COVER REVEAL SIGNUPS: THOSE WITH EARS (by me myself and my pen name)

Sunday, October 31, 2021

 Hey everyone!

Today I'm sharing the cover reveal signups for Those With Ears, the first book in my Midnight Hour series by Makenzie Gray, my pen name. (Oh, and if you didn't know I have a pen name...surprise! *jazz hands*) 

I really, truly appreciate every person who signs up for this kind of thing, and this one's no different.  The cover reveal is December 3rd, but signing up for the cover reveal also means that you'll get to see it before anyone else does!  I'm REALLY excited about this cover (and the one for Let Them Hear, but I've gotta sit on that one awhile...) so I'm equally pumped to open up reveal signups. 

Need a snippet of the blurb? You can read the full one on the signup form HERE, but I'll also give you a taste...

A compelling apocalyptic story on redemption, sibling bonds, and seeking truth in a corrupt world, Those With Ears is the first novel in the Midnight Hour series.

Any questions? Let me know!

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