#charactober challenge, week two!

Thursday, October 12, 2023

  Hey everyone! So Camille Caliman is running a challenge through the month of October called #charactober--check it out on her Instagram HERE or her blog HERE. If you're an author, join in on the fun and gush about your characters! I'm working through the second week's prompts. So without further ado!

Day 11: Crisp Nights: In one of my WIPs that I'll be working on for 2024 (you can't meet them yet. They're nameless. Literally. I'm plotting on vibes and meet-cutes at this point.) Anyway, one of my WIPs features a cross-country driving trip that ends abruptly in the fall. Crisp nights, campfires, and woodsmoke will probably be in a number of scenes. And twinkle-lights, because I can. And who doesn't love looking up at the bright, sharp stars on a crisp fall night with the smell of autumn leaves and the chill invigorating your lungs? 

Day 13, Warm Soup: And yet another WIP, featuring characters you've met before (Gabe & Eva) in a situation you haven't seen yet--what's more comforting than a warm bowl of soup? Chicken and rice, anyone? Of course, the situation they're in won't be fixed by soup...*slow smirk*...but comfort food is a start, right? 

Day 15 (HOW are we halfway through October already?!?!), Warm Blankets: I can't remember if a blanket is given to Bridget in the breakdown scene in Back To Me, but if I didn't, I should revise it. Because she needed a warm blanket. But really, her friends loving on her and supporting her through the peak of her struggle is the same if not better, right? It was one of my favorite scenes to write. Have you read it yet?

And have you joined the #charactober challenge yet? If you haven't, I challenge you to do so ASAP!

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