RELEASE DAY (surprise) : wading through fog on a sunny day

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

 Hey everyone!

Coming out of left field with a new release coming TODAY, March 6th: my next poetry collection! I was planning on releasing it in September, but ultimately decided to save that date for a bigger launch. SOOOO....

wading through the fog on a sunny day is now available for Kindle at $0.99 (click HERE.)  The paperbacks are also now available at $4.99. Featured are forty-three new poems on nature, God, and the push-and-pull of relationships that both grow and fall apart. (Oh, and a couple cars too.) 

This one was fun to work on because I took a lot of candid moments and just put them through the poetry blender. Some were fun, some were random moments, some downright angsty, all from the past few years since my last poetry relase (everything i became). You'll see echoes from my first few poetry collections, whether Easter eggs within a poem or titles themselves. Shout at me on social media if you find any, I'm interested to see if anyone picks up on 'em. There are also a few poems from prior anthologies or local journals that I've included. 


Oftentimes the deepest betrayals and softest beginnings arrive intertwined. 

wading through the fog on a sunny day grapples with fleeting moments of loss, fresh starts, and the moment dreams become reality...unless we destroy them ourselves.

I've got a pretty big announcement coming March 11, so keep your eyes peeled.

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