Sunday, July 9, 2023

 Hey everyone! 

So one of my upcoming releases for the year is my first nonfiction release, a devotional. Back To Him: A Thirty Day Devotional on Giving Up Old Hurts and Relying on God will be coming October 17, 2023! If you've read Back To Me and everything i became, this is the nonfiction counterpart and something that I'm excited to share. So check out the blurb below!

Everyone encounters suffering throughout their lifetime.

What you do with it involves a series of choices.

In this devotional, we'll learn...

  • To pursue forgiveness, not bitterness

  • To reconcile the past and rely on God for strength

  • The importance of moving forward

  • How Satan uses hurt to distract us from God, and how to fight against his schemes

  • Why we need to submit ourselves to God in continual obedience

With daily readings, Bible verses, a starter prayer, and questions to contemplate with God, this devotional shares a personal journey of healing while presenting the case for giving up control back to God, throwing off the bondage of sin and shame we've held onto for too long.

Check it out on GOODREADS!

So the cover reveal will be August 7th! Check out the info HERE and sign up while you're there! Thank you!

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