena's story proves that if you just keep trusting God and moving forward regardless of the problems you'll face as you progress, you'll still be able to move on and find a better situation for yourself. (I know I worded that terribly, but just trust me on this...I guess that's a good reason to buy the book - see for yourself!)  I think that the central themes in this story -- hope, healing, forgiveness, trust, and growth -- are probably really important messages to read about, especially in the world right now; and it's definitely a quick, sweet, and impactful story to read!
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ALSO, if you're handy with a sketchpad (or digital programs!) you might be interested in this art contest -- lots of great prizes and opportunities for all age groups! Again, check out her website for more information. 

Do you plan on reading A Strand of Hope or any of the Librarians of Willow Hollow series?  Are any of your favorite indie authors doing books for this series?