Thursday, August 5, 2021

 Hey everyone! I'm so excited to share the cover reveal for Taylor Bennett's next book, Promise Me Aloha! It's another installment in the Tradewinds series, which is one that I absolutely love. Before I get to the cover reveal, though, let's check out the blurb!

How can two people come together when everything else is falling apart?
Olive Galloway always knew that Brander Delacroix wasn't going to date until he found the girl he wanted to marry, and she's still marveling over the fact that he decided to date her. But he did, which means it isn't much of a surprise when he drops down on one knee in the sand the year after Olive graduates from college. What does come as a surprise is the sudden realization that she'll no longer be Olive Galloway living at home with Grams and Macie. She'll be Olive Delacroix, building a new life in Hawaii with one of her very best friends.
With that understanding, however, comes a tidal wave of pressure. Between bothersome dealings with soon-to-be in-laws, a mountain of over-the-top wedding preparations, and a trio of explosive family secrets, Olive begins to wonder if she'll be able to make it down the aisle with all of her hair intact. She's thankful for Jazz, her best friend, who is ready and willing to support her through it all, but she can't help wondering why Jazz hasn't found a happily ever after of her own.
As the wedding day draws near and one final devastating secret comes to light, Olive's perfect world comes dangerously close to spinning off its axis. It will take plenty of faith and prayer (and no small amount of shave ice) to set things right before the wedding bells begin to ring and she promises Brander her aloha...forever.

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And now, without further ado...

The cover!

Isn't that perfect for the series?
Have you read any of the Tradewinds books yet? Are you looking forward to reading Promise Me Aloha

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