Sunday, June 16, 2024

Introducing a new WIP: CTLL

 Hey folks! Today I wanted to drop in and chat a bit about a new fantasy project I'm working on, eyeing a September 12 release. I've been wanting to work on this one for a little bit, so now that I'm actually working on it, I'm beyond excited to share. A cover reveal will be coming in July, so keep your eyes peeled. BUT what exactly is WIP codename CTLL?

*A side-story from one of my other fantasy novels
*Features pirates
*A storyline that battles evil strongholds 
*A female main character that gives up her titles to help someone
*A male main character that has to turn his life around ala "Flynn Rider to Eugene Fitzherbert" style (and I am BEYOND. THRILLED. to write his character)
*Enemies to lovers trope

And an aesthetic collage for those interested...below! All images are from Pinterest.


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