Sunday, October 25, 2020

Hey everyone! Today I'm super excited to share the new cover for Victory’s Voice (Truth from Taerna #2) by Erika Mathews, coming this March! But before you take in the gorgeous cover, here's a bit of information about the book!


When Ellisia, a seventeen-year-old book enthusiast with a passion for learning and a fascination with words, has the opportunity to attend Academy, she’s elated to further her education as well as live near the Palace BookHall—the focus of her lifelong dream. But as she begins to discover the true power of the spoken word, she faces a choice: join forces with a foreign scientist or relinquish her dreams of someday working in the BookHall. As the scientist’s projects begin to threaten the safety of Ellisia’s family, she’s torn between her loyalties and her ambitions.⁠

When an impending crisis brings a clash of spiritual kingdoms, Ellisia must once for all choose how she’ll harness the power of words. Spoken words transcend her reality, uniting heavenly with earthly and commanding the forces that drive the physical world, and Ellisia’s voice will be the catalyst for sure defeat—or decisive victory.⁠

You can preorder this Christian kingdom adventure novel today from Amazon - click HERE. And in case you haven't read Promise's Prayer (Truth from Taerna #1), click HERE to order it now!

And if you want to order a special signed copy of Promise's Prayer, click HERE!

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And now...for the cover itself!  Like the cover for Promise's Prayer, this was designed by Alea Harper.  Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? 

Have you read Promise's Prayer yet?  What are your thoughts on the cover for Victory's Voice?