Monday, April 22, 2024

 Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to share about Etania's Destiny, the finale to the Daughters of Tamnarae series by M.H. Elrich! 

If you haven't followed the series, what's it about? 

Welcome to the enthralling world of Etania, in The Daughters of Tamnarae series!

Read the adventures of Etania, Jakin, and Keyel as they seek to defeat an evil king, queen, and demon. As they travel, relationships will be broken and reforged, loyalties will be tested, friendships will be made, and all will learn the meaning of faith in Melchizedek. Join them in the high fantasy series that readers have called "compelling," "exciting," and "powerful."

Etania’s Worth (book 1) available now

Etania’s Calling (book 2) available now

Etania’s Destiny (book 3) available for preorder HERE

And check out the full series HERE!

I had the privilege of reading an eARC of Etania's Destiny recently, and while I'll be sharing the review soon, there are some pretty epic themes I wanted to share about--like redemption arcs, a kick-butt female warrior (and not the annoying kind either!!), spiritual warfare, dragons, mind control, and a whoooole lot more. This was a fantastic story that I couldn't put down. 

If you're on the fence about preordering, check out the blurb here:

As civil war looms on the horizon, Etania must embrace her destiny or fall to darkness...

Before the war begins, Etania determines to stop it by any means necessary—even if it requires her to train the man who betrayed her. Then an unnatural darkness sweeps the land, testing friend and foe alike. Etania knows only her powers as a Vexli can end Damien and Narak’s evil spell. Will Etania defeat the darkness or succumb to it herself?

Find out in Etania’s Destiny, the third and final installment of Etania’s stories.

Why preorder? M.H. Elrich has generously offered to do two preorder incentives for the upcoming release of Etania’s Destiny (book three in The Daughters of Tamnarae series)

  • Preorder the ebook and submit your receipt to the author to receive a digital bookmark download.

  • Preorder the signed paperback and submit your receipt to receive character art and a bookmark! Signed paperbacks are only available for preorder until this Friday, April 26th, so HURRY!

M.H. enriches young minds as a high school English teacher by day and creates fabulous worlds as a fantasy author by night. She writes the most amazing stories that you need to read.

Give her a follow if you enjoy stories with real-world issues, redemption, and fantasy elements.

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