Thursday, March 11, 2021

REVIEW: VERSE MAPPING Bible Study Tools by Kristy Cambron!


Hey everyone!  
I recently had the opportunity to be on the launch team for the Verse Mapping Bible study tools recently launched by Kristy Cambron.  I'd never heard of verse mapping before, even though her specific Bibles and study methods have been around since 2018, but after I looked into it, I became super fascinated by it.  

Here's some basic information about the Verse Mapping study method and the products that I received for participating in the launch.  


You can find the official explanation of Cambron's Verse Mapping study suggestions HERE on Cambron's website.  

You can follow Cambron on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and BookBub.

Likewise, you can follow the Verse Mapping social media on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and the Facebook group.  You can check out their website HERE.


(Okay, I was and still am floored that I received all of this for a launch.  I tore through the studies, albeit a bit too quickly, because they were just that interesting...and I'm hoping to share them with some small group leaders that I know!)  

Verse Mapping Journal 
I love the Verse Mapping journal!  It includes a handy intro/how-to for beginners, which explains the setup and method.  This is not a guided journal, so that means you can use the entries for any verses you'd like.  There's lots of room to write notes, and the paper is nice and heavy.  The whole journal itself is very high quality -- it's hardback and spiral bound, which surprised me!  (I was expecting paperback).  The journal lays completely flat, which is helpful for writing.


Verse Mapping Bible Studies - Luke and Acts

Don't ask me which one of these was my favorite, okay?  Cambron's studies bring up some very interesting perspectives, historical and cultural context, and really brings these two books to life in her studies.  Both books include group and individual studies for each chapter, which is fantastic if you want to read the studies on your own.  The books also include plenty of space to respond to the prompted questions.  There's a list of useful study resources in the back of each book, which I absolutely pored over because I had been looking for some of those same resources recently.  In both studies, Cambron picked thoughtful Scripture selections that allow thought-provoking study, and she includes study prompts to help you get started in independent study time.  There are good discussion prompts as well, so I think these would be awesome studies for small group or even Sunday school!  You can also buy the accompanying DVDs for each study, which can be used with the studies and helps enrich the lessons -- but the studies themselves can be used independently of the DVDs, which is so helpful for churches on tight budgets.  In case you're new to the Verse Mapping method, both studies also include intros that explain how the method works.  


Verse Mapping Bible 

The publisher was so kind to give the launch team an opportunity to win a copy of a Verse Mapping Bible -- and I was surprised that I won one!  (I never win giveaways.  Had to re-read the email a couple of times.)
I was given an NIV Bible. It's very sturdy, with thick pages and plenty of space for taking notes.  It also has some pages set apart for verse mapping, with some blank maps and some that are guided/already partially pre-filled, which are helpful to study.  I particularly enjoy the introductions to each book in the Bible; each includes pertinent information and a summary of the general themes in each book. 


I think that's about it -- although you can probably message me and I'll talk about this stuff and the method for the next forever if you're patient enough!  Have you ever heard of this method before, and do you plan on looking into it some more?  What are some of your favorite Bible study tips?

If you're interested in using this study method (or at least trying it out), I really recommend joining the Facebook group HERE.  They have weekly Bible studies, folks who share their ideas and various entries for the week, as well as study materials that you can download and use for free.  Definitely check it out if that's something you're interested in!  


  1. Lol I so get the disbelief at winning giveaways XD XD