Wednesday, July 19, 2023


 Hey everyone! So today I have a review for Every Dog Has His Day by Janice Thompson, one of my favorite contemporary authors of the fun, fluffy and meaningful Christian fiction. ALSO, JustRead Tours is hosting a giveaway featuring this book and an Amazon gift card, so you'll want to head over to Instagram if you want to participate!


A Large Reward Is Offered for a Missing Dog
Kick back with your faithful companion and relax with a small-town mystery in book 5 of the Gone to the Dogs series.
Lone Star groomer, Triniti Nelson, adopts a feisty rescued dachshund, and the two are inseparable. . .until Texans quarterback, Corey Wallis, announces a large reward for his missing female dachshund. Suddenly all of Houston are on the lookout for the MIA pooch that bares a strong resemblance to Triniti’s new pup. Triniti contacts Corey, but soon Ginger goes missing and Triniti is convinced Corey and his agent took her for a publicity stunt. Then there is a reporter who could be trying to manufacture a great story or a cameraman seeking the big reward. Can there be a happy ending for Ginger?



Welcome to the wacky, wonderful world of inspirational author Janice Hanna Thompson, where romantic comedy rules the day! I hope you love to laugh, because I make it my goal to tickle your funny bone at every turn in my light-hearted tales.

Whether you’re looking for inspirational romance, quirky cozy mysteries, light-hearted historicals or fun books for younger readers, you will find it between the pages of my novels and non-fiction books.

Why do I focus on the light-hearted stuff? Because life is hard! My readers lead busy, chaotic lives and need those special “Calgon, Take Me Away!” moments! Providing “Love, Laughter and Happily Ever Afters” brings me great delight. Lest you think it’s all fluff, think again!

Woven between the lines of each cheerful tale you will find the ultimate love story, one guaranteed to stir your soul and get your heart fluttering. Talk about a real happily ever after! There’s something for everyone in my stories, so settle back in your chair, grab a cup of hot tea, and get ready to discover a light-hearted approach to life!


4/5 stars! This book started off a little slower than I expected, but it was still a fun read and I ended up binge-reading the second half. True to style, Thompson incorporates a goofy, lighthearted cast of characters, loveable main characters, and a light romance you can root for. As an owner of a Dachshund cross, the book had me chuckling from the first page on because of the relatable weenie-dog lines. Thompson weaves a fun story (and hailing from PA, it was fun to see the Steelers referenced! I'm not a football fan like our main character in this book here, but it was still cool to see!!) I've read a couple books in the Gone to the Dogs series and plan to snag the others -- this series is one you can pick up at any point and it will draw you in! Definitely read this if you're a fan of lighthearted, fun, and sweet stories. 


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