REVIEW: FROM DUST TO SKIES by Hannah Gaudette!

Friday, June 7, 2024

 Hey everyone! I had the exciting opportunity to read a short story collection by Hannah Gaudette, From Dust to Skies, which is available NOW! 

The collection features a group of stories spanning the pioneer spirit of the 1830s through the peril and tensions of World War II. 


From author Hannah Gaudette comes a collection of short stories spanning history from the US Westward Expansion to WW2 in the forests of France and the skies over England.

See these perilous times in history through the eyes of those who walked through them. From a child on a wagon train to a young soldier fighting in France, an array of perspectives fills the pages as each compelling story draws you on an emotional journey through history.

“I read this book in one sitting. From Dust to Skies is a stirring collection of stories, spanning over three time periods, where each family learns powerful lessons about forgiveness, sacrifice, and hope. A beautiful read not to be missed!”
-Caitlin Miller, author of The Memories We Painted and Our Yellow Tape Letters

From Dust to Skies is available now. Click HERE to order and HERE for Goodreads!


I expected I would like these short stories, but I didn't expect to be completely bowled over by some of the deeper themes interwoven so simply into these stories. How Gaudette presents the harshness of life through the eyes of a child, through the struggle and victory and triumph and fear over some of the most difficult times our ancestors saw, or through a very simple object that represents something much deeper--I absolutely loved this little collection. If you're looking for an impactful yet quick read that will leave you turning around to re-read, you'll want to check From Dust to Skies out soon!

Oh, and you probably want a cover reveal, right? 

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