Friday, February 17, 2023

 I'm not letting the grass grow under my feet right now, folks, and here's proof: I'm sharing a few tidbits about The Healer of the Brigade, book two of the Legends of Lanaria series, and also opening up cover reveal signups! 

As it stands now, the first draft of The Healer of the Brigade is finished. I'm letting it marinate in its own creative juices for a couple weeks before getting in there to slash and hack it apart for the dreaded second draft. It may be a bit shorter than TLOL, but still within ballpark. I've been surprised, excited, and pulled my hair out over this draft, and I'm excited and also a bundle of nerves to finally share it with everyone.

So. Before I do that....

How would you like to be part of the cover reveal team for this book baby?
The cover reveal will be March 20, 2023 -- when THOTB goes on preorder -- and I'd love help from anyone who's excited about the Legends of Lanaria series, whoever loved TLOL and is interested to see what I have in store, anyone who's willing and able to share on March 20th and not a day before ;)

Sign up HERE.

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