Jo's Journey, Part 2

Monday, April 2, 2018

 January 29th Well, today my linguistics mastery caught up with me.  Ended up speaking an entire paragraph in German to one of my Chinese transfer students at the college.  They were as confused as I was.  I  blame it on the headache.  Thankfully, she took it well...but I think she has this idea that I'm part German now.  In short, my brand new job is off to an interesting start.

I'm not sure what I think of this new job yet, but I am using my gifts with languages and I love that, not to mention the interesting stories about cultures that "my" students are already telling me.  (Aside from the one story from Alison, where she recently learned that she was a descendant from a very prominent Celtic warrior--on the Irish side, mind--and now she's parading about, head held high.  Her accent is also a bit thicker today...I can only hope that she doesn't decide to provide a demonstration about what Celtic warriors in the early A.D. centuries did.)

I can only hope and pray that I never slip up and begin talking to Ali in Gaelic, which is a very likely possibility considering how today's going!  She'd never shut up about it, and would probably beg me to teach her the tongue of her ancestors then...or ask me to recite my wedding toast for her and Owen in Gaelic.  Yes, I'm calling it: they're going to get hitched this year.  Owen hasn't gotten up the nerve to ask her the big question yet, but when the four of us met up (Owen, Ali, Walter, and I) for a double-date last week, he kept looking at her like she was his entire universe.  Maybe Walt and I will set a precedent for them...

Speaking of the double-date, it was the first time I got to see Owen and Ali since I got back from D.C. and once she was done hugging me, she faked anger. 
"Ya ran away on the night Walt wanted to propose, cut off all connections to ev'' ya still get the guy!  I'll tell ya somethin', I don't know what either of ya see in each other!"
Yeah, the accent was in full-force that evening, too.  Must be correlated to excitement of some sort.  After that, she hugged me again and commenced a high-pitched squeal while taking in my engagement ring.  She's going to be my maid of honor.  I don't know much of anything else about this wedding, but I do know who my groom, maid of honor, and flower girl will be (Abigail).

Meanwhile, Walt's parents are coming back on the 30th--tomorrow--and they aren't sure if the London trial helped his father or not, but our fingers are crossed and we're praying lots!  I wish I could be there for the homecoming, but can't since I have work.  I'll be stopping in when I'm home from work, though, because...well...Walter has quite the surprise for his parents.  Involving their new daughter in law.  Yours truly.  They don't know yet...!  I don't know how Mrs. Larkin will take it, considering the last time she heard anything about me, I was breaking her son's heart.  Yikes.  I guess we'll find out! 

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